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- K J S

feats tyrone jemarla && killara , at parra maccas haha <3

11/28/11 | me too! | Reply

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roses are red violets are blue if only YOU felt the same way i feel about you <3
Me, Myself, and I
♥' kaaaylaaa ;)
' taken<3 ; 040896

boy im inlove with you baby
and i want you you to know, that im hooked on your body and im tryna be yours ;) #
The Other Half Of Me


missen her heaps # ; ♥

fayfay_09@hotmail.com add it ;)
B.L <3

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  • - R J L
    luv - R J L

    hey babe, i miss you too ! oh i like your poem, i wonder who made that up? :L <3 anyway loveyou x

  • Hii Guys
    Hii Guys

    thnx 4 da add haha long tyme ahe havnt chatd in ages kthanx dats all:)

    3/7/11 via Mobile
  • Rodney.
    luv Rodney.

    ramdom love :) x

    12/12/10 via Mobile
  • - KristtieBiitchees
    - KristtieBiitchees

    Haaaye thaank foor the add and all, Buut whos this , x

  • -Tyshaa
    luv -Tyshaa

    ayees i can't stand that cunt she was pissing me offf -.- :L and yeah aye haven't seen you in ages,:L :L iloveeyouuh.x

  • -Tyshaa
    luv -Tyshaa

    bahah i know aye:L yeah thats her bahah she was a grumpy cow:L :L iloveeyouuh.x

  • -Tyshaa
    luv -Tyshaa

    ahahah how funny:L :L i would piss my self if you said that:L and nah they proberly wont and last night i had to go in to pick up my caution and some bitch had to talk to me and shit:L and she's like don't hang around kayla shaw because i've had to deal with her before and she's real bad news and all this shit and i'm like yah not to be rude but it's not up to you who i hang out with and shes like i know but if you want to keep getting in trouble like this then keep hanging out with and i'm like mad and mum goes we only came here to pick up her caution your not ment to be giving her some lecture it's not like she's 6 :L :L iloveeyouuh.x

  • -Tyshaa
    luv -Tyshaa

    ahah yeah i'm like umm rightio nad his like your a smartass mate and i'm like wtf :L :L ahaha you probs wont get called in now :L iloveyou<3

  • Believe


  • -Tyshaa
    luv -Tyshaa

    lol idn his like have you ever tried to kill yourself before and i'm like umm wtf no and he goes oh it's just part of our job i'm like rightio :L ahah he called me a smart ass :L :L and naah they haven't said anything to me yet so idn i have to go back in in like 2 weeks or something so i'll let you know then ok, iloveeyouuh .x

  • -Tyshaa
    luv -Tyshaa

    aha awkk, they were asking me all these questions and shit like have you ever tried to kill yourself before :L and then they asked me to tell them what happened and yeah :L iloveyou<3

  • -Tyshaa
    luv -Tyshaa

    awk, yeah i did have you gone in yet? and awk just wondering :L iloveyou<3

  • ' TrudesBestfriend
    luv ' TrudesBestfriend

    heeygorgeous, hehe yeaah (: not much hby? loveyou too <3

  • -Tyshaa
    luv -Tyshaa

    aww sweet:) and yeah i did ahah and supposibly you want to bash me? iloveyou<3

  • -Tyshaa
    luv -Tyshaa

    haha, :L nothingmuch i think we should hang out soon(Y) iloveyouuh<3

  • -Tyshaa
    luv -Tyshaa

    kaylaa! sdooeen sexxy;) :L last love ily <'3

  • -
    luv -

    yee bub samee Have luvv

  • -
    luv -

    sdoen bub

  • Cienna Penehoe
    luv Cienna Penehoe


  • luv Riley Lewis

    :L :L :L oi A.C hacked monicas profile look at it :L :L :L :L :L


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  • ( L )

    Juustinn, hes a big sexy bitcch(;

    fayfay_09@hotmail.com add it(;

    ethaaan, he just wanteed to
    be on my profilee (:
    cassieee` littlee sister baby,
    would do anythinng for heer <3
    lydiaababy, shes my babysis i would
    give anything for her, she means heaps <3

    2 Comments 158 weeks

  • do it, reedhOtCUUZ;

    whats you name?
    how old are you?
    would u give me ur number?
    would u give me ur msn?
    would u love me?
    would u kiss me?
    would u watch a movie with me?
    would u have dinner with me?
    would u let me drive u sum were?
    describe me in 3 words?
    would u be my bf?
    would u tell me u love me?
    would u let me buy u a drink if u didnt have one?
    hook up with me?
    would u let me sleep in ur bed?
    would u go on a hoilday with my family?
    put this in ur blog for me to answer?
    do u think im attractive, gorjuz, hot or sexy?
    could u like my style?
    could u think im funny?
    could u care about me?
    would u slow dance with me jus to be closer?
    anything to say before you go?

    24 Comments 170 weeks

  • 2o1o ;

    1 ) dye my haair(:
    2 ) geet bottom belly peirceed(:
    3 ) havee a sleepoveer with kirk elisee annd miriam(;
    4 ) geet neew makeeup
    5 ) haang with bubblees <3
    6 ) havee a paarty
    7 ) geet tonguee peirced
    8 ) go to elevaate !
    9 ) go to a paarty with miriaam
    10 ) go see cieennaa
    11 ) go parramatta
    12 ) geet neew clothees
    13 ) takee neew photoees aand uploaad theem
    14 ) go to jamberoo with matees
    15 ) geet a neew phonee E63(:
    16 ) geet auussie daay shieet
    17 ) geet a neew cameraa(:
    18 ) go to a paarty with eemily
    19 ) go to regatta centree for aussie daay :P
    21 ) go to maanlybeach on fridday !
    22 ) geet new swimmeers'
    23 ) go see Toyaaballsz'
    24 ) JTKC haang ouut again- say bye and ily to jasmine :(
    25 ) go see MiRiAAMBABiEE
    26 ) geet off suspensionn(:
    28 ) sleep aat saams withh renee :)
    29 ) go to plaza with jade andd eemily :)
    27 ) finish this whole lisst :DD

    15 Comments 183 weeks