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.. Damn its PBE.. Havent you heard?..

7/28/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • love doesnt hurt

    every time that you
    would hit me
    you would say I'm sorry
    and i would take you back
    you kissed me and
    bought me little things here and there
    thinking that
    it wouldn't make me think about it
    but it was always in the back of my head
    i heard my momma talk about
    how a man should never hit a woman
    and how it is that they should treat me
    and i watched Oprah
    and listened to
    other peoples stories
    but i guess i just wasn't trying to hear it
    i loved you too much to
    even think about not spending
    the rest of my life with you
    but it seemed like
    the more that
    i tried to stop thinking about it
    you would do it again
    and it made it even harder for me
    the more and more
    you would hit me
    the harder and harder they would get
    you would hit me so hard that it left a mark
    then you would cry and say that you was sorry and that you loved me
    and every time i would say
    that it was all good
    and don't worry about it
    people started to ask me what was going on
    i would try and lie about it
    i don't know why
    but i kept on taking you back
    it was just the thought of
    who would love me like you do
    then i realized that love does not hurt
    and if that was your way of showing your love
    i would never want any one to love me like you did

    1 Comment 281 weeks


    laying here i just wait
    for you too tell me you love me
    all the nights
    i was waiting on you to call
    and say good night
    the mixed emotions that
    where all rushing through my
    mind body and soul
    this love thing
    i dont know what it is
    we kissed
    and made love
    like there was no tomorrow
    when it is time to say good bye
    i cry a little in the inside
    this true love of mine
    i hate to see you go
    but i feel that
    i am the only one
    of the two that feel
    this way
    what ever happend to
    i was yours forever
    and you where mine
    i guess we
    where both fed these lies
    the way that you
    touched my body
    was that of a
    touch that i never felt
    kissing on my neck
    working your hands to all the right places
    damn that felt good
    we rolling around
    i guess like they
    say there is a difference
    making love and just plain sex
    i thought that we
    were making love
    but i guess i
    was wrong
    it was just plain ol' sex
    how could you play me like that
    you telling me that
    you love me
    i think that it was just
    an orgasim
    yep i got one too
    but it didnt make
    me want to say things that
    i didnt mean
    you playin me like sum old card game
    this shit is gettin hella
    old and quick
    i thought i was in love
    but i guess
    i was just
    lusting over
    something that i couldnt have
    but damnit
    i wished it was love

    4 Comments 282 weeks

  • Words of Wisdom By: Tracie Berry-McGhee

    You can't heal, if your own soul is hurting..
    You can't lead if you don't know how to get there!
    Confusion helps you get to your desired state.
    Don't promise yourself you are going to do something and not do it.
    Honor thyself first!
    Family will always be family.
    Be honest in the moment!
    If you don't challenge your belief system, someone else will.
    You should treat yourself at least as good as you treat others.
    Trust is the cornerstone of the natural process of belief.
    My intuition is guiding me to further my purpose.
    Tough times don't last, tough people do!
    Be on time!
    Your heart is your temple, have faith in it!
    Remember to follow your dreams, because they know the way!And know... You hold the key!

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