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Veronica Ortiz

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  • Female, 33, Luv 250
  • from Buenos Aires
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Hello everybody!!! I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I like travelling, meeting new people, learning about other cultures, going out with friends, emails, movies, Ireland, animals, soccer, Roy Keane, music, writing letters, concerts...I´m looking for some new pals around the world...so if you´re interested, please don´t hesitate to drop me a line!!!:)
The Corrs, U2, Keane, Travis, Franz Ferdinand, Oasis, Morrisey, Robbie Williams, Dido, The Chieftains, The Beatles, Coldplay, Kaiser Chiefs, The Dubliners, Savage Garden, Kelly Clarkson, Amaral, La Ley, Joan Manuel Serrat, Reik, Manic Street Preachers, The Veronicas
The Wind That Shakes the Barley, Star Wars, Bridget Jones Diary, How to Loose a Guy in Ten Days, Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Love Actually, About A Boy, Michael Collins, The Devil Wears Prada, The Boys and A Girl From County Clare
Football, soccer, River Plate, rugby
Scared Of
Bugs ...
Happiest When
Listening to music, watching movies, meeting new people, chatting with my friends, travelling, shopping, sleeping, buying some new cd or DVD, walking, rings and earrings, walking around Buenos Aires.....

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Bono & The Corrs- When The Stars Go Blue (Live from Live 8)

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  • 9th July - Argentinas Independence Day

    Argentina’s Independence Day is celebrated on the 9th July of every year. The same day in the year 1816 granted independence to the country. It all happened with the continuation of the battle that started from the year 1810 against the Spanish colonizers. They ruled over the country with the assistance of the viceroys appointed by them who in the beginning imposed strict restrictions on the trade relations of Argentina with other countries, creating a monopoly over the market.
    However the people of Argentina, mainly from Buenos Aires, the major ruling area of the colonizers, strongly opposed the move. This was noticed at the time of the British annexations when the people secretly succeeded in creating the unity of the whole nation of Argentina. After that as soon as the news of the conquest of Spain by the Napoleon Bonaparte spread across the entire Argentina, the country witnessed a strong revolution known as the May Revolution. The people of Argentina together took the move put an end to the viceroyalty of Baltasar Hidalgo de Cisneros. Their objective was the establishment of the Primea Junta government.
    After a series of military battles, the Junta administration was replaced in the year 1811, giving the power in the hands of the Triumvirate that remained on the throne till 1812. From 1812 to 1813 Argentina’s northern region witnessed wars of Salta and Tucuman. In the middle of such happenings the public uprisings in the year 1812 led to the establishment of the Second Triumvirate. However following the war of San Lorenzo, the Second Triumvirate came under the leadership of Jose de San Martin, who in turn seeing the impending war conditions and the fear of Spain, organized the people to take the decision of single ruler administration, ending the Triumvirate. After that, the throne shifted to the King Ferdinand.
    Then in the year 1816, an announcement in the gathering in Tucuman gave independent status to Argentina along with the move of introducing constitution for the country. They were collectively the administrative divisions of Rio de la Plata. Since then 25th May of every year is celebrated an honorable day in the memory of the May Revolution that became the benchmark in forging ahead towards the independence of Argentina.
    (http://www.123independenceday.com/ar... I copied the info from this site!;) )

    1 Comment 263 weeks


    Today 20th July, here in Argentina we celebrate Friend´s Day. So through this blog I want to send lots of love and best wishes to all of my friends around the world!!!!:D
    Thanks very much for being my friends!!!!!:D
    I hope you all spend a wonderful day!!!:D
    Love you lots,

    1 Comment 314 weeks


    On May 25th, here in Argentina we celebrated the May Revolution Day. It was the first attempt to get independence to Spain. Generally there are celebrations all around the country, specially in Buenos Aires, in the well known Plaza de Mayo (May Square) where the revolution took place. A typical thing we do on this day is to drink hot chocolate and eat ´pastelitos´(a delicious sweet pastry with quince inside). A great way to celebrate, don´t you think? :D

    2 Comments 322 weeks

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  • Hola!!
  • Happy birthday!
    Happy birthday!

    Dear Vero!I wish you a very happy birthday!I am very sorrxyfor this ugly cake:) Hope your birthday cake looks better:)
    love, Andrea

    Andrea 0 Replies
  • :)

    Hola Vero,
    just thought of you and wanted to draw you something nice (OK actually it's ugly but I did my best :D )
    Soyy I fell asleep yesterday :( Hope to catch you today or at the weekend ->we can talk then!
    Muchos besos,

    Adri 1 Reply

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  • Adri
    luv Adri

    Hola mi querida Amiga :D Como estas? Have you returned home yet? Just wanted to pop in and wish you a HAPPY ANTI VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!! :L :L :L :L :L :L :L Muchos besos, Adri :D

  • Adri
    luv Adri

    Hola Amiga :D Como estas? Yo estoy bien but a bit too busy :( I'm sure you1re excited about your trip, when exactly do you set off? In about 2-3 days' time, am I right? Oh am sooo envious :D :D :D Please think of me tomorrow and Friday evening, I'm having 4 exams :( Hope to talk to you soon! Buenos dias en muchos besos, Adri

  • Adri
    luv Adri

    Hola Vero :D Was so great to talk to you AT LAST :D Just want to send you el corazon and wish you a great day :D Muchos besos, Adri

  • Adri
    luv Adri

    Hola Vero :D Como estas? I don't know what happened to msn the other day :O Anyway, I'm happy we could talk :D And I'm even happier to hear that my little gift has arrived :D :D :D :D :D HAHA :D :D :D At last!!! Last year's gift was stolen anyway, I think. I'm relieved you've received this one and that you like it :D Have a great Sunday and hope to see you soon! Muchos besos, Adri

  • Irene

    Querida Vero Solo un mensajito tambien aqui, para desearte todo lo mejor para este añ;o que empieza, espero que se cumplan todos tus sueñ;o s!!! Un fuerte abrazo, tu amiga Irene

  • Angie
    luv Angie

    Querida Vero, como estas? Que pasa? Feliz ano nuevo mi amor. I hope you had a wonderful time my dear. ;) Tell me what you did. Miss you heaps. Te quiero mucho. Angie

  • Adri
    luv Adri

    Hola querida Amiga, and H A P P Y NEW Y E A R!:-D I hope 2009 brings you joy,happiness and your dreams will come true! Muchos besos, Adri

    1/1/09 via Mobile
  • Ancsa
    luv Ancsa

    Dear Vero, Thanks for ur nice sms on Xmas Eve!!:) Sorry I couldnt answer.:( I found something interesting!!look this:http://www.independent.ie/national-n... Andrea Corr is engaged!!:)

  • Adri
    luv Adri

    Hola mi querida Amiga :D First of all, muchas gracias por tu querida sms, I was very happy about it!!!! :D I wish you and your family FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has my card arrived yet? If not, I hope it will soon! Have a wonderful X-Mastime :D Hope to talk soon! Muchos besos, Adri

  • Ancsa
    luv Ancsa

    Dear Vero, I wanna wish u and ur family a peaceful Christmas! „Its Christmas Eve Bells will ring Through the town we gather to sing Christmas Eve has begun Peace and Love to everyone” /Blackmore’s Night:Christmas Eve/

  • Adri

    buenos dias and not buenas, sorry :L :L silly me :D

  • Adri
    luv Adri

    Hola querida Amiga :D En muchas gracias por tu sms :D Como estas? Yo estoy muy bien! I'm over the exams, thank goodness, they were pretty easy, I was surprised how well they went :L Now I can have a rest until the end of January, because I'm having exams like this then (imagine we do our exams on the internet, funny, isn't it? You can cheat easily :P ). And I bet they'll be much more difficult. My living room furniture is ready, yippieee :L It took quite long to get one, but it was worth waiting for it :D I've uploaded a pic where you can see it :D I only need a coffee table now. And a longer tv cable cause the one I'm having now is a bit short and looks a bit stupid :D but for me it's okay :L What's the weather like over there? Could you send me some sunshine, pls? It's quite dull over here, not that cold but dull. I must go now but I wish you a lovely Sunday, hope to talk to you soon! Buenas dias en muchos besos, Adri :D

  • Adri
    luv Adri

    Hola Amiga :D Como estas? Yo estoy muy bien. Just popped in to wish you a lovely day and to send you el corazon number 240 :D Muchos besos, Adri :D

  • Adri
    luv Adri

    Hola Vero :D I'm sending you the heart I promised about 2 days ago :D Hope you're doing fine! Muchos besos, Adri :D

  • Adri

    Hola mi querida Amiga :D Como estas? Yo estoy muy bien :D You see I'm practising my non-existing Spanish knowledge :L :L :L I hope everything is fine with you, I really miss our conversations on msn :( Hope to see you soon! I've run out of hearts for today (no idea how, I've only sent 2 so far... ridiculous), but you'll get un corazon seguro :D Buenos dias en muchos besos, Adri :D

  • Adri
    luv Adri

    Hola querida Amiga :D :D Como estas? Muchas gracias por el corazon en el comentario :D Yo estoy muy bien, gracias, en tu? Mmmm, I'd better switch to English :L :L :L I haven't seen you online for ages :( I bet you're very busy with work :( What's the weather like over there? Send me some sunshine, pleeease :D :D :D Imagine there was a reality show on Hungarian TV which was set in Argentina! In the jungle. I've been quite busy recently, gosh that stupid school drives me mad, I really hate learning and now I should :( And of course I always have something more important to do :L :L :L I'm taking my Mum to Vienna next Saturday, hardly wait :D I love the Christmas fair there :D I'm going to take lots of pics and upload them on bebo ;) Take care, hope to talk to you soon :D Buenas tardes en muchos besos :D Adri

  • luv Jessica

    Hola Vero!!! ¿Cómo estás?. Espero que muy bien, yo estoy bien!! F E L I Z C U M P L E A Ñ O S!!! Bueno, aunque ya te lo dije ayer, te lo vuelvo a decir. :) Me acabo de enterar de lo que pasó con Pepo. :( que tristeza tan grande, pero bueno, lo importante es el tiempo que pasasteis juntos, no crees?? y los recuerdos. Lo siento muchísimo, pero no quiero verte triste, porque sinó me pongo triste yo también. Tu amiga de Barcelona Te quiero mucho !!!!!!!!!!!! :) Jessi :)

  • Adri
    luv Adri

    Hola querida Vero-amiga :D :D :D Feliz cumpleanos mi Amiga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y to you :D :D :D :D Muchos besos, Adri :D

  • Beatriz
    luv Beatriz

    Querida Vero, Que pases un feliz día de cumpleañ;o s y que cumplas muchos más. Espero que estés pasando un buen día en compañía de todos los que te quieren. Disfruta y diviértete. Un beso fuerte desde España, Beatriz

  • Mariana Lima
    luv Mariana Lima

    Hola Veroooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Como estás?? Loooong time no talk!! I'm here to say FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!!!! I wish you a very happy birthday, have lots of fun, may all your dreams come true and that you will always have peace, love and happiness in your life!! :D :D :D So how are you?what you've been doing lately?are u working, studying?Tell me about it. And tell me later how was your birthday :D Take care, Mari ;)