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Spencer Barak

Tonight I plan to Go to youth group, Play Basketball, and HOPEFULLY see my two friends who JUST got back from their Mexico Mission trip.

8/19/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Since AWESOME emma did it...

    If you don't agree with my opinions, tell me.


    Why is everyone so racist. I was walking down the street the other day, afraid to talk to a black man, because I was afraid he'd hate me for my skin tone. He's the nicest man I've ever met. God had to give me the strength to do this. I was on my Church Mission trip, and we went to an ALL black church. It was SOO hard to get up in front of everyone (About 500 people) and talk about this there. but I did.
    We're ALL people. and we all deserve to love one another.

    I'm praying for all of you, who are not on the side for christ.


    What's with all these girls acting like (sorry but) sluts? They walk around showing what they got, and they expect attention. Here's one guy who won't be lookin that way.


    What's with all these Stereotypes? Goth, emo, Jock, slut, Nerd, bandy... the list goes on. These are just hurtful.
    I've been called all of the above AT LEAST three times (with the possible exception of slut) But I'm tired of EVERYONE pretending to be something their not. I'm not innocent though.
    I've been playing the "stupid guy" act to get attention. i'm done with that.


    GUYS HAVE FEELINGS! Yes, it's true. Rarely guys show their emotions. Rarely guys cry, and Rarely guys ever open up. I'm proud to say I'm a guy with FEELINGS and that I SHOW them to the people I TRUST!

    More than half the guys I know, show no emotion. I'm praying for them. The stereotype for girls, is that their emotional.
    God made us all equal. We all have the same problems. (emotionally) it's just some take a different path to deal with those problems.


    Okay... All of you white guys (yes, I said white guys)
    and for the record, another stereotype.
    HALF the white guys I know... their trying to act black
    We're ALL human beings.
    There should be no White and Black
    There should just be one joined cause.

    A cause to live in peace with one another, and to live our lives to the fullest.


    I ALWAYS stand by my opinions.
    So if your gonna try to tell me I'm wrong, you can try.

    But I doubt it will work.

    Let me know what cha think!

    1 Comment 310 weeks

  • How many people have felt abandoned?

    There's days where I've felt like the world in general's abandoned me. But no matter WHAT YOU DO, you will always be in the arms of god. You will always walk in the light.
    You just have to choose to except it.
    And one thing that works better than anything, is prayer.
    Having a "sitdown" with god, for me, makes EVERYTHING better.
    Today, my head felt like it was going to explode.
    But I just prayed to god, and he answered my prayers, just like that.
    I'm sure there's nowhere near the # of people on here, who are believers.
    But God works in Mysterious ways.
    You ask for ANYTHING, he'll give it to you, just maybe not in the way you'd think.
    The other thing about Prayer, is to do it often.
    Severing the bond between you and god could be lethal to your passage to heaven. god answers all, but; "The answers ALWAYS no, until you ask."

    God has touched my life so deeply, you wouldn't believe.
    And some people think that if they can't see him [god] that he doesn't exist.
    This is where pure FAITH comes in.
    You have to believe he's there.
    And I pray for everyone here who doesn't have god in their lives.
    I just pray that god touches your life as much as he has mine, becuase it's a truly wonderful feeling to know oyur in god's arms.
    It's a truly wonderful feeling, to know that no matter what you do, that your father in heaven will forgive you.
    "No sin is greater than another" The bible states this several times.
    Lying to your parents, and murdering you parents, are the same in god's eyes.
    Like I said, he always forgives.
    All you have to do, is want forgiveness.
    You have to WANT to better know Jesus.
    Now I could be wrong.
    This whole "god" thing could be a story.
    But this is where ABSOLUTE FAITH comes in.
    Reading the bible is one way you can better know Jesus.
    Another way, is just to go to church.
    Now there's no way possible, that you can just go to church, sit there and draw, and leave; that's not how you get to heaven.
    I know people
    Who have never been to church.
    but through a personal relationship with Jesus, they have been saved.
    Jesus is a light.
    YOUR the one that chooses how brightly that light shines.
    Your the one who chooses if that light shines at all.

    I hope these words have helped you.

    0 Comments 313 weeks

  • The word of god...

    Some people might leave comments like "keep it to yourself!" but I'm gonna come out and say it. I'm livin for god right now. He saved my life. I came home one day, and I was so depressed, I contemplated suicide. I feel so happy. I realized how much pain I would bring people. God came to me, and said "I have a plan for you, don't come yet." I know that god has a plan for me, and I know that I'm the only person that can control my future. God is now 100% in my life! I am surrounded by people that love and care for me! People always ask why we're here. That's a pointless question. We're here to serve god, and to prove that we're worthy to enter the kingdom of Heaven. You can only do that through Jesus. Jesus said "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one shall get to the father except through me." God has a plan! He is here for us. I'm done preaching now.

    1 Comment 328 weeks

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    2/11/09 via Mobile
  • Spencer Barak
    Spencer Barak

    hey man! What's up?

  • Jonathan Sexy
    luv Jonathan Sexy

    hi man

  • Jonathan Sexy 5/23/08
  • luv Emma-Kate

    I know, I always go on MySpace. If you have it, add me. =) www.myspace.com/emmahoch Scott is great, almost half a year now, it's gone quick!! How the heck are you all going to diff. schools of registration? That's weird!! =( You poor thing, you can't see either of them. And they should care!! I've been good, I just started first term of Year 10, haha (I'm a sophomore!!) But other than that, nothign really spectacular. And OMG Heath Ledger died!!! =( I loved him!! xoxo

  • Mrs. Ashley Sparrow
    luv Mrs. Ashley Sparrow

    Oh I know! I missssssed you! Gosh where have you been?? Lol. I'm alright thanks, how about you?

  • Jonathan Sexy 12/7/07
  • Mrs. Ashley Sparrow
    luv Mrs. Ashley Sparrow

    awww what happened? oh really? i dont love basketball, but i'm starting to like it, just cause im getting better at it lol! my bestest sport ever is volleyball lol. my bestie cheyenne and i made a team this year and we were soooo proud of ourselves lol!! good luck with your basketball! did your omaha school get far in the playoffs?

  • Emma-Kate

    OMG, that's silly. That's not even a reason... Grr. I growl at her!! Lol That's good that schools's good. Few weeks til exams... And we've got all these assignments and stuff... It's so annoying!! You poor thing! I hope your cough gets better. Like my cold. Ugh, I still have it!! I hate being sick. xx

  • Mrs. Ashley Sparrow
    luv Mrs. Ashley Sparrow

    oh my god. we are starting basketball on monday. i hate it lol. its just the sport, i mean i dont get it:D who's your girlfriend? how's she tiring you out?? ttul, ash

  • luv Emma-Kate

    That's good. I just did the same thing with my cousin Tony. Gawd, it was good to see him again!! And talk to him =] OMG, I'm being pressured about that stuff too. Grr, it sucks. Like three months ago, we didn't have to care and now all of a sudden we've got all this stuff piled on us saying we have choose what we wanna do later in life and how we have to choose now!! Choose the right school subjects. Apply at the right Universities!! Grr it's annoying. And I'm only in Year Nine!! (Freshman) So I know exactly what you mean about wanting to just keep relaxing. That's good that lifes' been good. But why did you's break up? =[ Poor thing!! But yeah I've been OK. I have a really annoying cold. And my nose is blocked and kinda dripping like a tap at the same time. Gross, I know. Been going out with Scott still. Nearly two months now I think... So that's going good. Except he's holidaying interstate for a week, Won't be able to see him!! =[ But life's great!

  • Emma-Kate

    I think you can. Are you phychic??? :O Lol, that's not very nice!! Ah well, I spose everyone is from time to time. I know I can be a real pain in the arse sometimes... Ha, I love basketball. Friggen awesome. Yeah, the Northern Territory is a state in Australia. Just like Texas, Alabama or New Jersey in America. Ha, I like that name... Twisty Top. Sounds cool. Yeah lifes good. OMG, I tried Razzels and Twizzlers for the first time last week!! (Coz we don't get em much over here in Australia as they are American candy) And, OMG!! They are so good!! Whoever invented them is a bloody geneous!! I ♥ Razzels!! They're both a candy and a gum. And red and rainbow Twizzlers are just awesome!! Lol But yeah, life's good. What about you? Hows life been treating ya? Nicely I hope!! xx

  • Emma-Kate

    I know me too. I've been up North for the past week and a half. (Nothern Territory) I've been great. Got a boyfriend. And yes, it's Scott. =] I'm sorry life's been tough? Anything really wrong? Coz I can help!! Well, I'll try. =] Otherwise, I'm good. What about you? xx

  • Mrs. Ashley Sparrow
    luv Mrs. Ashley Sparrow

    hey i'm glad things are goin good! i think algebra is easy for the most part too! we have a test tomorrow and a volleyball game! (but im more happy for the game lol) lifes pretty good here too:) :) :) -ashley:D