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I'm Engaged! =)

12/28/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 21, Luv 178
  • from Guildford..
  • I am Engaged
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About Me

I'm Engaged! :)
Me, Myself, and I
Tessa Ragless
17 in March
Luke Shepherd <- The Fiancee

Offically engaged =)

9th Feb 2008 = A very special date <3

My life is with him ♥
The Other Half Of Me


My Special Fiancee xx

R.I.P Dad
''Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me - Elton John && George Michaels''
The Fiancee ♥
What can I say? Me + Him = Together Forever! We got together on the 9th Feb 2008 and we are now offically engaged. He proposed to me on christmas day which was the best day of my life!
My life changed when I met him, I have never felt this way about anyone before, he is very special to me.
I love you so much Luke, I never want to lose you. xxxxxxxxxxx
Important People =)
My Top *3* are the most important people to me, they have been there for me in many bad and happy aituations, and I am very greatful, without them I don't know what I'd do.
Becky Kendall - My best friend for 11 years, she is the perfect friend, I wouldn't ask for nayone better.
Esme Fenton - Been friends for a long long time! My walk to school buddy, i love her so much, she makes me smile =)
Luke Shepherd ( he's got his own paragraph) =) xx

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  • x Tamy's Poem To Me Lol x

    Tessa Is The Best
    Better Then The Rest :D
    Tamy Is The Love Of Her Life
    Her Dude Of A Wife :)
    Erm She Likes Strawberry Laces
    + She Can Buy Them From Different Places ( Lol )
    Ermm...I Can't Think
    In Her Kitchen She Has A Sink
    I Dunno Wot To Right
    It's Like 4 Hours Til Night
    She Loves Tamy 4eva
    4eva Be 2Gether :D Hehee

    She wrote it for me cuz she bored in cover lol :L bless her...:D love youuu xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    4 Comments 326 weeks

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  • THe Bouncer 4/13/09 via Mobile
  • Tamy.
    luv Tamy.

    Squish! Misses youu! iv written by xmas cards already, and i was gunna rite you one but i thought whats the point i wont see u to give it to youu :( saw u when i was on bus the other day near gabbot, u didnt look so i couldnt wave lool:P my squishy! i LOVES you;xx

  • Carly'Gammagee.

    Oh lol Party lol. hopefully you will be having it! you going to the school social? yeah ive been good ty. yeah i no i miss you! who's still at 6th form? i see loads of people that use 2 be in out year just like around place! WEIRD! wb Love you beanz LOTS.xo

  • Carly'Gammagee.

    sorrч aint replчed in ages! чeah amazing thankчou! its nothing like school, im freeeee lol. what чou doing at school [lessons] чour names on the hairdressing register at college aparenlty :S ive missed чou we all got to go out for a meal or something soon! so we can catch up. hows чou newaчs? loveчou beanz.xx

  • Carly'Gammagee.

    ive been good thankyou yourself? its diffrent not seeing you like everyday. miss the good old times :( hows 6th form? i think you said you were going there? i love beans. x

  • Carly'Gammagee.

    Beeeeeeeanz i love чou (: x

  • Party Girl
    Party Girl

    hay! wat time is ya party? cya then love emily xxx

  • Tamy.

    Ello squish. are you and luke defo coming to my party yet? i need to know its like a week away lol. LOVESYOUU.x

  • Laura

    aww yee - luke said your a supervisor! thats well goodd :D Youu like ur job? xxx

  • Laura

    hehe they aree there amazing :D and 2dayy ii got more films haha! wb LOveYouu xxxxx

  • Laura

    aww bless :D II gt the heartbreak kid && The holiday love those films haha!! i have seen the tralier - looks soo good ii jus havent gt round to going to see it haha! im soo sadd! wb LoveYouu xxxx

  • Laura

    Heyy! aww klkl :D All going well?! Not been up too much, got mum too take me to blockbusters haha :L :D :L wb LoveYouu xxxxx

  • Laura

    Hey Honey :D How youu doing?! thought id leave you a comment as ii havent in ages! Been up too much? wb xxxx

  • Esmé

    AHH!! thats sounds well good lucky girl !! weekend away ;) wat you thinking of getting him...actually you cant rele tell me on bebo lol well i would love to meet up with you two, wat about next week wen i come back from lonodn?? btw i might come round on friday to drop off mine and kerrys money for the party, but i need to get other ppls etc so i will do it asap :D cant wait MISS YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!! wb es xxxxxxX

  • luv Luke

    i love u so much bbe u mean every think 2 me nearly 6 months bbe wont be long nd it will be a yr :P u have helped me gain my life back again nd u seem alot happer now ur not with a u no wat nd u dont have set times on wat u can do lol love u loads bbe xxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Esmé

    hello my lovely xxx need to see you soon havent seen you in ages, i want to see you before your party :D cant wait im sooo excited :D wat you been doing thn?? i've been in london ! wb es xxxxxxxxxX

  • Tamy.

    Hellooo Squissshhh. dont mean to pressurise or anything! but i need to know if you can come to my party so i have a ruff idea of how many people are coming so i can get things for it! and can luke and becky come? did you get the details i sent you in private message? Let me know as soon as possible pleasee! LOVESYOUU.x

  • Tamy.

    You know what date it is its' the day before yours, my birthday! i will send you details in a private message because i dont want randomers turning up! let me know that you got them and if you can come pleasee. LOVESYOUU.x

  • Tamy.

    Hellooo Squishh. ermm just to let you know i am defo having my birthday party that i told you about, so do you think you can come? let me know asap pleasee dudee. (: LOVESyouu.x