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Lily Von Murdertits

Whitby , whitby whitby

10/20/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 32, Luv 46
  • from Edinburgh
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: February 2006
  • Last active: 11/18/09
  • www.bebo.com/RavenMaiden
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About Me

Fundamentally Flawed
Me, Myself, and I
The Other Half Of Me
Colin Keillor

Colin Keillor

the guy with no face.

Deathrock, Batcave, Gothrock, Dark Cabaret, Psychobilly, Post-Punk, Dark Wave, TBM. If I listed all the bands I like the list would be abbreviated and make no sense :P
Saw, Devil rides out, The Elephant man, Blue Velvet, The Amputee, Lost Highway, Wild at heart, Eraserhead, Industrial Symphony No. 1: The Dream of the Broken Hearted, Nosferatu, Dracula (1931), Hammer horror films, wickerman, Devils rejects, Texas chainsaw massacre (Original), Jaw breaker, Delicatessen, Tank girl, Psycho, the Birds, IT, Dial M for Murder, M (1931), Grindhouse Cinema, Korean Cinema, Haxan
Things I want to achieve
Get my sleeve started/finished, play my violin more, start a Deathrock/ Batcave/Darkwave/Industrial pub/club night in Edinburgh (NO METAL), to stop being so cynical of everyone (but not so blinded that people can just take the piss), to make more of my own clothes (I spend a stupid amount of money on something I could have easily ripped/distressed/laced myself), have more control over my impulses, have my own sex dwarf that I keep in a closet (Ok I made the last one up, or did I? :P ) And to go to this
Happiest When
Being with friends and family, lazying about, cuddling, shopping, Getting a new tat/piercing, going to gigs.
Body Modification - From the benign to the extreme. Suspension, Gas masks, Corsetry, Velvet, Lace, Purple, Black, Hot hot nights, Cats, Wolves, Bats, Oversized shirts, Men with Beards and Tight Ass', Silly Faces, Tomfoolery, My Job, Sex Dwarves, Busty Women in Rubber, Hammer Horror, Pinhead, Deviance, PVC tape, Cherries, Organised chaos, Cobwebs, Psychobilly style, Bettie Page, Burlesque, Fire, brimstone and any other stereotype you can throw at me, NSFW, Bad tattoos, Zombies
The whole "Emo" Scene, Liars, Cheaters, Cruelty to Animals - (The usual suspects), The colours - Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green and Brown, Polka Dots, Men who do the whole 'Nose Spit' thing, Mind numbing boredum, Stupidity, Barbie girls, Orange leathery skin, Gold jewellery, Manufactured music, any thing that stifles creativity, (I havent listened to the radio for years) Boy Bands & Girl Bands.

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  • Karen Black

    I just profited $308 in a few weeks doing easy things! I learned from - http://x.co/KTBm You owe me one!

  • Keegan Elvira

    Hi lilly, how are you?

  • Keegan Elvira

    yes they are!!!! sex beat are still goin? cool, u know of any other bands touring?

  • Keegan Elvira

    also i forgot 2 ask, were are specimen and alien sex feind playing?

  • Keegan Elvira

    fantastic!!!! :)) hes still touring? bloody hell, id love to go to one of his gigs u going? :)

  • Keegan Elvira

    hi there, how's life treating you?

  • Melanie Millar

    how things? i tried looking for u on facebook but i cud not find u?

  • Melanie Millar

    the hol was great had a really good time, wud love to go bk next year but i cant :( was away for 2 wks in the sun, got a great tan :) :) sounds good what u up too?

  • Melanie Millar

    Hi how r u? U been up 2 much? Am just got bk from turkey wit my m8 nicola it was good got a great tan

    5/21/09 via Mobile
  • Melanie Millar

    Hi I was just out in the pans, it was ok. Sorry I don't have a face book page. I am thinking about it, I don't really go on bebo much now. U up to much this wkend?

  • Jason C
    Jason C

    Actually, I was quite relieved by my rating! You really ditching bebo? I'm on facebook but I found it too annoying and use it even less than this place!

  • Melanie Millar

    alright, not really been up to much, just working away. was out last night. what about urself?

  • Jason C
    Jason C

    Crikey! Didn't know you were "Jack 'n' Jill", hope it's nothing serious! I was going to go to Holland, but the exchange rate and Crisis in general have held me up for (at a guess) 2 years or so. Hence doing up the flat instead, then back to saving! Will probably resurrect the band for a while, fancy playing violin?

  • Mary Cochran Queen
    luv Mary Cochran Queen

    yes Iam a whitby addict, Iam old school goth so Iam looking forward to the house of usher plus the side line events sound kool, Iam doing fine how is your year shaping up. dollyx

  • luv .Gloomy Doll.

    Hello, i would love to go to whitby but i live in the middle of no where so it's going to be hard to find a way to get there... hope you get to go :) Have my love x

  • Jason C
    luv Jason C

    What ho old stick, apologies for my ultra late reply, I've not been on here for months! I've been building the ultimate bathroom, close to completion now. still toiling away at Marksies I'm afraid, no sign of an imminenet move abroad either! You been up to anything thrilling?

  • Andrew Kent
    Andrew Kent

    Alright Jill! Hows it going? You guys gonna be out and about over the next wee while, would be cool to catch up! Andy x