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  • Female, Luv 25
  • from Bala!!!!!!
  • Profile views: 1,044
  • Member since: February 2007
  • Last active: 5/8/09
  • www.bebo.com/xxkirsty_annaxx
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
[ღ♥They Call Me♥ღ]Kirsty


[ღ♥Blown Outt♥ღ]10 candles

[ღ♥Looks Thru♥ღ]Blu eyes

[ღ♥Brushes Dawn♥ღ]Blonde hair

[ღ♥Proud to be♥ღ]Welsh

[ღ♥Treat Me♥ღ] Like A Princess

[ღ♥On The Map♥ღ]Bala(N.Wales)

[ღ♥Attends♥ღ]Ysgol Beuno Sant

[ღ♥Loves♥ღ]My m8z,family n Arron

[ღ♥My Best Friends♥ღ]Seren,Jade,Mared,Ha
 na,Naomi n ldz mre!

[ღ♥.Would die 4.♥ღ]my family,friends n Arron!

[ღ♥ .Always.♥ღ]With my m8z n avin a laff

Leona.Lewis, Pink, Rhianna nd ldz mre.
White chicks, longest yard nd ldz mre.
Netball, Hockey, swimming nd ldz mre.
ღScared Ofღ
ღHappiest Whenღ
with my m8z nd Arron.
Bootie shakin....Heart breakin**Mad Hot...Never stop**Short skirt...love to flirt**Curvy hips...Shiny lips**High class...Nice ass**Bangin style..Sexxi smile**Luscious Thigh...Candiee eyes**Tempin lips...Killer kiss**Tell me boi..can u HANDLE DIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ღCall me watevaღ
[♥]Call me a slut. Call me a whore.Call me wateva.I've heard it befor.Say that I'm Fake, Say tha I lie.Say wat u want.U wont see me cry, Because I Know none of it's true, But calling me all this shit, Ha, Wat the Fuck Does That Make you?[♥]

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    |♥[ 3.Who is the shyest?
    |♥[ 4.Who is always happy?
    |♥[ 5.Who is the funniest?
    |♥[ 6.Who has the nicest hair?
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    |♥[ 13.The hardest worker(work,school etc)
    |♥[ 14.who will b da first one to get married?
    |♥[ 15.who will b da first one 2 get a girl pregnant?
    |♥[ 16.who will be da first girl 2 get pregnant?
    |♥[ 17.Who is most likely to suceed in life?
    |♥[ 18.Who has da shortest temper?
    |♥[ 19.Who has no patience?
    |♥[ 20.Who is ur best friend of da opposite sex?

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  • My Bebo Family!

    ma Bebo family!
    Leave a comment sayin what u wanna b k? luv u all!!
    My boyfriend-
    My mummy-
    My daddy-
    My big brother-
    My little brother-
    My big sister-[x]Keeley[x]
    My little sister-
    My uncle-
    My aunt-
    My cousin-
    My sexy cousin-
    My daughter-
    My son-
    My brother-in-law-
    My sister-in-law
    My best friend-
    My sexy best friend-
    My other best friend-
    My bit on the side-
    My guardian angel-
    My sugar plum-[x]Carla[x]
    My fairy god mother-
    My slave-
    My sexy biatch-[x]Keeley[x]
    My shopaholic friend-
    My lil cutie pie-
    My god mother-
    My god father-
    My twin-
    My valentine-
    My chatterbox-
    My hot admirer-
    My alcholic friend-
    My sporty friend-
    My foreign friend-
    My soccer friend-[x]Kyle[x]
    My bebo friend-
    My main man-
    My main gal-
    My ass licker-
    My 1 for da future-
    My party friend-
    My sex buddy-
    My icon-
    My bitch-[x]Carla[x]
    My inspiration-
    My everything-
    My manager-
    My make-up artist-
    My hair stylist-
    My fashion stylist-
    My hero-
    My teddybear-
    My celeb friend-
    My body guard-
    My stalker-
    My baby-
    My beour-
    My secret lova-
    My partner for life-
    My drug dealer-

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    Jessica Moreton

    scroll down trust me this will help you Every night , someone thinks about you before they go to sleep, At least fifteen people in this world love you. The only reason someone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you There are at least two people in this world that would die for you

  • Jadekochy.

    aswumm! Not :L ly darhll (Y)

  • Jadekochy.

    Yoo, Tnk Babe? Btn? Luvv Yuuu :) gan J a d e x

  • Jadekochy.

    a fii :D hehe btn? dwin bored

  • Catrin E

    ndw diolch. f fyd. be d msn t? un f d catzevz100@hotmailc.o.uk adia f.

  • luv Catrin E

    hii. tk? be t bd neud? wb #catz xxx

  • Jadekochy.

    Heyloo Kirsty :) cal hwyl yn y Pizza laa? btn? Jade yn bored ;) s.n J a d e x

  • Jadekochy.

    Heloooo hunn,x tnk? ,x btn? ,x s.n J a d e x

  • Teleri Wyn - Tels
    luv Teleri Wyn - Tels

    hi iawn diolch yn fawr!! pawb yn ok yn fane???

  • Loiis Lambiie X
    luv Loiis Lambiie X

    OMG its Kirsty !! haiia bbz ! tin okeyyz? sgen t msn ?? sgwena nol plzzz xx

  • Loiis Lambiie X
    luv Loiis Lambiie X

    aiia tin k ?? wuu2??? luv iw xxx >>>>>

  • Vicky

    Hey Kirsty!! u ok chicken?? wha u been up2?? w.b soon love u lots :) xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Keeley.
    luv Keeley.

    Heyy..x Youu Alrytt? Wuu2?? Youu Can Avee My Lovee LoveeYouuu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Keeley.
    luv Keeley.

    Heyy! youu cn ave my lovee! lovee youu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Keeley.
    luv Keeley.

    Hey Dalin! Ow R Ya? Whaa Youu Up 2? LoveeYouu Lotsh! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxx

  • Keeley.
    luv Keeley.

    Hey hunii! youu alryt! wuu2? Youu cn ave my lovee! LoveeYouu Lotsh! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Bambi
    luv Bambi

    Hi Kirst How's life wot u up 2 ? X Elz X