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do people still use bebo?????????

12/7/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 27, Luv 153
  • from Dublin
  • I am Married
  • Last active: 11/25/11
  • www.bebo.com/jonnyboy_behan
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The Propaganda E.P
Me, Myself, and I
Im to gangster for bebo
my girlfriend alix
love her 2 bits
my daughter katie
her with alix are the best things that ever happened 2 me love her 2 bits
homer simpson, aslan, damien dempsey
Scared Of
nothing and everything at the same time so it balances itself out
damien dempsey, aslan, jayz, paddy casey, nas, common a load of people really and a few heads involved in irish hip hop
alrighthorsebox@hotmail.com add me if u want but dont add me 2 talk mala
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Alix Clewlow

Alix Clewlow

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  • The Propaganda E.P Reviewed by Urbanize

    God, I love free stuff! The Propaganda EP is the follow up release to both the mc's solo albums released jointly last year. With the pair heavily featuring in each other's debuts, it was inevitable that some form of collaborative release was gonna appear on the scene. The EP has seven tracks with some impressive features on both the beats and on the Mic, all of which come from the emerald isle… With the absence of his own beats on his album 'the gospel', Jonnyboy decided to get back to what he was initially known for, production, contributing to three of the seven tunes. Intox is back of course as rugged as usual but with him rapping on some smooth laid back shit, he's giving our ears quite a nice mix.

    The EP opens up strongly, with DJ Mayhem providing the cuts on 'keep it moving' and this follows up with 'pissing in the wind' which brings in Mav Sabre to chat about life as an Irish rapper. One of my favourite tracks is 'what's love' featuring Terawrizt. In a political storytelling song, it sees the three mc's putting themselves in the shoes of Gaza rebels, inspired by the eastern styled beat produced by Irish hip hop alter ego, Cooper Hatchet.
    Each MC get's their own moment to shine on the EP, with Intox blessing 'my requiem' and Jonnyboy on 'who's best?'
    The final song is a bit a cracker, produced by Danny Diggs and again features Terawrizt, 'where's the sun' has some slow emotional storytelling which helps fade things out nicely.

    Overall, the Propaganda EP gets my approval. The lads keep it nice and simple, making it easy on the ear. All the tracks are well produced, professional and the features are well chosen, giving it loads of replay value.
    Stereotypes are extremely hard things to overcome and this type of release is a step towards removing those in connection to Ireland and Hip Hop.
    If you're reading this and still a bit dubious, download it and then maybe you'll be a bit more impressed than you initially thought you would be.

    Well done to the lads for this release and hopefully they do well from it

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    "The Great thing about Jonnyboy is that he's not afraid to talk about whats going on right now in his own back yard and talk about that back yard in a real way.No G's,no bling,no americanisations,no bullsh*t basically" * Rap Ireland Magazine

    0 Comments 225 weeks

  • Jonnyboy "The Gospel According to John" review on SteadyJam.ie

    After listening to this Album I denounced the saying that ''Hiphop is dead'', well, may be elsewhere but not in Ireland and certainly not for Jonnyboy. You can marvel at his rhyme skills and carefree delivery of punch lines, the subliminal killer is his compelling story telling skills. From the first track to the last, you are drawn into his world as he touches many issues like state of affairs in Ireland, emcees killing the art and his childhood experiences growing up in the north side of Dublin in the 80's.

    The production is dope; the beats are reminiscent of classic hiphop beats back in the days and the featured upcoming artists like Joe Mac, Hazy Jane, Terawrizt, Intox and Apogee added variety to the album. Conscious stuff from a mature mind though he's only 22 and come to think of it, the entire album was written, arranged and produced within a month. Hiphop is well and truly alive! The gospel according to Jonnyboy is a must have, preach on brother!!!

    Worth Buying?

    Yes! Firstly, its home grown, no gimmicks, no adulterated stuff, this is the real art in play and must be appreciated. Support real hiphop; get a copy on sale in Golden disc donaghmede, Abbey disc Lower Liffey Street and All City Records Crow Street Temple Bar.

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It's Alright feat.Joe Mac & Hazy - Jane

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  • Erika Flannery
    Erika Flannery

    OMG... this girl is showing everything on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on YoshikoBrogleyeeqho@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Erika Flannery
    Erika Flannery

    I netted in $606 in three days being on the web! It's all because of - http://bit.ly/bnptTX Remember who hooked you up!

  • Conor Maguire
    Conor Maguire

    wats up johnny have you got a new number, if ya do will ya mail it to us, wanna have a chat about the mix and mastering nice one bro

  • Te Amo
    Te Amo

    what's the story ? love your tune "its alright" any chance ya can send us the lyric's :)

    4/27/10 via Mobile
  • luv Mikey Ryan

    congrats man thats 1 big baby hahaha.now ye can stop makein them ye got 1 of each hahaha.ye giv us a holla wen it opens man id love 2 buzz down and c wat its like.im still skoolin myself on the mixin and masterin part but im finally gettin the hand of it.im workin on a mixtape now hav a few tracks recorded from it but im still lookin for features so gis a shout and we`ll bash sumthin out.anyway congrats again and gis a holla back.

  • luv Mikey Ryan

    wats the story buddy hows tricks wit ye lost me fone there a while back so if no other way of contactin ye then this.ye workin on anythin lately on the music scene???workin on a mixtape meself now but all this learnin how to mix and master bollox is wreckin my buzz hahahaha.when ye gonna become a daddy again?

  • K Healy

    ah thats deadly my man. loadsa early mornings for ya. 2 childers fair play i have a dog and he is enough ha ha ha. ye keep us posted, tell jambo to get the finger out and open up that studio dying to hear some new shit

  • Bevan Ryan
    Bevan Ryan

    Wats up man,any new cd's cumin ou,de gospal is leathal man!

    1/30/10 via Mobile
  • Tomo

    yeah nice one man sounds good would love to record a few tracks let me know when jambo opens it up ill have a look on that site see if i can find any good beats nice one

  • Conor Maguire
    Conor Maguire

    wats up nah i have nutin recorded yet but i have an albums worth wrote, im lookin for like a sad beat but not too slow and a dark beat. see jambo's round 4 round like that aswel is their eny way ya can put a few snippits on a cd for me ta listen ta let us know nice one

  • Tomo

    whats the story man been listenin to a lot of your tracks man fuckin class im doin a bit myself but im stuck for some good beats were is the best place to look man

  • K Healy

    story beaner don be on this much either. hope all is well wit the new babog. na dont have a facebook thing must set one up well im saying that months now ha ha ha. any movement on the new album. no streets are quiet at the mo heard theres a big truce on

  • ºjoc.
    luv ºjoc.

    Ye I'm Grand 8) Did U Hav A Gud Crimboo_O . Did U Get Ny Gud Btw I Luv It's Alright feat.Joe Mac & Hazy - Jane

  • luv Butcher Boy

    will you go to my prom?

  • Declan
    luv Declan


  • Brady

    2 new tunes up -Looks Alot Like Heaven (Brady feat Currupt) -Radio Freindly- -Street Poetry (Brady feat Ghandie + Davey) -Radio Friendly- both songs from Bradys NEW album One Step To Heaven Or Hell produced by Blue Bird Studios 10 euro a copy sold in City Discs Unit 2, the Granary Temple Lane South Temple Bar Dublin 2 All City Records 4 Crow Street Dublin 2 SPINDIZZY RECORDS 32 The Market Arcade South. Great Georges Street Dublin 2 SPINDIZZY RECORDS 32 The Market Arcade South. Great Georges Street Dublin 2 album feat Butcher Boy, Intox, Ghandie Davey, Nemesis and Currupt link www.bebo.com/ONESTEPTOHEAVENORHEL

  • Peter

    hi, How are you? How was portugal last summer? I missed it because I broke up with my ex girl & had to sell my house... I see on the photos paul was there! cheers

  • K Healy

    wats the story me aul mucker. heard your expecting another baby congrats on that. was talkin to andy s he pushed the 3g broadband on to me "fucking pusher he is" wat do we want pushers out ha ha ha hope alls well talk to ya soon goin to finally download this album

  • MaRk Weldon

    Alri bro:D class tunes:))

    10/29/09 via Mobile