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Currently Failing at Life :L .. 'Mon The Weekend Thou :))

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  • from Home Is Where The Heart Is
  • I am Single
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Me, Myself, and I


     B L A A A A A A A A A A A A A H H H

      Trevor McGrory - Giimmmmp :*


If You Could Change The Past, How Different Would Things be Today
Ryan Hill
Jemma, Jamiee, Laura (:
If You Hate Me, Hate Me ! Dont Pretend To Like Me To My Face

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  • Trevor M
    luv Trevor M

    Hi baby :* xxxxx

    5/30/11 via Mobile
  • Sakhi R
    Sakhi R


  • Dj Josh


    1/26/11 via Mobile
  • SarahsHubby.

    heya hw u doing

  • Raven Dread

    Your hair is cool

    1/20/11 via Mobile
  • Trevor M
    luv Trevor M

    Bita u ;o xxxxxx

    1/18/11 via Mobile
  • RealBeauty

    Hello Sweetie, I see your a memeber of this group I am writing to all memebers to say if you have a photo or photos up please leave your links under them as they will be getting deleted soon if there is not a link underneath! We need your bebo link under your photo so we can let you know if your in polls & if you win them so we can give you some love (: also if you have any other photos for the albums please get them up (: Thankyou so much. RealBeauty Photos without links will be deleted Tuesday!

  • Trevor M
    luv Trevor M

    More gawjusss (: xxxxx

    1/8/11 via Mobile
  • Trevor M
    luv Trevor M

    Loveyhu bby xxxxx

    1/4/11 via Mobile
  • luv Single Man

    Ere love for ya

    12/30/10 via Mobile
  • SarahsHubby.

    heya hw u doing u hv gd crimboxxx

    12/26/10 via Mobile
  • Dylan

    Hi x

    12/14/10 via Mobile
  • Ryan B
    Ryan B

    :L no boar kidd

  • luv Superman

    Realised iv no gave u it in ages babe xxx

  • Trevor M
    luv Trevor M

    when i c ur face theres not a thing that i wuld change cause ur a amzin just the way u r (: loves yhu paiigee (GIMP) :D xxxxxxxxx

  • Beautys'

    hello we think your totally gorgeous and would love you to become a member, leave love and also leave a photo with your name and what album youd like to be in the albums are: - the brunette girls - the blonde girls - the gorgeous boys - unique/coloured hair - girls bodies - boys bodies - best friends - best couples thankyou. x

  • Finbarr S
    Finbarr S

    Bebo sucks! I barely use it anymore! you should hit me up on xxxmatch, its the best place for hooking up ever! check it out at http://goo.gl/wyopG

  • Scott C
    Scott C

    oryte wuu2 xxx

  • Trevor M
    luv Trevor M

    lovesyhu GIMP :) xxxxxxxx

  • Luke Hobson
    luv Luke Hobson

    random add hope ya dont mind :P xxxx


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  • Bored :/

    What do drunk kisses mean to you?
    Depends Who It Is .. Usually Nahin At All

    Have you ever kissed anyone while you were drunk?
    All Thee Timee :L

    What's your opinion of ginger people?
    Dont Reaaly Have On :L

    Longest time on the phone?
    About Eight Houurs

    Can you say your always there for your friends?

    Is there a song you can listen to and get upset?
    There is :(

    Do you think there is any point in liking whoever it is you like?
    Nehh .. waste of timee now :/

    Can you say no to people if they asked to kiss you face to face?
    Yesssss If Their Bruutal

    What do you think girls think about your style?
    Dont Care .. Mytnt Like Theres :L

    Do you smoke?
    When i Drink Yeaa :P

    Do you prefer older people or younger?
    Older :)

    How are you getting on with your mum these days?
    Aww suppose were graaand

    you're locked in a room with the person you last had sex with, problems?
    Aww we'd get aloong juust greaat in a room :P :L

    Have you ever kissed the person you currently like?
    Ayee ;o

    would you rather pierce your tongue or nose?

    how many people do you trust fully?
    NoOnee Reaaly :/

    Have you ever cleaned up someone else's vomit?
    Erghhhh NOOOO

    Do you drink more apple or orange juice?
    Oranngee :P

    Have you kissed anybody with a tattoo?
    Havee Yeaa :P

    What color is bea el ahh see kay?
    What thee fuuck :L

    Would you ever donate blood?
    I dunno :/

    Have you kissed anyone in '2010 that actually meant anything?
    They meant something yeaa, wether they do now ?

    Would you rather drink coffee or tea?

    Have you kissed more than ten people this year?
    Nehh, Not Half :L

    Have you ever been to a gay bar?
    Nehh :L

    Can you recall the last time you liked someone a lot?
    can yeaa

    Did you get a full 8 hours of sleep last night?
    dida fuuck :(

    Anyone ever broken your heart?
    Ayee, suppose they have :(

    Ever broken anyones heart?
    Currently In The Process Apparently :/

    Do your siblings pay for any of your stuff?
    Oneea Them Doees :DD

    Do you think it's disgusting for a girll to drink alcohol and get drunk?
    Do I Fuuuck :P :)) Thats Why I Do It :L

    Do you currently have a hickey?
    Nehh :L

    If somebody liked you right now, what do you think is a cool way to tell you?
    eh :L Ehmm, i like you :)

    Is there a guy that knows everything or mostly everything about you?
    Suppose there is

    Did you ever lose a bestfriend?
    Have Yeaa :/

    How many piercings do you have?
    Just Thee One .. Tonguee Donee Soon Thou

    Do you regret any of them?

    Ever kissed in the rain?
    Yeaa :)

    You never know what you've got until you lose it?
    YESSSSS :/

    Where would I have found you last night at 11pm?
    Just watchin thee enda misfits (L)

    Do you dislike anyone at this moment in time?
    do ayeee >:( :L

    Was it a boy or a girl to text you first today?
    Lad (:

    Do you still talk to the person you last kissed?
    Yeaa :P

    0 Comments 137 weeks

  • B O R E E E E D

    Are You Really Ready For 80 Questions?
    Suppose I Am Ayeee

    Was Your Last Meal A Mistake?
    Meaal ? Too Fattening :L

    Do You Believe In God?
    Yeaa, i suppose i do :)

    Who Did You Last Say I Love You To?
    Yeno What, I Cant Even Mind :/

    Do You Regret It?
    Probebly Not

    Have You Ever Been Depressed?
    Yeaa :(

    Have A Best Friend?
    Not Reaaaly No :/

    Are You A Boy Or Girl?
    Girl :P

    What Is Your Current Status?
    Single :D

    How Do You Want To Die?
    Half Cut :D

    What Did You Last Eat?
    PopCorn :L

    Play Any Sports?
    Nehh, not reaaly :)

    Do You Play An Instrument?
    Did In The Past

    Do You Bite Your Nails?

    When Was Your Last Physical Fight?
    Couuple Weeks A Go :L

    Like Music?
    Couuuldnt live without her :))

    Do You Have An Attitude?
    I do indeeeed

    Ever Been In Love?
    Thouught I HAD, But I Dunno :/

    What Is Your Real Name?
    :L Helen :(

    Like Reading?
    Awwk thee odd GOOOD book yeaa

    Are You Gonna Get High Later?
    I WISH :(

    Do You Hate Anyone At The Moment?
    Quitee A Few

    Do You Miss Someone?
    Yeaaa, :/

    Who Is Your Best Friend's Uncle's Cousin Girlfriend's Daughter's Boyfriend?

    How Exactly Are You Feeling?
    Reaaal Pissed, Wanna Get Druuuunk :P

    Ever Ate Food In A Car While Someone Or Yourself Is Driving?
    Suree who hasnt :L

    Have You Ever Started A Rumor?
    Nehh, done bitta gossiping thouu

    Are Barbie & Ken Bad Influences On People?
    Nooo :L

    Do You Regret Anything From Your Past?
    Quitee A Few Things Ayee

    What Are Your Political Views?
    Political ? What :L

    Do You Want To Have Kids?
    Nehh, not reaaaly :/

    Ever Kissed Somebody That Name Start With A N?
    Ayeee ;O

    Do You Type Fast?
    Ayeee, fast enough '

    Do You Have Piercings?
    I Do Indeeed

    Want Any More?

    Can You Spell Well?
    Im Goood Enough Speller :L

    Do You Miss Your Past?
    Yeaaa :(

    What Are You Craving Right Now?
    A Shit Loada ALCOHOL :P

    What Should You Be Doing?
    Not On This AnyWay :L

    Does Somebody Love You?
    Alcohol Doees :D As For Someonee ? I Dunnno :/

    What Is/Are Your Favorite Color(s)?
    Pink + Bluee

    So Are You Liking This Survey?
    Nehh :L

    Do You Like Someone?
    Kindaa Yea :)

    Do You Have Trust Issues?
    Ermm :/ Dont Think So :) lol

    Have You Ever Had Feelings For Someone?
    Couurse I Have

    Do You Have A Good Relationship With Your Parents?
    Erm i guess so

    Are You Secretly In Love?

    Do You Believe Your Ex thinks About You?
    Douubt So

    Have You Ever Been Cheated On?
    Yeaaa :/

    Is This Survey Too Personal Now?
    Not At All

    Should This Survey Stop?
    Quit with the stuupid questions

    Have You Ever Walked Outside Completely Naked?
    Nehh LOL :L

    Do You Think You're A Good Person?
    I guess i am

    Do You Believe Everything Happens For A Reason?
    Nehhh :/

    Do You Take Showers?
    Reaaal HOT oneees Yeaaaa :DD

    Last Time You Had A Nice Bubble Bath?
    Ohh, Bin Ageees

    Is something Bothering You?
    ii guess there is yeaa

    Have You Ever Done Drugs?
    Havee ayeeee, wouuldnt mind someee righhht NOW :/ :L

    Do You Play The Wii?

    How Do You Feel About Wal-Mart?
    Wal-Mart ? Thee fuck ?? :L

    Who Has Inspired You The Most?
    Ive No Ideaa

    Are You Excited You're Almost Done With This Survey?
    totally :L

    Are You Mean?
    Quess I Can Be A Bitch Ayeee

    Can You Keep White Shoes Clean?
    Not A Channceeee :L

    Have You Noticed This Survey Stopped Getting Personal?
    Ageees go ayee :L

    Do You Believe In True Love?
    yesssssss :))

    Are You Proud Of The Person You've Become?
    Couuldnt Be Prouder :)

    Do You Wanna Change?
    Slightly yeaa

    Who Was The Last Person To Make You Mad?
    My Brother

    Do You Like The Outside?
    NOOOOO :L Except when drinking

    Are You Currently Bored?
    Yeaaaa :/ :L

    Do You Want To Get Married?
    If its truly worth it

    Ever Fail A Class?
    Yeaaaaa :L

    Are You hungry?
    Noooo :))

    Do You Have A Bank Account?
    I Do indeeeed

    What Makes You Happy?

    0 Comments 139 weeks

  • Actually Cant Be Fuucked With Nothing Atm :L

    can you spend a whole night with the last person you kissed?
    i Couuuld Ayee

    Do you ever get complimented on your eyes? What color are they?
    Have A Feww Timees like Blue ++ Green

    Do you like to be called baby?
    Depends Who Its Coming From

    Someone says "all guys are players" You say?
    Most Aree :/

    How often do you talk on the phone?
    Often Enouugh

    The past month, regret something?
    Not At All :D

    Do you believe what comes around goes around?

    Have you ever been called a bitch?
    Most Of Thee Timee ?

    Did the last person you kissed have braces on?
    Nahh :)

    So why are you single?
    You tell Me ?

    Three months ago, can you remember who you liked?
    Ayeee.. Thee Gimp :L

    Have you ever dated your number one on myspace?
    Dont Do Myspace ledd

    Who was the last person to make you cry?
    <striike>Magazinee</stike> ? Sad Story ? reminded me of too muuch :(

    Have you ever kissed anyone with a tongue ring?
    Ayee :L

    Do you ever tell your boyfriend or girlfriend about the things that you did with an ex?

    Have you ever had someone drag his or her nails down your back?
    Yessss, And Its Unreaaaal :P

    Would you stay in the same relationship for over a year?
    If It Was Worth it Then yeaa

    Would you care if you saw the person you like, kissing someone else?
    Yeaa, Kinda Wouuld :/

    Last person you rode in a car with under the age of 21?

    Was the first person you talked to today male or female?
    Mother ? Female :L

    Do you still pinky promise?
    When Drunk ? + When Necessary :)

    Who is the last text you got from?
    Scott :/ :L

    Is it usually easy for someone to make you smile?
    Ayeee :L

    Do you hate someone in your top friends list?
    Cauuse They'd Be There If I Did ?

    What bed did you sleep in last night?
    My Own :D

    When each week comes around, do you always find yourself looking forward to Friday?
    ALL thee timee

    Have you ever kissed someone whose name starts with a J, or B?
    i have :L

    Who's hoodie did you wear last?

    How is your mood?
    alryeee like

    Does your password have to do with a boy/girl?

    If the person you liked showed up to your door RIGHT NOW, how would you react?
    Invite Him in ?

    Can you call your ex without it being awkward?
    Nehh, :L

    Will you be in a relationship one month from now?
    Wouuld Be Nice Likee

    How many times have you kissed the last person you kissed?
    (: Bit Too Often

    Is your room ever clean?
    Clean enouugh

    If you are being extremely quiet, what does that mean?
    PissedOff, Tired + Just Generally Cbaa Talkin

    Last night, you felt?

    Who was the last person you texted?

    Did you hold hands with someone of the opposite sex today?
    Naht yet :P

    Do you ever get good morning texts?
    Got One This Morning :)

    More attractive: kisses out of nowhere, or when you know?
    Ouut Of Nowhere :D

    Do you laugh at inappropriate times?
    Alot Yeaa

    What name do you like to be called?
    Paiige ?

    When you hold hands do you interlock fingers?
    I Do indeed

    When is the next time you will hang out with someone on your top friends?
    Today ? Porrsibly

    Is there someone you'd like to hang out with and just talk with?

    Did the 2nd last person you kiss ever give you a hickey?
    HAHA :L

    Do you still talk to the person you last kissed on the lips?
    Everyday usually

    Have you ever been truly in love?
    Nehh, Dont Think So

    Do you have a reason to smile right now?
    Naht Really :/

    Have you ever hooked up with someone to make someone else jealous?
    Yess :/

    Would your parents get mad if you came home drunk?
    Mum Might ? Do I Care Thoouu :L

    What size is the last bed you kissed on?
    Douuble :D :P

    When was the last time you were sick?
    Physically Sick ? Ive NO idea :)

    Are you one of those pe

    0 Comments 150 weeks

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E226  
E227  
E22C  
E22D  
E215  
E216  
E217  
E309  
E218  
E03A  
E150  
E137  
E132  
E01E  
E320  
E12B  
E502  
E12D  
E036  
E157  
E038  
E153  
E155  
E14D  
E501  
E158  
E43D  
E037  
E504  
E344  
E34C  
E12C  
E423  
E253  
E30D  
E14A  
E206  
E229  
E251  
E250  
E12E  
E205  
E154  
E031  
E43C  
E21C  
E21D  
E21E  
E21F  
E220  
E221  
E222  
E223  
E224  
E225  
E43E  
E24D  
E212  
E24C  
E213  
E507  
E20B  
E445  
E310  
E438  
E24F  
E24E  
E537  

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