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BRAP Major Label
Minnis Bay UK
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Well I like to rap. It's quality, if you hear me MC you know what you want to see, a boy giving it all and you got to kno that MC XANDErPAC is bloody cool.

My main man Loz is my manager nd Background nd CD man.

Shanes Mum.

Yeh so if you want to show some support leave the main MC XANDErPAC A comment nd Become a groupie or i'l hunt you down nd MC in ur face and no body deserves that..

I'm lookin to join a metal band called Reality Uncut and they are still finkin about it but all I can say isss.. That if Linkin Park R gd enof 2 do it ... THen Reality uncut R gd enof 2 do it.. LOL




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Xander falls over!!! ha ha

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  • Tamiz Gospel.

    Uhh.. hit 'em with a little Tamiz gospel

    [Chorus: samples from "Indian Sunset" by Elton John]
    Those who wiiiiish to listen to me (my Tamiz gospel)
    I welcome with my haaaaaaaaaands
    And the red sun sinks at last, into the hills of gold
    And peace to this young Teacher
    , without the sound of mugs

    [Verse One]
    If I could recollect a-from my trainin days
    I sit and reminisce, thinkin of bliss on the shit days
    I stop and stare at the younger, my heart goes to 'em
    They tested with stress that they put me under
    And nowadays things change
    Everyone's ashamed of the things that I say are Strange!!,
    And for me it's a first
    We left 'em a world that's cursed, and it - hurts
    Cause any day I’ll hit that button
    And all come in like Saddam or 2pacn died for nuttin
    Don't it make you get teary, the world looks dreary
    When you wipe yo' sweat see it clearly
    There's no need for you to LIKE me
    If you take your time and HEAR me, maybe you can learn to HATE me
    ain't about black or brown coz we’re human
    I hope we see the light before it's ruined, my Tamiz gospel


    [Verse Two]
    Tell me do you see that old gay, ain't it sad
    Livin out of bags, plus hes glad for the little things he, has
    And over there there's a mady, crack got him crazy
    Guess who's givin birth to a, baby?
    I don't trip and let it fade me
    From out of the fryin pan, we jump into another form of slavery
    Even now I get discouraged
    Wonder if they take it all back, will I still keep the - courage?
    I refuse to be a role model
    I set goals, talk about maketing, and reppin
    I made mistakes, but learned from every one
    And when it's said and done, I bet there's got to be a better bum
    If I upset you don't stress, never forget
    That Tamiz is up in this with me yet
    I feel his hand on my Unit
    When I write rhymes I go blind and let the Tamiz do his, thang
    But am I less holy?
    Cause I chose to puff a blunt, and drink a beer with my homies
    Before we find world peace
    We gotta find peace within the classroom today, my Tamiz gospel



    Tamiz can you hear me speak? ..
    The pain and strife of u bein alive puts me into hell bound.


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  • Reegan

    ure goin to the top m8 ...

  • Hary

    umm spose i gotta join zander lol

  • Kerry Webber
    Kerry Webber


  • Its Jooey Time
    Its Jooey Time

    bacon productions

  • Reeves

    yes mc alex u should rent out a hall n bust a few ryhmes out should be a heavy rave init!

  • Its Jooey Time
    Its Jooey Time

    yo mc xander-pac wens yur album out :L x

  • Tyler Cawood.
    Tyler Cawood.

    yes yes alex let me band member bruv wat u been up2 nd i need to beat u in a game of penuts again xx