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Victory of Holiness Christmas broadcast Tuesday Dec. 25, 2012 at 11:00-11:30am on WKXV 900 AM Knoxville, Tn.

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About Me

Without Holiness no man shall see the Lord
Me, Myself, and I
Holiness people and others accepted here. Come aboard! We have been blessed with a good number of friends. It may be Christians, sinners, backsliders, or of a different belief. I accept people who come. Jesus accepted those who came to him. I may not agree with everything on their site, or the way they believe and live, but maybe they can see something here to turn them to God and his ways.
Gospel (Christians don"t listen to country, rock, or other worldly music. They"re not interested.)
Don"t believe christians like bad worldly movies, filth part of the internet, or TV! We like the MOVE of the spirit of God!
Of the world, Not for Christians unless you can count walking by faith and running the race with patience!
Scared Of
I fear God
Happiest When
Doing the will of God!!
Sharing Christ! There are radio broadcasts with Rev. Randy Dobbs. Broadcasts are: The Way of Holiness, Sundays at 8:45-9am on WNTT 1250 AM Tazewell, Tn. Also, The Beauty of Holiness, Sundays at 8:00-8:30am on WFXY 1490 AM Middlesboro, Ky. and WANO 1230 AM Pineville, Ky. Click Listen Live at www.1230wano.com to hear on internet. Also check out www.holinessbroadcastmedia.org
To God be the glory!

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  • God Bless You!

    Thank you for adding Praise Power Radio to your friends list.
    It is God that brings people together.

    Praise Power Radio 0 Replies

    THAT A BIG AMEN MY BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Br Joey 0 Replies
  • Believers

    We believe the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. We believe in being saved by the grace of God being cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ his Son and receiving the earnest of the spirit at the new birth which is being born again and then praying on to be sanctified and then continuing on to the Bap...

    Holiness Messenger 4 Replies

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  • Holiness is still good!

    Hope you are having a good day in the Lord. Holiness of God is still good today. It's sad to see people claiming to be Holiness people and not living holiness. Holiness has not changed. The bible teachings are still good and real. Are you? As I see some of these sites, I notice that some mention of church and God in their profiles, but then in the type of music they say they like, it denys God. Something other than Christian is not good and right.
    Also, some seem to like worldly movies. It's still not of God. They need their priorites straight. Holiness preachers still preach against the movies of the world, tv, filthy stuff on internet, etc. Holiness living will also keep you away from the amusement parks of this world and worldly places of entertainment.
    Its still good that Holiness people stay away from the worldly things at Christmas such as Santa, reindeer, Christmas trees, ornaments and lights, and parades, etc. Also they refrain from worldly things of Easter, eggs, bunnies, baskets, etc. (Easter, according to history, is a pagan holiday before Christ's death. The Catholic may have mixed it in with it year's after). Also things of Halloween-witches, ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, etc. are not Holiness.
    Too, some seem to like to dazzle like the world. Some girls may have pictures with French nails. That's not right. Holiness sisters are still not to adorn like the world such a nail polish, make-up, jewelry, pants, body rings, cut hair, halters, tanktops, tatoos, indecent clothing, etc., things that are of a proud look.
    And, the Holiness brothers must dress decent, not be without a shirt, or wear tanktops, etc. They still don't have long hair, beards, mustache, tatoos, or body ornaments. Men also should not have a proud look, ties, bowties, tuxedo, etc. The Bible hasn't changed with the times folks.
    Plus, the bible taught sisters to adorn (wear) modest apparel and not be arrayed in costly array (high price clothes), so therefore it keeps them from slacks, low neck garments, shorts, skorts, culots, halters, tanktops, sleeveless tops or dresses, swimsuits, bikinis, split skirts and dresses, and hiiiiigh heel shoes.
    The people of God are not to be found at the amusement parks of the world such as are at Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg here in Tennessee and other places. Also, they don't go to races, fairs, carnivals, worldly shows, movies, festivals, banquets, ball games, etc. or watch them. They also don't play bingo, lottery, or bad games. They don't gamble, bet, swear, joke, or use bad, profane, or foolish talk or jesting.
    Christians are free from alcoholic drinks, illegal drugs, tobacco, etc.
    Holiness keeps the young and old from having unmarried sexual affairs (fornication) or extra-marital sexual affairs or courtships (adultery).
    Holiness people (Christians) too, refrain from worldly magazines, tabeloid newspapers, and all ungodly media.
    Voting (politics) is a right to the world, but Christians are not of this world. To vote in worldly elections is to go against two bible teachings a.respect of or to persons and b.partiality (for one against another).
    The Sabbath day (Sunday) is not a day to buy. Some people seem to break it as if it is nothing. It's not made to go out and eat or shop on. If you need gas or other things, get it on Saturday. If you had to go or was on a trip and had to get gas to make it home on Sunday without planning it that way, it might be ok in the ox in the ditch situation, but Christians should try their best to avoid buying and selling on Sunday according to the teachings of the bible.
    The people of God don't want the bad worldly video clips on their site.
    Holiness still don't hold up preachers in adultery (married to another woman when the other wife was or is still alive) or women preachers.
    God's people believe in The Great Father, God , his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost which is the Spirit of Truth, the complete Godhead.
    People who live Holiness h

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  • Kay Densmore
    Kay Densmore

    do youall have cd's? I would like one if you could send me one.

  • Margie B Brock

    hope you all are well with you all.

  • Margie B Brock

    happy birthday sister shirely may ur day be a blessed day, how are you an d ur family? fine i hope thank you for accepting my bebo request. maybe i will get to post some of your all music on my site. happy birthday again may u have many more. god bless you all. In reply to: "Happy Birthday Shirley Dobbs February 11, 2011." by Holiness Messenger

  • Maurra
    luv Maurra

    ~♥´†`♥~ Please! Come on over and check out my page here on bebo.

  • Mary J
    Mary J

    SHIRLEY THIS IS THE THIRD ONE HOPE YOU RECEIVE ONE SORRY .... I KNOW IT IS A SAD DAY WE ARE PRAYING FOR YOU SEE YOU THIS WEEK TOM MARY RICK AND TOMMY In reply to: "Mother-in-law Sue Dunn passed away today 12/8/10. Pray for Shirley and family." by Holiness Messenger

  • Believe


  • Florence McDonald
    Florence McDonald

    Happy Birthday Randy, May God bless you .

  • Rachel Caraway
    Rachel Caraway

    thanks so much

  • Believe


  • Patches - Dats Us
    luv Patches - Dats Us

    We lost a great minister of the Gospel recently, Rev Billy Joe Daughtery passed on into life last week at 57 years of age. I have listened to him preach and his Holy Ghost ministry will be missed by many people, please pray for his family.

  • Holiness Ministers
    Holiness Ministers

    Funeral for Rev. Melvin Beverly, 52, Arjay, Ky. on Tuesday Oct.6, 2009 2pm at Arjay Community Pentecostal Church Of God where he was pastor. Visitation Sun. and Mon. nights 4&5th.

  • Melissa Baker
    Melissa Baker

    now is the same church they call saylor church of god in middleboro ky or is he further north do you have his phone number or address of the church

  • Melissa Baker
    Melissa Baker

    could you or someone tell me which church Bro. Ronnie Hodgkins preaches at and when there homecoming is I need a phone number and or address where the church is located. I hear that they thought that it was the first weekend in sept. Thanks

  • Br Joey

    hey brother , I was through Lafollette, Tenn a few week ago-well by there going uo 23-26. Had a preacher friend who lived there Evag Tommy Walker-the dancing evag. thay later moved to Cleveland,he went home to be with the Lord 3 yrs ago. One true holiness preacher, I loved him dearly, God bless ya, bro joey

  • Jeremy Cutshaw
    Jeremy Cutshaw

    hey! brian had been attending Pentecostal Assembly in morristown..the pastor is Richard Crain..he's a good man! One of the few proclaim'n holiness in this area

  • Rosalind Heather Smith
    luv Rosalind Heather Smith

    hi pleased to meet you

  • Lorna Kereopa
    Lorna Kereopa

    GREETINGS in Jesus name bless you brother in christ i pray that you are having a gud day

  • Jonathan R
    Jonathan R

    Thanks for the add God Bless U in Jesus Name