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Divine Insanity

"Life isn't something I care for ..."

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May I be of service?
Me, Myself, and I
An insane mind, psychotically beautiful. Blood drips, and tastes like candy. Cherry lips that crack into a smile. Complimenting those scarlet eyes that burns through your very soul. Leaving a scar in your mind, afraid to come near it. Afraid those icy cold fingers would drag you down......

A simply sweet smile, rosy cheeks that light up on spot. Deep sapphire eyes that give an icy chill down your spine, which you can't help but go near. Warm skin, and pink lips that speak a soft whisper. Voice of an angel, beautiful.....

Now...which do you decide to befriend....
The Other Half Of Me
Raizen Alyssa

Raizen Alyssa

" We share a secret that shall never be let known

I just love them. Their bodies structure. Their large eyes that could stare right through you into your soul. The way they can get though small places so easily. And most of all, their independent personalities.
My older brother, he is 23 years ago, and we cannot stand .....each other. We fight all the time, and it never ends. Phillip is just a playboy jerk! Always flirting with those damned female humans, and bringing them home to annoy me! Sometimes I just wanna choke him..ugh!!!.
The most beautiful woman to ever walk the earth. Mama was yes a human, but she was different. She understood how my family had to hide alone...and wait til night to exit their hiding. My father and mother fell in love and had me. Phillip is the son of another vampire woman.
Papa is a kind man. He always gives me whatever I want. My mama and him argue a bit because he spoils me...but I just think papa doesn't want to leave me. He is always there whenever I have problems and mama is not home.
A sweetie.....pretty as a rose, she's too much for one alone...

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    my mother: Hinata
    my father: Sasuke
    my older sister: Lemon
    my blood twin: Alice TruHart
    my twin1: Marika Matsumo
    my twin2: Makino Matsuno
    my baby sister:
    my younger sister: Nami
    my baby bro:
    my older bro: Daiten
    my aunt: Ino
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    my bestfreind1: Leika
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    my gangsta:
    my idiot: Ciara
    my emo chick:
    my emo boy: Itachi
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    my dog:
    my cat: Shadow
    my puppy: Cerberus
    my kitten: Nuni!!!!
    my cat: Nunu
    my protecter: Tumpei
    my killer:
    my angel:
    my devil: Keiyo
    my savior:
    my ex-bf: nun' ya
    my loving master : Vanna-sama -the twins smile-

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    ::WHAT IF::

    I died:

    I kissed you:

    I fell:

    I lived next door to you:

    I showed up at ur house unexpectedly:

    I stole something:

    I was murdered:

    I cried:

    I was hospitalized:

    ::WOULD YOU::

    Trust me enough to sleep in the same bed as you?

    Keep a secret if i told you one?

    Hold my hand?

    Study with me?

    Cook for me?

    Love me?


    Lied to make me feel better?

    Wanted to kiss me?

    Wanted to kill me?

    Broke my heart?

    Thought I was unbearably annoying?

    Hated me?

    Wanted to tell me someting but didn't?

    Are you gonna repost this to see what I say about you?

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  • a little touch of life......................i think

    *1. Whats your Name?
    *2. Are we close?
    *3. What do you think of me?
    *4. Do you hav a crush on me?
    *5. Would u kiss me?
    *6. would u sleep with me?
    *7. Describe me in 3 words?
    *8. If u Had Me for 30 Mins wat would you do?
    *9. What was ur first impression of me?
    **10. Do u still think the same?
    **11.. What reminds u of me?
    **12. If you could give me anything what would it be?
    **13. How well do u know me?
    **14. What do u like best about me?
    **15. Ever wanted 2 tell me something u could'nt?
    **16. Could you ever love me?
    **17. Give me a nickname and explain why?
    **18. Would you ever ask for my number?
    **19.R u gona put this on ur blog and c what i say bowt ya????
    **20. anytin to say b4 u leave???

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  • luv Mr. Random

    happ birthday!

    Feb 4
  • ViVixen

    -He chu kled softly, grabbing ahold of her handz and giving them a hard squeee till she stopped complaining.- "Feed me and I'll apologize...ne?" -He studied her features, waiting for the answer that he knew was to come.....yes.- "Oh yeah...and Marissa, Cammy isn't a bitch. Insult her again....and I'll have your pretty little head hung in father's room with the rest of those that disobeyed my commands."

    12/3/12 via Mobile
  • ɮεƞεʋℴƪεƞʈ ℳɩƙʋℴ ʜɑʈʂʋɳɘ
    luv ɮεƞεʋℴƪεƞʈ ℳɩƙʋℴ ʜɑʈʂʋɳɘ

    -Random luv makes the world go round~

  • ViVixen

    -Seeing the silver haired woman practically storm over, he turned to face her but was only met with a strong grip on his  neck and a pair of glossed lip lips against his own in a hurried kiss.- "Is something the matter Marissa-ah? Did your loving and kind Jun oppa do something bad to you again?" -His hands travelled to her waist, clutching the fabric that framed her small body.-

    11/27/12 via Mobile
  • الإرهاب
    luv الإرهاب

    Thanks for accepting!

  • ViVixen

    -He had completely expected her sudden arrival and smiled lightly, placing his own small hands over hers. Blowing the waist length dark locks from his face to look at his close friend, and smile.- "Hey there pretty lady. Seems you've found the bump. Thankfully I'll only get a little bigger and that's it." -He chuckled softly.-

    10/15/12 via Mobile
  • ViVixen
    luv ViVixen

    [ Neither do I! It pises me off that someone would do that to BB's pervy, adorkable msknae! If it were true, Tae yang and GD wouldn't be performing hsppily on Inkigayo stsgd...like who the fuck is that bitch? Ugh...what pisses me off even more is that fans think that korean pop stars dont have sexual needs, their humans too damnit! ( eunhae humping ; vivi HARD XD ).anyway...the bitch is a slut, I still love Big bang and the sexeh, adorkable seungri and GD is still srx on legs. ]

    9/16/12 via Mobile
  • ViVixen
    luv ViVixen

    " Thanks Rissa...you know I love you right?" -He pulled the silver haired girl into a long hug.- " I already fucked up once...might as well do it again...right?" -He poked his stomach.- " Mini Maknae. "

    8/13/12 via Mobile
  • ViVixen
    luv ViVixen

    -He swat at the hand that was placed on his stomach and playfully stuck his tongue out at the female.- " It's just me..no mini Maknae you pabo."

    8/13/12 via Mobile
  • ViVixen
    luv ViVixen

    [ I hate how you're over Sarina's and left a sick me alone with the perverted Mason -____- , when you come back can you bring me some fruit pleeeease? Saranghae Rissa-noona!! ]

    7/30/12 via Mobile
  • Master Asher Alucard Jean-Claude
    Master Asher Alucard Jean-Claude

    "You can only be as... 'Irritated' as you allow. So therefore.. I'm not the one to be blamed." Asher dusted his shoulders, and with a boyish grin he ran a hand through his sunny hair.. "You don't see him declaring any complaints." His blue eye winked at Marissa. "Such a grown young woman you have now become.. asking me of 'spots' and noticing my 'good looks'. Oh.. how I miss the little girl I took care of all those months ago." He said blankly as he sat on the 'throne' chair of his meeting room, crossing one leg over the other. His pale hands resting against his belly, his elbows on the ARM rests. "I had once admired that little girl for her strength and bravery. Wanted to adopt her and care for her since I had no heir at the time. Such a pity..." He nonchalantly said. A extremely brief emotion of sadness blinked within his cold blue eyes. Deep within his cold exterior, he had missed the Marissa he knew in the beginning. She was a companion he had instantly grew attached to.

    7/22/12 via Mobile
  • Nazo Kenshi
    Nazo Kenshi

    How are you??

  • Nazo Kenshi
    Nazo Kenshi

    Heyo there :)

  • ViVixen

    [ You're making me feel bad bitch...ugh I haven't topped in a while..and HEY! I am muscular in the pretty gay korean boy way ]

    7/11/12 via Mobile
  • Master Asher Alucard Jean-Claude
    Master Asher Alucard Jean-Claude

    Asher vanished from underneath the woman, appearing a few feet behind her. He crossed his arms over his leanly muscled chest, and looked at her with his blue eyes. His head tilted to the side as he replied.. "Rival? Funny. No competition has been registered unto my radar. Odd." He replied with a blank gaze and suave features.

    7/11/12 via Mobile
  • ViVixen

    [ Can I say one thing......EUNHYUK BIASED! I'm such a fan boy, I can't stop watching that damn video DX help me.....XDDDDD

    *watching suju videos with Ally...arguing over who's the sexiest Eunhyuk or Leeteuk XD* ]

  • ViVixen

    " He has his reasons! Marissa...you know I love you but I can't listen to you this time. My mind tells me to agree, but my heart says otherwise..and this time I've decided to listen to that blood pumping blob for once. "

    -He gave her an empty, forced smile and unlocked their fingers. Stepping away he sighed and returned to the smile.-

  • ViVixen

    -He glanced up at her and then back down to their joined fingers. His irises, once a sky blue, were now a dull violet.-

    " About 3-4 weeks ago...but I can't just feed from another. It's wrong...I wouldn't be able to look him in the eyes..."

  • ViVixen

    " Randi! You can't do that! Taking my title now will just throw everything off from it's correct process! It's Samiire and Suzy, You and Allyssa, Miranda and Marissa, Me and Kanai! Not just Kanai! " -He hadn't realized he had been raising his voice. Quickly, he placed his palm against his chest and bowed his head.- " My forgiveness Elder Sister..I shouldn't have yelled. But Kanai and Kairai held special feelings for eachother....it wasn't just on my part, so do not take my title! "

    5/30/12 via Mobile
  • ViVixen

    -He blinked t twice, his irises now a bright violet, two cat like narrow slits formed as his pupils.- " Lady Miranda, I am simply doing as 'Sir Contan'z instructed me. Now, you play your part in 'Marissa's life while I in Kanai's. Also, I hadn't chose a female vassal because this one shares the same face as mine, though mine was a bit more fair. It is close enough. Besides, females can get impregnated by a simply mishap, as for this body...no child shall be held by it." -He chuckled at her expression, finding it cute in an overly protective sister way.- " Now lady Miranda...has Kaine...I mean, 'Sir Contan'z given any other instructions?"

    5/22/12 via Mobile