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Jamie Fennell

Love you Baby girl x x x x x

3/19/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 164
  • from swindon
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Profile views: 8,954
  • Member since: February 2006
  • Last active: 8/28/09
  • www.bebo.com/fennell2k8
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About Me

she means too much x
Me, Myself, and I
If YoU DoNt LiKe Me ThEn DoNt ChAt To Me AiR Me WhEn Ya SeE Me TuRn Ya BaCk To Me!

Ryan Dennis Scott Chazel Brad Gord STANDARD

Lvin life at the mo jus sittin back with a zoot!

Safe to all the stratton boiz!

best times gota b the free yards with gassh a fatty zoot n a beer!


I love you babe !!!!
The Other Half Of Me
BabbiieCakes Xx

BabbiieCakes Xx

this girl means more than alot xx xx

wiley, kano, footise, unorthadox, JME, scepta, trim, rochee, earz, essentials, devilman, stormin, narstie, n.a.r.s.t.i.e., akala, both shysties, ruff squad, Lman, solo, demon, ghetto,
My baby girl x ....
i love you so much you mean more than alot to me x and babe im not goin to cheat on you so get it out of your head x i would neva eva do anythin to hurt you i love you so so so much babes i neva wana lose you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Happiest When
with my baby girl x, blazzinn the highest and listinin to sick music!!
girlz n boiz add me ennit!
fennerz555@hotmail.co.uk Add that shit!
L>S>B ALL DAY!! bless to all the mandem

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    Y= yes
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  • Ehh.
    luv Ehh.

    Miss you babe ! :( iloveyou :) ox

  • Peach

    and how is fennel ? xxx

  • BabbiieCakes Xx
    BabbiieCakes Xx

    wats not working

  • BabbiieCakes Xx
    BabbiieCakes Xx

    heyah babiecakes you n emma seem to be getting on very well toooo wellll jokes love you x

  • Emma

    ahhh shit. gym and some coursework to do :/ x

  • Emma

    :) nothing, doing coursework - how comes you ent out? x

  • Emma

    oh i am glad, you too are so cute :)

  • A N N E
    A N N E

    Fennerz555 , , Er This Weekend ? Loves you x x x

  • Emma

    yess funnel you best change your status :L

  • A N N E
    A N N E

    stop calling me blud ! lol , yeah well you best meet me :) Lovess x x x

  • A N N E
    luv A N N E

    Fennerz555 :P Ermm Went Stanton :) , What You do ? I'll Ring You If Im Near Greenbridge This Weekend :) , And Can Come See Me : ) Lovess x x x

  • Ehh.
    luv Ehh.

    Lol oh yeah i kno that creww lol i might do what you all saying on friday?? Wb love youu xx

  • Peach

    yehh i am coming out nd ill bring you sum cds:) xxx

  • A N N E
    luv A N N E

    I Will Lol , & Went Pub Then To My Mates House For A Bit :) , What You Do ? Love Yu x

  • A N N E
    A N N E

    aww dont worry about it babe im not down there tonight might be next wekend and ill ring you if i am :) Love Yu x

  • Ehh.
    luv Ehh.

    Heyy,, Yeah it was good thanks.. lol nah cba haha who do you hang with nowadayss??? LoveYouu xx

  • A N N E
    A N N E

    its okay babe :) , yeah i know has been age :( , give me a text some time :) &7 sorry i ditched you as my other half i do still ove you though :) Love yuu x

  • Catriona D
    Catriona D

    Hello Sweetie .ox Nothing really same old same old gettin ready for gcse's soon :D you ? x wb loveyou xx