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James Elliott

Misses Them.

10/7/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 362
  • from Littleport
  • I am Single
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  • .

    A tear drips down my face, when I think of you.
    Bless you, at times you really didn’t have a clue.
    I still can’t believe you’re gone 
    Now it’s me who cuts the lawn! 

    6 years you were around
    Asking for nothing in return, not a pound
    One minute you were here, next you had vanished
    You had done nothing wrong, yet you had still been punished.

    I feel so sorry for you, being so alone.
    Being by yourself, unknown.
    Your presence has not been forgotten
    Your name is still with me, that’s certain.

    So many pictures in my head
    For over a year, you were miss-lead
    So many good times, getting drunk in Spain
    You hated flying, you loved the train.

    You worked your ass off for us
    Do any job, never kick a fuss.
    Such a good person
    Haha, you always burnt the bacon!

    0 Comments 275 weeks

  • Evies Poem To Me x


    You have changed the way I look at life
    Got me thru bad times n strife
    you make me laugh so much it hurts
    And obviously u r the biggest flirt
    ur the funnest person I have eva met
    Around u I am neva upset

    I will miss u wen u go
    So of u go to tesco
    Of corse I hav been finkin
    Of in the future wen we go drinkin
    I fink of u wen I c a beer
    Soon that will b us saying chrs
    make me act differently

    Now I drink lots of wkd
    I lov it wen u say wado
    Coz it’s a betta way of saying hello
    rite now we say good bi but not foreva
    neva 4get me coz …….I beat u at singstar

    0 Comments 285 weeks

  • Rachels Poem To Me x


    You are too cool,
    i think you rule the school,
    your looks, that hair,
    all the girls cant help but stare,

    when you walk through the corridor
    all the boys shout oh shit bollocks
    coz theres the man who knows how the shit works..
    so all dweebs try and copy but look grosse

    you threatened me with woolworths
    and superdrug too...
    but i knew you well
    i knew you'd stay at school...

    The chipshop for you boy,
    the man says it too...
    you gna make a life outta this soonie?!
    when it comes to easter he wants you to be his bunny

    i think im gna end this now..
    because i think its time to bow
    my shows come to an end
    and you know ive made your lyrics bend

    just remember jamesy
    your simply the best
    so get over the girl
    and work on that chest!


    0 Comments 286 weeks

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  • Bless


  • Samm.
    luv Samm.

    dude i want ur body :P x

  • A I M E E
    luv A I M E E

    Hey you okayy? haven't seeen you in a while actaully which is weird :P hahaa love for the love buddy ;) x x

  • Rawrr

    Thanksss again for the liftt :) I owee you soo manii lifts lol but whenn i get my car we're gonaa go racing like planned :D x Luv is rare. You can only give it 3 times a day. :(

  • .Opportunist.

    look who it is dead man walking :) xxx

  • Vicky Bennett
    luv Vicky Bennett

    you're a bit of a bitch actually aren't you james.. oh yeah & a GOOSEBERRY ;) :L x

  • Marcus.
    luv Marcus.

    You Bastard!!! He Must Just Love People Of My Kind!!!

  • Marcus.
    luv Marcus.

    Yooooou, Your Sex Is On Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marcus.
    luv Marcus.

    Food was always the best lesson, it was always fun! have you seen Rob recently? im great thanks bud, you been up to much? Be good! XXX