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Sasuke Uchiha

This account is being deleted, the new account is the first one on my top friends.

12/29/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

I am an avenger
Me, Myself, and I

Name:Sasuke Uchiha
Age: 15
Dob: 4-23-1994
Clan: Uchiha
Ambition:To kill a certain man.
"My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I hate a lot of things, and I don't particularly like anything. What I have is not a dream, because I will make it a reality. I'm going to restore my clan, and kill a certain someone."

During Part I, Sasuke was considered the best Genin of the Rookie Nine, and could have been the strongest. To this end, Sasuke's only desire as a shinobi was to get stronger.

"Brother..., no matter how deep I have to plunge myself into darkness, I will do it in order to kill you! No matter what happens, I will get that power!!"
My pain is my power....my rage is my power....and the drive to prtoect the ones i love is my power.....threaten those people and i will cut you down.....without hesitation........you have been warned.....
When a person is betrayed.....a very dark and evil feeling is embeded in a peresons mind and soul......its not an easy thing to deal with.....my betrayal will be avenged......
Scared Of
Happiest When
MAybe happiness is there maybe it isn't....it all depends.....
For those who try
If you attack me, i will hold nothing back........just be prepared to die if you try....
my mood right now
in an ok mood, willing to fight if someone wants to start one, but be warned i am still as heartless as ever.

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sasuke vs itachi!(go itachi)

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  • Pain

    when a loved one's love is taken away from you. we are all left with pain....then when the pain subsides anger takes over then when the anger subsides the empty feeling that takes hold is almost to much to bear. thoughts of death enter your mind. now the question is do you have the will to continue on with your life and endure the emptiness....or will you just give up and end it all...just to take it all away...so you have a chance of feeling normal?

    how much will do i have?

    2 Comments 281 weeks

  • ......

    In death we realize the truth. What we really care for the most....What we really want the most....What we are really afraid of....What we really lived for....The truth is that we are all liars....We lie to ourselves to make ourselves beleive we are ok. We lie to ourselves to become something we are not.....Death is the only salvation, the only thing that can make us see the error of our ways. Death will save me one day.....Hopefully that one day is soon........

    12 Comments 291 weeks

  • I don't understand

    This world is far to large to understand...i thought killing would make me whole....now i see that it makes me even emptier...

    5 Comments 299 weeks

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  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha

    this is my new account since i am deleting this one Sasuke Uchiha Sharingan_are_mine any one who wishes to follow me may now look on this account

  • Sakura Kenpachi

    hey would you like to roleplay ;)

  • Freeddyy

    hay im part of the sand village my name is gaara lol..!! hahahahaa jokes try kill my clan lol sasuke is kool rite..!!

  • -.Haruno

    { Sorry i pressed the wrong botton and it deleted you as my other half could you re-acept sorry } The female younge pink haired Konuchi known as Sakura Haruno was lay in her bed like usual, She opened her lustering green eyes half way and looked at her small alarm clock that sat on her bed side wooden table the clock right next too her photograph that had been taken with the whole of team seven including Kakashi Sensai. The young Kinuchi`s eyes widened seeing that shed once again over selpt. Of course she wasnt the same 12 year old girl she once was no she was now 17 years of age and she was helping , teaching in Iruka Sensia`s place at the academy. Sakura quickly rushed out of bed, got itno her usual pink older ninja clothes, put her head band on her head like a hairband and then ran down stairs putting on her sandles and running towards the academy rushingly.

  • -.Haruno
    luv -.Haruno

    Hey babes heres some love from me too you xxx

  • half vampire lee
    luv half vampire lee

    i love you so heres some love! take care ok and text me :) you no ur never alone and someone always cares ok

  • Ratchet

    yo my man hows it hanging

  • Lilith Payne

    Same. Just been tired and walking around is all. :L

  • Lilith Payne

    Haha I have been gone for awhile too! How're you sweetie? =]

  • Demon Sakura Uchiha

    the uchiha girl looks at naruto and naruto grabs sasuke by the thoat

  • Ratchet

    probly -smiles- just somthing i think about alot you know why are we all hear and stof LOL

  • Demon Sakura Uchiha

    sakura sees naruto and thorws a stone at his head

  • Ratchet

    true sumtimes it seems like its talking to you in the dreims and what not so maybe it is its own peron LOL eter way you ever wonder what the mening of lief is about like is a life pland out or do we make coses along the way and if so how do we know that we wernt dastend to make them like a hobos and stof thar to be hobos and are only sum are sapos to make a difrints and the res of us staping stons for that person and how to tell if yer the staping ston or not and if you are a staping ston is that all yer dastend to do nomthing rilly cool just infulens sumbudy

  • Demon Sakura Uchiha

    sakura looks at sasuke ''hell yeah i'm bored''

  • Ratchet

    true that like how sum humans minds can be vary f up and sum maybe not enof LOL its like if you think about it to hard you will go crazy..or maybe yer going normal in a allrady crazzy world hu LOLZ

  • Demon Sakura Uchiha

    the uchiha girl looks at you and thorws the weapon at the tree

  • Demon Sakura Uchiha

    ''I fine thanx'' the uchiha girl grabs her weapon from the floor

  • Ratchet

    the human mind is scarry LOL