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Killian Healy

Commerce Ball 2. Rochestown Park 22 Jan. Afters tickets €15. Its gonna be oustanding. Tickets on sale in the boole basement from today on.

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
wat ru doing 2nite?

guess wat im dn...?


Happy Days
Jay-Z (Definitly da best rapper ever) Eminem, Kanye, Notorious Big, Dmx and msot sorts of rap really. Recently hegs been trying to educate me and teach me to like good music so the Artic Monkeys and da Killers are class 2. Cant beat those Irish drinking tunes either great 4 an old session, cheers to heg for all those cds so i actually know some of the words now Cant forget Justin hes some talented bastard like.
Scarface, The Godfather, Goodfella's, Casino, Baseketball, Sleepers, Tommy Tiernan(da 1st 1) and u cant beat Family Guy, da Simpsons or Scrubs
Manchester United. Basically Roy Keane is the biggest legend of all time. Hate chelsea big time, fucking rich bastards. Well fucking hammer ye next season. Rooney's a genius. Looks like we r in with a serious shout of a treble this yr come on to fuck. Vidic come on will ya ur badly needed back in the team. John O Sheas a liability even when hes on the bench
Scared Of
Cominig home from America early to repeat exams., Sickening
Happiest When
Still in America in mid August and watching United play some good football. Its actaull happening this season. Out with the boys having a few beers, talking shite and acting the bolux in general
'Alcohol the cause of and solution to all of life's problems'(Homer Simpson)

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Paul Scholes Goal Vs Barcelona Man Utd 1 Barca 0 UCL 2nd

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  • Funny Quotes (Mostly from bob aka willies). More to follow

    'My husband does engineering in college' - Surprising but hilarious quote from Killian Mc Bride

    'Sure to get fat man tits u have to be a fat man' - Fair enough Frank fair enough

    'Fuck, is that da shades ? oh its alrite thats not even people '- Bob

    'Do u really have teeth in ur ass ?' - Bob again, I cant even explain this one.

    'Oh thats not a cabbie thats kill, brilliant' - Cyril when he woke up after we arrived at his house. After i drove him to town, was with him all nite and collected him in town again. Mouldnyness haha.

    'When discussing the Chinese and Indian market, for simplicity lets call it the 'Chindian market' Priceless gem from Eddie Hobbs

    'Fucking hell uv to go to hospital 9 days a week, thats gonna be well hard' - Brilliant from Denis Ward

    'The sperm left over after sex goes up thru the whole body and becomes breast milk ' if u say so bob

    'What would happen if Mr. Hanky the xmas poo had diarrohia babies' Bob again cant even begin to explain

    'If a woman gave birth to a really hairy baby would she get carpet burn' Guess who ?

    'Oh Mexico thats near Texaco isn't it' Jen had me in stitches in the library with that one

    'Puking makes me vomit ?'
    Robyn Sheehan stunningly clever remark. Actually i reckon if u saw the condition of her its probably a forgivable comment. She couldnt move for three days

    'Are u Bosnian ?'(American wanker) 'No i'm Irish'(Mike) 'Oh rite sure it was one or the other wasn't it ?'

    American dickhead dat confused bosnia with ireland. Yes americans r dat slow

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  • Do it (i know im bout 4 months behing but anyway)

    Who are you?
    2. Are we friends?
    3. When and How did we meet?
    4. Do you have a crush on me?
    5. Have you ever wanted to punch me?
    6. Give me a nickname and explain why?
    7. Describe me in 1 word...
    8. What was your first impression of me?
    9. Do u still think the same?
    10. What reminds you of me?
    11. If you could give me anything what would it be?
    12. How well do you know me?
    13. When was the last time you saw me?
    14. Ever wanted to tell me something that you couldn't?
    15. Are you going to put this on your blog and see what I say about you?

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  • Drunk Dictionary

    Drunk Dictionary!!

    I LOVE This Song!
    = I KNOW This Song!

    Dude, all the chicks at this party are ugly
    = Dude, none of the chicks at this party will talk to me.

    Man, I’m hungry
    = Man, if I don’t eat right now I am going to be puking all over this bar…again.

    You’re really pretty
    = I’m going to be really ashamed of it tomorrow but tonight is all about instant gratification, honey.

    Want to watch a movie?
    = Want to come over to my room for some extremely creepy back rubbing and some equally disturbing neck-nibbling?

    I’m soooooooo drunk (said by a girl)
    = I’m planting a seed in your head that will eventually grow into a beautiful tree which excuses me from blame for my actions tonight.
    = I'm sooooooooo horny

    I just, like, want to help animals, ya know?
    = I just, like, want to get in your pants, ya know?

    You’re my best friend... man!
    = You’re my only friend in arm’s reach right now and I need someone to pay for this shot, man.

    I don’t want to ruin the friendship
    = You’re a nice girl but you’re very heavy and I’d rather pretend I value our friendship than spend tomorrow dreaming up ways to kill myself.

    This is the BEST night of my LIFE!
    = This is the BEST night of my WEEKEND!

    Let’s take a walk, this bar is crowded
    = I prefer my handjobs outdoors.

    I’m totally fine
    = I’m totally going to be needing a toilet or bucket in about five minutes

    What’s up, Bro?
    = What’s up, guy-who’s-name-I-can’t-ever-remember?

    Who wants to dance?
    = Who wants to watch me stumble around the party, waving my arms, spilling my drink and pile-driving my genitals into anything wearing a skirt?

    Hey, did you get the notes from Bio?
    = Hey, I’m going to ask you about class because I’m too scared to ask you out.

    I had, like, ten beers before I even came out
    = I'm, like, the kind of guy that lies about how much I drink.

    So whose round is it?
    = I'm out of money and need someone to buy me drink

    I can't believe you're drunk already!
    = I've been milking a Miller Lite all night while you've been downing Whiskey Sours.

    C'mon, she has nice big tits
    = She may well indeed be horrendously fat and I'll take a lot of shit for this tomorrow but I'm going to make petty justifications to satisfy my lust monkey.

    Man, check her out.
    = I'm way too intoxicated to tell if she's attractive or if she's a three-toed sloth. Your reaction should be helpful in deciding which she is.

    She has pretty eyes.
    = See "She has big tits"

    I'm just too tired.
    = Yes... I have whiskey dick (or "brewer's droop" depending on what side of the Atlantic ur from)

    This place is shit. Let's go
    = I have tried for 45 minutes and can not find a woman I want to have sex with.
    = I got shot down by a couple girls over there and want to leave before they tell every woman in here about my half assed drunken attempts.

    You have beautiful eyes
    = (And an ugly face)

    The crowd was really bad
    = I was the best looking person there

    The crowd was really snobby.
    = I was the ugliest person there

    Yeah, all bouncers suck.
    = I'm too ugly/drunk/both to get in anywhere

    that girl is totally eyeing me
    = she glanced and looked away in revulsion

    dude, this girl was totally in to me
    = she gave me a fake name and left

    That fat chick is kinda cute...
    = Take my keys away immediately; I am in no condition to be driving tonight.

    What are you drinking?
    = There is no more beer left. Make me one of those.

    This is my beer
    = This is really your beer but since you don't remember and this one is more full I'm going to take it.

    = You're out for a night of drinking when someone calls out "Hey, let's go to (insert place here)!" You blink your eyes once only to realize that you are at said location, with no memory of how you got there, who came with you, or how you got in.

    I have to g

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Killian Healy
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  • Will O Donoghue 12/1/09
  • Gorbys Nightclub
    Gorbys Nightclub

    Hey, Gorbys is proud to present the Bel Air 90’s Club Ibiza Party!!!! August 21st, 2 floors, 2 DJ’s and the return of Klub Kaos!!!!! Free Glow Sticks, Mr. Freezes, Dancers, Lasers, Cocktails and Summer Tunes!!!!! Hope you can make it!!!! Gorbys!!!!! P.S. Don’t miss Sunday Nights with the Ladies in FREE b4 Midnight!!!!!!

  • Dave Torres Buckley
    Dave Torres Buckley

    Fuckin hell kill your on the whiskey now and all, tou will be dangerous!! When ye coming home actually?

  • Dave Torres Buckley
    luv Dave Torres Buckley

    How ye gettin on? anyone dead yet. Have some love and share it with mike and wazza Love ye guys x

  • Denis Ward

    Not goin too well id say kill is it.

  • Gorbys Nightclub
    Gorbys Nightclub

    Hey, Gorbys Originals is running every Friday and Saturday Night (over 21’s)!!!!! Original prices are back with only 5 euro admission before midnight and €2.90 Vodka and Splash and pints of Fosters all night!!!!! Boogie Nights are live on stage @ 11.30pm on Sat the 22nd of November in Gorbys!!!! It’s gonna be a great night!!!!!! Gorbys!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ucc Commerce Society
    Ucc Commerce Society

    Kill, Commerce Ball '08 Tickets On Sale When: Tickets will go on sale for the ball next Monday the 3rd November Where: Upstairs in the Student Centre. Times 10-11am: 4th Years Only! Full Tickets 11-12am: All Years. Afters Tickets 1-2pm: All Years. Full Ball Tickets €50 Afters €25 Only two tickets per person and tickets can only be issued with a valid Commerce Faculty ID Last years ball sold out in 45 minutes so get there early to avoid disappointment...! The Commerce Ball is the premier Ball on UCC's Social Calendar so get your ticket on Monday! See you then, The Comm Soc

  • Denis Ward

    U caught me healy.:L

  • Dr.Cillian McBride Phd
    Dr.Cillian McBride Phd

    Wednesday.10.30.Its on.

  • Ucc Commerce Society
    Ucc Commerce Society

    KH Commerce Hallowe'en Party Father Ted Theme Night Wednesday 29th Oct @8pm in Soberlane! Come dressed as your favourite Father Ted character, and join in on a night full of antics. The FIRST 50 PEOPLE to arrive in soberlane get a FREE DRINK. €100 CASH PRIZE for the best, and most original Father Ted themed fancy dress. Also on the night: Karaoke Father Ted style - "A Song for Europe", and The Lovely Girls Competition. Comm Ball afters tickets will be given away as prizes! And Pat Fitz of You're A Star will be beltin' tunes all night long! CONSESSIONS to Club Classic afterwards! 1200 people have attended CommSoc events so far this term, proving that Commerce nights are the best! So what are you waiting for?? Be there or be the perfectly square patch of dirt from the Racism Episode of Father Ted! See you there, CommSoc

  • Declan O' Shea
    Declan O' Shea

    alright ya'l!! c'mere.. few annoncements to be made.. FIRSTLY: my 21st!!! friday week, the 7th a nov, in the spailpin fanac (round the corner from f'eddies), food dj get your boooooze on happy days!! be there! 2nd..iliad's "rock out with your..clock out" tour 2008 kicks off!! first 2 gigs, one on in capatin americas as part of a battle of the bands on monday november 10th, and two, an intimate ilaid experiece in the whiskey (next to the lobby) on wednesday november the 12th, both around 9pm, once again, be there!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x

  • Cat

    hey!! Not finished yet, disappointing :L :L na only fuckin wit ya, so did i miss netin after i left, no OAPs break a leg r hav a heart attack r netin?, i mean d xcitement of that disco ball could be too much ;) Well i hope d bands r a bit better 4d rest of d weekend (Still cant believe it a jazz weekend wit no jazz bands - makes loads of sense :o )! Well njoy ur day off 2moro nd hav fun workin 2moz nite, prob be busy but i know deep deep deep deep down n ur heart u love it :L :L :L

  • Sarah Jane Fahy
    Sarah Jane Fahy

    Oh ya typical, tryin to let on your not a serious deligient student by being online in the middle of the day!!! I'M ON TO YOU!!!

  • Straight In No Kissing
    Straight In No Kissing

    Try and get down to the pitch for around 10 tommorow.

  • David O Donovan
    David O Donovan

    made a profit on bellamy and did u not c kuyt beauties at da weekend. Pure class.

  • Ucc Commerce Society
    Ucc Commerce Society

    COMMERCE HUNT The ReSESSION!!! 80’s Theme Night! Mon 20th Oct, The Classic @8pm til late Tickets €7 on sale in the Boole basement 12-4pm on Monday Your ticket includes: Entertainment by 80’s tribute band “The Soda Streams”, Blind Date, a message board for the girls to leave love notes for their chosen guy, FREE glowsticks, FREE entry to Club Classic with a DJ til late. The ideal way to HUNT your date for the COMM Ball!! Best dressed 80’s wins an afters ticket to the COMM Ball!! See you there, CommSoc

  • Kieran Mac
    Kieran Mac

    hey killian...im havin a party tomoro nite in da loft for my 21st...hope to see u there

  • Caoimhe Byrne
    luv Caoimhe Byrne

    HEYA SHITHEAD!!!!:D :D :D ....wots d craic wit ya long time no speak wot ya bein up ta how r d kids???:L ...tell all!