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Orepa And Tom

What does 2010 brings? I hope that it will bring my family closer then what it is, i hope it brings another play mate for my daughter..:)

12/29/09 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
Life has brought so much Joy. I have been blessed with the most beautiful gifts in the world. First being married to my Eternal companion who is the reason I believe in LOVE, second is having my daughter Teuimoana Melerona Olaaiga. She is everything that I could have asked for. My life NOW is dedicated to her. I will be the best mother that I can be, be a faithful and humble wife that my husband could ask for and be a daughter of GOD. For her I will change my weakness into strength,for my husband I will be slow to anger. For my Heavenly Father I will Keep his commandments for he is the way and the light, through him I know that I can live with my family for time and all ETERNITY. Once upon a time I was a picture within the frame,BUT now the frame that protect the two most beautiful things that is dear to me. May my story be told in the life of my daughter and may my LOVE be shown through my husbands happiness.
So let us live every moment as if its our LAST.
The Other Half Of Me
Taualii Leiataua
We Like all sorts of Music, R&B, Slow Jams, fob jams, thanks to my hubby to be.(heheh)..Love you.. =)
Don't really have one at the moment..
The Consequences of my actions.
Happiest When
spending Time with my HUsband and daughter
To find the Right person in your life you need to be the right person to be found.
What makes me MAD
ummmmmm...now i don't get Mad unless anyone hurts or disrespect those who i LOVE...So for those who have hurt my FAmily...FORGIVENESS IS NOT AN OPTION...

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    "While marriage is difficult, and discordant and frustrated marriages are common, yet real, lasting happiness is possiable, and marriage can be more an exultant ecstasy than the human mind can conceive.
    This is within the reach of every couple, every person.
    'soul mates' are fiction and illusion; and while every man and woman will seek with all diligence and prayfulness to find a mate with whom life can be most compatible and beautiful, yet it is certain that almost any good man any good woman can have happiness and successful marriage if both are willing to pay the price"

    President Spencer W. Kimball

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    We have within burning flame,
    A light to kindle lights,
    The sacred fire of life itself,
    Which if misused ignites
    A smold'ring,suffocating cloud
    Of Sorrow and distress.
    When used by law this power brings forth
    A life, a family, happiness.

    Temptors from the darkest realm
    Seek to pervert this power
    In acts of wickedness and waste
    Until there comes the hour
    Of judgment and of recompense,
    When bitter tears are shed
    O'er power once held to foster life
    That now is gone and dead.

    I know this power to be a key,
    A very key to God's own plan
    Which brings to pass eternal life
    And immortality for man.
    And marriage is crucible
    Where elements of life combine,
    Where mortal temples are conceived
    Within that plan divine.

    Then spirit offspring of our God
    Can come through mortal birth
    To have a choice, to face the test
    The purpose of our stay on earth.
    Here good and evil stand alike
    Before decision's sovereign nod.
    Those who elect the rightous path
    Will part the veil, return to God.

    A gift from God, the plan provides
    That mortal beings in humble strait
    Be given power, supernal power,
    To share their love and to help create
    A living child, a living soul,
    Image of Man, and of Deity.
    How we regard this sacred gift
    Will fix our course, our DESTINY..

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  • Hello Champ

    just want to say hello and congratulate you on your beautiful daughter. Adel has a beautiful baby girl too. Christine and Sandy are doing great. no kids for them yet. keep in touch and keep up the great work. May God bless

    aunt Suli

    Non Ofurdambusiness 1 Reply
  • malo le soifua

    hey girl i'm at work.....boring lol so hows your day....i'm sneaking on to bebo b'c we're not allow to be on here but one of my friend send me the website to unlock the bebo so now i'm the onlyh one who can talk on to bebo...but no one is going to scold me b'c they know i'm the best one they h...

    Petifoalupine 0 Replies
  • Hello Again

    Hi niece,
    Thanks for the bebo message, it is good to here from you. Rangi has left Wairoa and is up in Auckland now.
    I will text your message to her. We, Uncle, Aunty Lilly and our youngest boy Te Ataarangi (9 yrs) are flying over to Sydney in October. Jus n case we bump into each other, tha...

    Olivia Kaimoana 0 Replies

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  • KArah Jacob
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    6/26/10 via Mobile
  • KArah Jacob 6/25/10 via Mobile
  • A-JWerk Alofaifo Tagiilima
    luv A-JWerk Alofaifo Tagiilima


    4/1/10 via Mobile
  • Taualii Leiataua

    hey suga how are you? how the new year so far? hope all is well, hey are you on facebook???lol hope you are cos i recon its better then bebo hahahaha and by the way my flashbox is better then yours ahahahaha love yah take care and get back wen you can.. xo xo fale and famz!

  • Teu Mailo  lolohea
    luv Teu Mailo lolohea

    Faatalofa atu ia oulua aemaise ia Cutie Pie i lenei Tausaga ua tatou aulia mai male manuia ia alofa le Tama oi le lagi ia maua pea le ola ma le malosi ia faataunuuina a tatou fuafuaga mo le tausaga i lona alofa alofa tele mo le aiga atoa lv mom. Vaai lou fatu lea ma outou i lenei tausaga 2010.

  • Lavynear Collins
    Lavynear Collins

    Hey Family :)) Haven't heard from yous in a long time? What have yous been up too these past few months? Hope this finds you all in good health and baby sure is growin up very fast and she's going to one BEAUTIFUL young women :DD watch out daddy :L :L :L :L Love to you all xxx

  • Christina Siufanua
    luv Christina Siufanua

    Hey Rep, oka it's been awhile, a ae!!!, how are you?, did you ever make it out here in October???, all is well here, just getting ready for the holidays!!.hows baby doing?....man.. whats new!!!....ok dearest , hope to hear from you soon!!!. much alofas, Tina

  • Leata Siteine
    luv Leata Siteine

    fatu for TAB NANA!:L :L :L

    12/8/09 via Mobile
  • Meni T
    luv Meni T

    Hiii sis...howz our cutie pie doing? We miss her so much. Well, mom and I are in town at the moment...just wanted to jump on bebo real quick to send you a quick message...hope all is well with you guys. We love you guys...kiss baby Teu for me.....the kids here in Samoa miss her heaps.... Love ya'll. Here's a heart for baby teu.

  • Faiga And Maria Otto
    luv Faiga And Maria Otto

    hahaha ! see your lights shinning like a star .:L :L :L :L hart for the day

  • Laina K Taua
    luv Laina K Taua

    Talofa Orepa! Ea oa mai ta'ua?? Oa mai le faamuli?? Ia onosa'i lou loto..lolz..Just stopping by to say hello..I know you miss baby Teu ma baby matua:L :L Ia malo le onosa'i.. Ia alofa atu mo oe alofa atu fo'i ia Tom ma baby pea fesoota'i atu iai..

  • Dorries Brown
    Dorries Brown

    u got mail. :)

  • Meni T
    luv Meni T

    Hi sis,haven't been on here for a long time. i wanted to say hello and i know you miss baby. .hang in there sis, they will be home soon with you. Take good care. thank you for being a WONDERFUL wife to my bro. love you heaps. a heart for you sis.

    10/6/09 via Mobile
  • Faiga And Maria Otto
    luv Faiga And Maria Otto

    Hey thank you for the invite. Your daughter is so beautiful and is already traveled the world :L :L :L :L :L You look so happy. Are you still at Glendfield????. Here is a hart for you and your beautiful daughter. How is your family back home??? I hope they made it to high ground. Take care and write back when you have time. love Lia

  • Timmytyme
    luv Timmytyme

    sup tom sup repz finaly found uz lmaoooo.awsum profile wait can i hahahahahahahahahahaha na jokes..oh well now that i've found uz i gota share the alofaagaz yea hehehehehehehehehe.much luv

  • Kween Chicha

    Is baby and hubby ok? x

  • luv Kween Chicha

    Hello Wifeyyyyyyyy Yes ur still in the wifey klan lol se aua le misia fua tom jus miss baby lol i missed his call sunday morning..did u know wat he wanted? hows things with u? jus call me if u feel lonely u can always come crash at mine or with wifey ata or lets go to pancakes soon! yeh? let me know wen ur free! how long is tom and baby gone for? also ella's welcome back party is dis satty nite at 5pm..wattle grove chapel! come come dont say u wont..coz u will lol send me ur digits or jus hit me up if u need a ride wateva! 0431198012! hope ur well sis! love u plenty! and also get bak on emails! LMAOO miss the old times! love love xx

  • Limalau Lole
    luv Limalau Lole

    hey cuz...how u been??...long time ayee!!! neways just thought i would drop in see how ur famz doin...damn ur girl be HELLA CUTE!!!...dont worri aunty fatty wont corrupt u:L :L :L neways mum told me u gots vacancies at ur job??...wanna hook us up??:L :L :L ...nah honest!!...pleeze!!! neways hope to hear from u soon aiights!!! luvin u heaps and forever :DD :DD :DD