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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Bobism is a religious cult
The name came from MCRs drummer Robert(better known as Bob) Cory Bryar, born December 31, 1979 in Chicago, Illinois.

A lil' bit 'bout Bob:
Bryar attended university in Gainesville, Florida and previously worked at Disney World as a drummer. He had attended Eisenhower Junior High in Darien, Illinois where he played drums in symphonic and jazz bands.

He joined the band in 2004 while working as a sound engineer for The Used, through whom he became friends with the members of My Chemical Romance. He first met the band on tour with The Used. Frank Iero, the rhythm guitarist of My Chemical Romance, said on the DVD Life on the Murder Scene, "Bob and Toro are the two hardest working people I've ever met, and if there is a God, I thank him everyday for bringing us Bob." Mikey Way has also said Bob Bryar has taught them to "not take any shit from anybody."

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KMP - Why Do We Love Bob Bryar?!

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    Bob Quotes

    "People think that moose are really gentle and goofy but they aren't; they're fucking animals."

    "It's an honor to play with Ray Toro. I think he's a genius.

    "People tell me that whenever there is a camera around i tend to go the other way or kick it or smash it"

    "MR BEAN!!! its the only mr bean i don't have!!"

    "It's like a swirl of guns and they're making us cover it up which sucks."

    Ray: "I'm a medic and I can't swim!"
    Bob: "I will save him!"

    What about a comic book character(s)?
    Bob: "I'd be someone with a cape."
    Gerard: "I always thought of you as "The Thing" clobbering time! That's Bob"
    Bob: Does "The Thing" have a cape? No? I'll be The Thing but with a cape."

    "oooo gerard you make my heart burn...." (bobs bryars solo project, gerardopoly)

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  • Bob...

    In a clip from the making of the video "Welcome to the Black Parade", he said that he was working on a solo project, and all of the songs were written about Gerard, something that has become a joke among fans.:L

    In the filming of the music video for "Famous Last Words", on The Black Parade, Bob's leg was badly burnt. In the first version of the video he can be seen mouthing, "I can't take this fucking heat anymore." As a result of this he suffered third degree burns and later developed a gangrene infection from his burns. He went to a hospital afterwards and received treatment.:o Awww

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