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Caro Diario

Gotta love the snow!!! my garden looks so pretty! :) feels very very christmassy :) L <3 xxxxxxxxx

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
I am 21 years old, i live just outside of Glasgow. I attend Glasgow Cally full time (lovin it!), studying for a social sciences degree in politics, and i live at home with my dad at the moment, my mum recently passed away after a long battle with cancer last year. I miss and love her loads xxxx. I love stand up comedy (see stand up comedy section), and i love music. I am a massive supporter of Amnesty International - PROTECT THE HUMAN! <3
In Glasgow ull probably find me somewhere in Buchanan St, in Lush (yummy!) or Forbidden Planet, or at the GFT or Costa coffee.
I try not to take life or myself too seriously, and i certainly try and see the funny, nonscencical side of things, coz id much rather be in a good mood than in a permanently bad one. Sometimes i do become peoples personal councillor, but i seem to be quite good at it so its all good! and if they feel better then ive done some good! :) Im always here to help!

in the immortal words of tigger.....TTFN! :)

Yann Tiersen,
Angelique Kidjo,
Jose Gonzalez,
Lacuna coil,
Led Zeppelin,
Pink Floyd,
The doors,
The beatles,
The Police/Sting,
Arch enemy,
Jefferson Airplane,
Patti Smith,
The Cranberries,
Leonard Cohen,
The Clash,
Jimi Hendrix,
Leaves' Eyes,
Cradle of filth,
Tom Petty,
plus many, many more! (far too many bands to name)
les choristes,
somers town,
the kite runner,
Pink Panther series,
the history boys,
monsters inc,
east is east,
Brick lane,
sliding doors,
shakespeare in love,
The DaVinci code,
Brief encounter,
some like it hot,
lord of the rings trilogy,
The Godfather,
starter for ten,
The Piano,
Prosperos books
Stand up comedy
Gotten into stand up comedy in the last 4 years and so far ive been to quite a few gigs (believe me nowhere near as many as i would like!) and i seem to have developed an ability to end up meeting comedians after their gigs lol. Last year i met Ed Byrne and Andrew Maxwell on the same night ( and got a kiss from Maxwell!) and that basically made my year and i would pay good money to do it all again, I then got to meet Jason john whitehead this year and that was a lot of fun! Among my favourite comedians are: Ed Byrne, Andrew Maxwell, Adam Hills, Jason John Whitehead, Dara O' Briain, Ross Noble, Russell Howard, Bill Hicks, Omid Djalilli, Stephen K. Amos, Tim Minchin, Shappi Khorshandi, Dylan Moran, Marcus Brigstocke, Sean Hughes and many, many more!
Happiness to me is
An 'innocent' yohgurt, Vanilla and Honey smoothie!!! Theyre just soooooo good!!! Add a bag of Millies cookies with that and you are officially sorted!! Good times :) Also, watching The Moomins, and looney tunes cartoons is pretty good fun on a wet, lazy sunday afternoon too!! :)
things that make me happy
my friends - you guys are my world. I need you like i need air,
stand up comedy,
classic friends episodes,
running into people i havent seen in ages!,
watching the sun rise,
walking in the countryside,
going to the cinema,
filling in my scrapbook,
interesting european films,
my bed,
achieving something good,
my red chinese shoes,
the colours blue and green,
Tshirts from Zara,
cold, frosty mornings,
walking in Linn Park with my dad in the summertime,
sophisticated silliness,
my birthday (lol!!)
my dislikes
Pop, rap and R n' B music,
turners syndrome,
my hair straighteners,
wet and windy weather,
being poor,
America and George W. Bush (AKA: Arsehole),
fecking Gouranga people and market research people,
political correctness,
crude, painfully unfunny jokes,
horrible people,
chick flicks,
untidiness and clutter,
myself (sometimes),
newspapers and the media,
being ill,
falling out with people,
bad grammar by people who should know better,
photographs of me,
monday mornings
Hopefully be slightly less stressful than 2008, with not so many dramas and chaos, and hopefully will follow through with a trip to Dublin and/ or Europe, enjoy my 21st in february, and enjoy whatever else happens in the coming year :) But who knows??? xxxxx

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Jason John Whitehead Comedy Store series5 ep12 2003

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  • Buile Suibhne

    This is an old-irish poem about a legendary king called Suibhne:

    A Bhennáin, a bhúiredáin
    A bhéicedáin bhinn
    Is bhinn linn in cúicherán
    Do ní tú 'sin ghlinn

    A dhrainéin, a dhelgnacháin
    A mhinéin na chonaire
    A dhriséoc, a dhruimnechóc
    A chaillech, a chuirrechennach
    In raga for ech?

    Is mé Suibhne sirthechán
    Lúath reithim thar gleann
    Nochan é m'ainm dligthechán
    Mó is ainm dam Fer Benn

    lol if u want a translation then ask me!


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  • ode to my friends

    Lindz - individual, clever, funny, musical, and comparitively sensible, never lets me fall. kind and compassionate, always coming up with grand plans and making us laugh. My U2 buddy, and still to this day, the most impulsive person i know! dont know where id be without her :)

    Miranda (Panda) - dangerous when high on caffeine, has a brilliant sense of humor, alwyas looks out for you and always one to have in your corner with u, usually has the potential to be entirely sensible although normally......well, we love her for it! My partner in crime and the only person i know who can hold a conversation with me twice a week for 2 hours about nothing!!!

    Katy - Going to Oz for nine months in a week and a bit!!! :( Only Katy could get herself lost in Liverpool and end up in wales, and then get herself lost in Glasgow lol!!! the funniest, most insane person i know, and the only 19 year old i know who will admit to still liking Hi5, PJ and Duncan and the like!! loveable and silly, im gonna miss her when she leaves for nine months!!

    Vix - my friend since day one of primary one! the craziest, quirkiest person around, has AMAZING hair that has to be seen in full to be believed! A sweet girl who embraces life and loves making ppl laugh! So glad im still friends with VIx and i hope i still will be in years to come!

    Sarah - gorgeous, funny, stylish (even with clothes from asda!) and clever. Is it surprising that sarah and i first started chatting when talking about Orlando Bloom?? not really all that surprising! learnt alot from sarah over the years and i appreciate that so much, hopefully that will continue. i also hold her responsible for much of my musical taste today - so thank you! lol

    Jade - streetwise, cool, funny, loyal beyond words and the one person u want looking out for you, purely coz you know she always will! Always up for a laugh and is part 2 of the sarah and jade double act. Friends are the world to jade and she will stick up for them always! learnt so much from jade since having met her, also following an orlando bloom conversation!

    Claire - sweet, bubbly, loveable: always, always a cheery soul :) never says a bad word against you and yet always apologises when she doesnt need to lol! little ray of sunshine!

    Martin - impulsive, funny, kind, caring and compassionate, always looks out for his friends and gives pretty damn good hugs too! i really should start charging him for my counselling sessions! a hopeless romantic!

    scott - an allround good person :) sweet, kind and funny, the boy is also known for spending his life in Marks and sparks, holding pirate parties/ beach parties etc during the summer and also for buying all our U2 tickets in 2005! Previously owned the deathcab and is now the owner of a far safer 4X4!! :) like i said, all round good person!

    Graham - met Graham on the introduction week on our course last year and weve been good friends ever since, a fact which prompted my pal lorna to claim "I thought you'd been friends for years! Not weeks!" Cally wouldnt be the same without him, making me laugh and our optimism Vs Pessimism debates. He cheers me up and makes me smile, and also gives some pretty good hugs :) Callys resident metalhead and my cinema partner :) He puts up with a lot from me!!

    Lorna - wish she lived closer to Glasgow so we could see her more often! Life is always loud, and never dull with Lorna in it! :) crazy, funny and unpredictable! we love her!

    Sam(sung) - another cally social misfit! shes loveable, kind, and fun-loving! always up for a laugh! DUBLIN WILL HAPPEN!

    Suzie and Dee- funny and fun-loving, always looking out for their mates. Dee lives too far away and we miss her! shes coming home soon!!!! Suzie is the resident boy racer, and totally off her head! And to think we all thought she was a quiet soul!! HA!!


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  • the best things in life are free!

    .watching the sunrise
    .the sound of rain on the window while ur tucked up in bed
    .hot waterbottles on a winters night
    .the peace and quiet of the country
    .snowball fights/snow falling
    .christmas with family and friends
    .being told 'you're great and i love you'
    .playing 'pooh sticks' on the whitecart bridge
    .Linn Park during the summer
    .Autumn and Autumnal weather
    .language and literature
    .snowdrops in february
    .a 'V' of geese flying over early in the morning
    .lunar eclipse/shooting stars
    .Aurora Borealis
    .walking on a beach in Cyprus
    .great friends
    .laughing and making ppl laugh
    .being happy
    .sunday mornings
    .reading a good book or poem
    .taking photos
    .making a scrapbook
    .baking my famous choc.chip cookies
    .april showers and rainbows
    .helping a friend
    .receiving a letter from friend
    .writing a letter to a friend
    .riding a bike in the country
    .finding extra money in ur pockets down the side of the sofa
    .randomly bumping into ppl u havnt seen in ages
    .having lunch with ur gran
    .having relatives come to visit
    .star gazing with my dad
    .reorganising posters in my room
    .cleaning my doc martens
    .Ben and Jerrys cookie dough ice cream on a friday night
    .free entry into exhibitions
    .chocolate easter eggs
    .road trips
    .venting in a diary
    .dreaming and sleeping
    .getting together at a friends house
    .picnics in a park
    .strathclyde park with katy and vix
    .flying a kite
    .a long, hot bath
    .falling asleep on the sofa
    .staying up late watching stand-up
    .fruit teas
    .making a daisy chain
    .running outside queen street station in the pouring rain!

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  • Chloe Postlethwaite
    Chloe Postlethwaite

    I made $92 in a day working from home! Heres how - http://x.co/KT8h You will thank me for this!

  • Graham Hart

    Heya, how u? Hows the course work coming along? this year is intense! :( bad times lol Keep on rockin Graham

  • Lindz Graham
    Lindz Graham

    i'll text u as well but thought i'd tell u here too, little evening at mine on monday if people can make it? girlie night :) xx

  • Alan Campbell
    luv Alan Campbell

    Glad you'll be back also, I passed my resits aswell. So I'll more than likely see you around campus even thought I'm only a little 3rd year Alan

  • Kim Mathieson
    luv Kim Mathieson

    AAAAAH! Hihi! Just came on Bebo, checked the homepage, YOU'RE IN FOURTH YEAR YAY!!! :D :D :D Congrats, so glad you found out so soon and you're gonna have sooooooo much fun this year :D Yay and yay again! Was so great to hear from you, have a great time at uni and decorating your room! See you soooon, Kimi x

  • Scott
    luv Scott

    ps. you still owe claire 40quid for disney ticket, we should all try and catch up soon at pub and i;ll get it from you.

  • Scott
    luv Scott

    hey, hows the decorating going? are you painting or? hope its not to messy lol. where are your paris pics? I was hoping they'd be on bebo for me to steal by now lol. speak soon x

  • Graham Hart

    Heya, hows u? lol incase u missed me mail message i thought id comment u. I should be free after resit exam, still got few weeks before uni starts up again :( fourth year (if i get into it lol) gonna be more like hell year lol i feel like a bug thats gonna be crushed by a big garden shoe of work lol, Anyways give me a message or text me and we can organise a meet up. Keep on rockin Graham

  • Lindz Graham
    luv Lindz Graham

    some luv from france. in an internet cafe as the residence internet is a bit screwed up at the moment. all the letters on the keyboard are in the wrong place and this is taking me so long to type!! i hope youre ok (cant find the apostrophe!) and you know you can ring me whenever!! miss you lots!! xx

  • Scott
    luv Scott

    are you sorting us all out for the amnesty freedom gig this year or ed byrne or something else perhaps? I got the fringe guide in Scotland on Sunday yesterday. xx

  • Kirsty
    luv Kirsty

    Hey. Do you want to come out for dinner after the module choice meeting next thursday? xxx

  • Scott
    luv Scott

    love all the oslo pics! can you confirm arrangements for sat nite again btw? thanksxxx

  • Lindz Graham
    Lindz Graham


  • Kirsty
    luv Kirsty

    Hey did you get all the RSW stuff sorted? And if I don't see you before you go, have a great time in Oslo! xxxxxx

  • Lindz Graham
    luv Lindz Graham

    1 week til oslo!!!!!! :D xx