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November 27th!

10/27/07 | me too! | Reply

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Mudvayne is a popular Peoria, Illinois, USA-based hard rock quartet started in 1996 by vocalist Chad Gray (Kud), guitarist Greg Tribbett (Gurrg), drummer Matthew McDonough (sPaG) and bassist Shawn Barclay (replaced by Ryan Martinie (Ryknow) in 1998) . They are known for their unorthodox song structures and unique visual style.

The bands popularity rose with their 2005 singles. "Determined" was included on the Need for Speed: Underground 2 soundtrack. "Happy?" was featured as the theme music of the WWE Vengeance pay-per-view for WWE in June 2005, and the band was featured in an episode of The Sopranos. Their single "Forget to Remember" was featured in the film Saw II. This was the second Mudvayne song to be featured in a movie, after "Not Falling", the band's first single off The End of All Things to Come, in the 2002 film Ghost Ship. Also "Small Silhouette" in the Masters Of Horror series.

Mudvayne have begun writing a new album to be tentatively released in mid to late 2007.

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  • New Album Name Changed and Official Release Date!

    According to their MySpace, Mudvayne have begun writing a new album to be released on November 27, 2007. The title of the album is to be named By the People, For the People ( a comp. of rare-/live tracks and 2 unreleased studio tracks). Mudvayne has now released one of their new songs that will be featured on "By the People, For the People" its called "Dull Boy" and it can be heard on the Mudvayne Official Homepage and the Mudvayne MySpace page.

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  • New Album!!! "Shades of Gray" I cannot wait.

    It won't be out until later this year, but Mudvayne plans to wrap up the recording of its fourth album this week.

    "I've got three songs left to track, but it's just vocal tracking," frontman Chad Gray tells Billboard.com. "It's just vocal tracking. All the guitars are done. All the drums are done. All the bass is done. We're just doing housekeeping right now. We're just listening, checking things out, reviewing stuff, making sure the performance is the right one -- the little odds and ends you do before you pack up everything and go home."

    The quartet recorded "Shades Of Grey" in New Orleans with Dave Fortman, who produced 2005's "Lost and Found." Things went smoothly, Gray says, and he's confident that the final product will surprise -- and, he hopes, please -- Mudvayne's core fans.

    "It's not light years away from what we've done in the past, but it's not the same," the singer explains. "This has got some really interesting music on it, stuff you don't expect. It just kinda moves forward; it's not linear from what we've done before. But I think it's gonna be a great record."

    Gray says the band expects the album to come out in the fourth quarter of the year, with touring to follow.

    Greg Tribbett On the next MUDVAYNE album:

    "It's going to be different. It's definitely another step for MUDVAYNE. I don't think that we are repeating ourselves, which is what we're trying not to do. We don't try to, you know, write the same record over and over. ... There are some riffs on this new record, there is some really cool stuff. It's definitely in a different direction. There's a lot of singing on this record, a lot of big choruses. It's cool, man. We're all excited about it."

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  • Can You Dig It!? (No Idea..)

    I Forget To Remember that I can Dig this World So Cold IMN.. All That You Are is A Key To Nothing.. the Severed Silenced Shadow Of A Man.. and In The Wake Of A Dream you Fall Into Sleep.. but you're Not Falling, it's the Rain. Sun. Gone. that makes you want to Cradle or Prod the TV/Radio - the Choices you can make.. you Just gotta keep Pushing Through the Fear ridden Golden Ratio while Death Blooms Central Disposal caused by the Seed of Pharmaecopia that's Under My Skin. But you Know Forever that your life is at -1 and you keep Skrying about Everything And Nothing.. So This Is Love? - Lies.
    There is Some Assembly Required between the Recombiant Resurgence of the Unity Of The Masses whilst On The Move from the Lethal Dosage of Prozac that is.. Homicide. I am also Fucking Determined to find the cure of this Blue Skin in our rubic Solve Et Coagula, caused by Mutatis Mutandis.. We must Cultivate Coal and build a fire to burn this Poop Loser Surfa with a Sucker Punch to finish.
    Are you Happy now that we have Nothing To Gein, I.D.I.O.T.? You're just Pulling The String.

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  • Trisha
    luv Trisha

    Mudvayne is the best band ever, they hav the best songs, thery r jus sooo good!! Ive loved them for ages, and i still do they r just the best!!!! I love Mudvayne!!!! :D

  • Karl

    fucking ace band best band ever tbh:) fans feel free to add me DIG!!

  • Jill Himli
    luv Jill Himli

    Do the fans a favor, upload Do What You Do for bebo playlists...

  • luv Ed Norton

    http://uk.youtube.com/RainSunGone1 I have all the latest Mudvayne songs Check it out.

  • Bullet

    Someone join my Mudvayne group (Mudvayne Fans Untie)

  • Tashy Vanity
    Tashy Vanity

    this band is fuckin leet as!!! dig is the fuckin best

  • Mm Bla

    Go to This Band Page!!!(mudvayne by da way) http://bebo.com/mudvayne-4-lyf And This Profile http://bebo.com/0o-metal-head-o0

  • Michael Mac
    Michael Mac

    man this skin rocks please make it availble

  • I Talk Shit.
    I Talk Shit.

    Hey Yer MuDvAyNe R sICK! im startin 2 get into nothing to gein its a sick ass song! hey i like the skin anywayz cyaz all l8r HELL YEAH RULE 2!

  • Michael Mac
    Michael Mac

    hellyeah rocks alcahualinass is a cool so so is you wouldnt no bvye the way this skin is so cool please make it avalible

  • Buzzeh

    Can't wait until their new album. -.- Anyone listen to Hellyeah? (lead singer's side project) They're pretty kickass as well.

  • Buzzeh

    Yeah bud, but in my opinion WSC has it all :)

  • MaggotJuggalo

    im wit dat a world so cold fuckin rocks! but dont all mudvayne?

  • Dead To U
    Dead To U

    Mudvayne is the sickest fuckin band i no\,,/ so dont stop fuckin rockin that shit

  • Buzzeh

    They're friggin' awesome =] Glad you like 'em, 4 years old? Wow - how old are you now? :/ World so Cold is still probably my fav - anyone elses fav?

  • Lucas Abler
    Lucas Abler

    hey guys mudvayne fucking rocks i started listening to them when i was four and havent given them up yet fuck yea dig is one of my favorite songs

  • Buzzeh

    It's free though dude lol.. and usually school has pretty good stuff. But keyword = FREE.