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-Seniorita Latina-

...say a prayer but let the good tymz roll, IN CASE GOD DOESNT SHOW!!!...

11/27/07 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
MeanS...A passionate loveR, AttractiV, Luvs to dress uP, SexY, Intelligent and VerY sexuaL, Senses wat the future holdS, Irrisistable, CrazY, Luvs long relationshipS, Is very gud at "YoU KnoW WaT", A chatterboX, FuN, Luvs to have fuN.


<<<SeeS da WorLd ThrO>>> BrowN EyeZ

<<<TosseS BacK>>> BrowN HaiR

 ; "Becca'S WifeY" and "Gary'S GurL" (again :D )

 t;> FemenisT

B= BaBe
I= In
T= Total
C= Control of
H= Herself

Her NamE MeanS:

N= Great in beD
I= Hates LiarS
C= Wild & crazY
O= Loves foreplaY
L= Makes people smile when she smileS
E= A hottiE
The Other Half Of Me


hopefully here 2 stay dis tym :P love you mwa

BounceS to:
rnb, hip hop, reagaton, latin music n some dance music
LuvS WatchN:
man on fire, the ring, the sixth sense and step up n crash...i serz;y suggest u watch it its amazn
OcassionaLLy EnjoyS:
soccer n legues alrite n i love dancn bt i dunno if datz a sport
RunZ at da SighT of:
cockroaches!!!! n small spaces
LuvS to DeatH:
my sxc boi, my gurls, my bois, family, laughn, muckn round, da movies sleeping, partying, going out, da city, musik, shopping, dancing
Is AngereD By:
waiting, hypocrites, sexist men and not noing

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    50 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew...

    1. Don't tell us when you think other girls are hot.
    2. Whenever possible, please say whatever you have to say during commercials.
    3. If you don't act like soap-opera guys, don't expect us to dress like Victoria's Secret models.
    4. Mark anniversaries on a calendar.
    5. There is no such thing as too much spooning.
    6. We think about you ALL the time.
    7. This is how we see it . . . Don't call = Don't Care.
    8. Which also means that if we don't call, take the hint.
    9. We like you to be a little jealous . . . but overly possessive is not necessary.
    10. We hate that you can eat all you want and not get fat.
    11. Return favors: we massage, you massage; we go down, you go down; we shave, you shave (and not just your face).
    12. Foreplay is not an option . . . its a prerequisite.
    13. We're allowed to be late . . . you are not.
    14. Eye contact is key.
    15. Don't take longer to get ready than we do.
    16. Laugh at our jokes.
    17. Three words . . . honesty, honesty, honesty.
    18. Girls can be groupies. Guy groupies are stalkers.
    19. We never have to wonder if your orgasm was real.
    20. Do not start with us. You will not win.
    21. Would you like it if a guy treated your sister that way? We didn't think so.
    22. If you ask nicely, we usually answer the same way.
    23. We will never have enough clothes or shoes!
    24. We have an excuse to act bitchy at least once a month.
    25. Open the door for us no matter where we are . . . even at our house and getting into the car.
    26. We love surprises!
    27. We liked to be kissed softly, not with an iron tongue.
    28.Pay attention to the little things we do, because they mean the most.
    29. Boxers and maybe boxer briefs sometiems . . . NEVER whitey-tighties, NEVER!
    30. Clean your room before we come over.
    31. Always bursh your teeth before you see us . . . a fresh mouth and white teeth are a necessity.
    32. When we use our teeth it means that you suck at going down on us, so we are just returning the favor.
    33. Even though you are sometimes insensitive and hurt us, we still love you with everything we are.
    34. Hit it and quit it, because later I'll be with you're best friend and he lasts for hours.
    35. Don't act hard around your friends because I won't make you hard tonight.
    36. Sometimes “NO!” really means “NO!”
    37. “Wife Beaters” are not an adequate form of fashion.
    38. If we wanted to be on video tape, we'd be a porn star not your girlfriend.
    39. Sensitive guys are great . . . but crying more than we do in a movie just isn't right.
    40. Don't let ex-girlfriends cause drama, relationships are stressful enough.
    41. It takes a special kind of stupid to forget birthdays.
    42. Guys who are good cuddlers = guys who know how to satisfy a woman.
    43. we are emotional wrecks, learn 2 deal with it
    44. Silent treatment, shoulder shrugs, tears, yelling and nasty looks all add up to . . . YOU DID SOMETHING WRONG!
    45. If you are not a good dancer, please be self-aware.
    46. Just because a girl doesn't pick up on the first ring doesn't mean she's not waiting by the phone.
    47. You don't have to spend a lot, if it means a lot.
    48. Don't say you love me if you don't mean it.
    49. Don't lie to us . . . we will catch you.
    50. When the girls get together, we talk about EVERYTHING. Meaning my best friends know everything about you.

    0 Comments 307 weeks

  • taxed frm waters lol

    what would you do if:
    1.I committed suicide:
    2.I said I loved you:
    3.I kissed you:
    4.I lived next door to you:
    5.I started smoking:
    6.I stole something:
    7.I was hospitalized:
    8.I ran away from home and didnt come back:
    9.I got into a fight and you were there:
    10.I died:
    11.I hated you:
    12.I betrayed your friendship:
    13.I did drugs:
    14.I told you my deapest darkest secret:
    15.I hated your best friend:

    4 Comments 311 weeks

  • Y LatinZ WouLd SucK @ BeeN TerroristS

    1. 8:45am is too early for us to be up.
    2. We are always late, we would have missed all 4 flights.
    3. Pretty people on the plane distract us.
    4. We would talk loudly and bring attention to ourselves.
    5. With food and drinks on the plane, we would forget why we're there.
    6. We talk with our hands, therefore we would have to put our weapons
    7. We would ALL want to fly the plane.
    8. We would argue and start a fight in the plane.
    9. We can't keep a secret, we would have told everyone a week before
    doing it.
    10. We would have put our country's flag on the windshield

    0 Comments 328 weeks

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  • Ashleigh Noll
    luv Ashleigh Noll

    hey girlie, i miss u guys so much! Wat's new missy? Love u! xoxoxoxox :D

    7/27/08 via Mobile
  • A.K.Abudd


    7/20/08 via Mobile
  • Matt
    luv Matt

    here u go sis lol

  • Matt

    lol ok i got no luv to give lol ill give u sum when i get sum

  • -Kurrupt Latino-
    -Kurrupt Latino-

    would appriciate it if ya join:D :D :D http://www.bebo.com/Westsidesking

  • Matt

    NICOLE hi

  • .LUkess.

    hey how ya been? havn't spoken to ya in a while anyways take care

  • Matt


  • Matt
    luv Matt

    hey sis

  • Sir Thrusten De VI
    Sir Thrusten De VI

    hey hey long time no talk how y been anyways hope ur enjoyin ur self see u around

  • Matt

    don't worry...he gets back soon lmao

  • Latin-Unit
    luv Latin-Unit

    just passin by sweetheart...... so i added ya since u wer latin n all....lol hows things??? de que area eres??? tk my heart...2...: :)

  • Matt
    luv Matt

    well thats a good thought cos i like bebo luv lol so here u can have mine 2 lol mwa mwa xoxo