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weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^^

2/15/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 20, Luv 202
  • from sydney xD
  • I am Single
  • Last active: 7/26/10
  • www.bebo.com/__peak_a_boO__
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@park x]] lols... why am i so wierd .___.

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  • Elsarrr .
    Elsarrr .

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  • *___Alvina

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  • Ian

    heya!!! hello im ian =P buhahahahahha

  • Math-Eww

    hello! omg wen i saw u at auburn im like wtf. forgot tht u worked there :L

  • Khrispy
    luv Khrispy

    wenliiiiii havent seen and talked to you in aaaages xO how are you??

  • T A G.
    luv T A G.

    HOW'VE YOU BEEEEN? are u doing jap continueers .. foh year 11? - you ditcheddddd bebo hahaa its really 无聊 aye ,

  • Math-Eww

    couple of weeks ago. at auburn tennis centre or club thingy. think it was u ><

  • Math-Eww

    wenli!!! hows everything!! think i saw u at aurbunr the otha day. not shure, looked like u though.

  • T A G.
    luv T A G.

    ooomph ! 200 (:

  • J-O-E-Y
    luv J-O-E-Y

    was looking bak at my old scholl diary and guess wat i found... it was ur bday (well i hope it is or this message will be soo suss) but i just wanted to say H A P P Y B D A Y!!!! misin u heaps!

  • Kariez

    musta practice lots T_T!!! *trains myself to beat wenli next time*

  • T A G.
    T A G.

    HAHAA you sneaky person xD i just walk in.. ur lucky ! ur bday lands on public holiday ! <33

  • T A G.
    T A G.

    wowow. 15 sooon ! man im old T__T

  • Kariez

    wenli cheats on big 2 !~!!! RAWR!!! :P

  • T A G.
    T A G.

    gnaaaaaw thts like my friend,, shes trying to grow hers but theres splitends in every strand but yehh.. haha she leaves it growing.