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Detective Yelina Salas

owes all. replies on way over course of today :)

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  • from Miami,Florida. & Bogota ,Colombia
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About Me

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing
Me, Myself, and I
Yelina Salas. Born in Colombia, Moved to Miami at the age of 4. Been there ever since. Is a Homicide Detective for the Miami Dade Police Department. Frequently assists the CSI's on investigations. Former Private Investigator. Also Former Department of Homeland Security Agent in Toronto Canada. Has one son. Ex Husband Raymond Caine Sr. was "Killed in the line of duty" Has a very very close relationship with Lt. Horatio Caine!!
100% Colombian
Please Note:
This is a role play account so no I'm not Yelina Salas cos she's a fictional character, nor am I Sofia Milos, although she's beautiful and a great actress! I'm irish, and live in Southern Ireland so couldn't be further away from America even if I tried:P but I do love CSI Miami:)
Best Quote
How long are we are going to keep dancing around in circles?...I don't know, some day we have to talk about that, don't we? (Horatio and Yelina Quote from Episode Simple Man. Season 1)
Horatio Caine:
Horatio & Yelina. Enough Said! :)
The Truth about a Homicide Detective.
We have to learn early on in this line of work not to put ourselves in the place of our victims or their loved ones. it's to difficult, to painful, wraps our sense of objectivity, But that doesn't mean we dont have feelings.
A city on Sunny South Florida Coast :)

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  • LEAVING ROLEPLAY for a While!!!

    TO Those who do read this. Thank you for taking time to look at this message. I apppericate it! I am going to take a break from RP for a while. Thanks for Roleplaying here wit me, to those who have been wit me since i started in late summer 2007 tho things have changed alot since then & to those who are new friends of mine at RP thank you too. Please dont any1 portray Yelina while I am gone it took me a long time to build up her charcter an the page & stuff. Good Bye for now! Enjoy ye're Summer & Happy Roleplaying!! :)

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  • Sea, Sun & Family

    Horatio and Yelina fanfic.

    First part: Horatio walked along the corridor of the crime lab carefully reading through the bullet report Calleigh had just given him. “Horatio” he heard some one call and turned around to see Yelina walking towards him, thoughts filled his head, things he should not have been thinking. But he couldn’t help it. She was beautiful. She wore a cream colored suite that hugged her body and showed off her figure. “Your like trying to find a needle in a hay stack” Yelina said as she stood in front of him. “sorry about that” Horatio said politely with a slight smile. “It’s okay, I understand. Anyway, here’s the file you called me about last night” she said and handed the file to Horatio. “ as you know the case was closed last year. unsolved. Why do you want the file Horatio?” Yelina asked. “walk with me and I’ll tell you” he said and they both walked to Horatio’s office. He opened the door and let Yelina in before him. It had a been a good while since she was last in his office and it hadn’t changed much. The pictures of Horatio and his colleges at NYPD were still on the back wall, as was the picture of Horatio and his mother. Horatio walked to his desk and sat down on the office chair. Yelina then turned her attention to the computer, she said as she walked over to the desk and sat on the edge of it “I see you still have that old computer” she said with a smile. “I do” Horatio chuckled and pulled his chair up so that he was sitting in front of Yelina. “I will just be a second” he said as he got up from the chair. “I’ll just go to the filing cabinet and get the other file you might be able to help with” Yelina smiled and watched him walk to the cabinet, she then noticed the pictures on Horatio’s desk, she never noticed them before. One was of Ray Jr and her on the beach when Ray Jr was a little baby. The other picture was of Horatio and herself at an awards night. Horatio walked back over to the desk and sat down. “Yelina” he said, but she didn’t notice him, she was still focused on the photograph. “Yelina” he said again only this time he placed his hand on hers, she noticed this and immediately turned her attention to him. “Sorry I was miles away” she grinned, she didn’t move her hand from his, looking at the picture of Ray Jr. “I never knew you had that picture” “I’ve had that photo for a good while, I can still remember that day very clearly” Horatio said with a smile. “so do I” she smiled. “Ray Jr was so small and I looked awful” she laughed a little. “No you didn’t, you looked beautiful, as you always do” Yelina blushed a little and hoped Horatio hadn’t noticed. She then asked. “What is it you wanted to talk to me about”? she smiled a little and gently slipped her hand out from under his. “eh, yes, here” He said handing yelina the file. She carefully read through it and realized they were the crime scene notes from the crime that took place at the mall earlier that day. She stopped at the name Macro Marcelo and then at the word silencer. She looked over at Horatio. “ Marcelo. Horatio, this vic has the same surname as the guy shot dead on the plaza at Coral Gables, the gun used in that shooting had a silencer as well” Horatio nodded. “ I’m thinking your case and this case are related” “How” Yelina asked intently. “That’s what we are working on” “is it possible our two vics were related?” Horatio nodded. “Could be. Calleigh has matched the bullets, the same make gun was used in both crimes. The silencer, was the give away, it was only manufactured to fit one model of gun. Calleigh is currently working on finding out what gun that is” Yelina nodded as she took in what Horatio said. “Will you keep me in formed of what’s happing?” “of course Yelina, I was hoping that you could finally give the victim’s wife of your case an answer” Yelina nodded at Ho

    3 Comments 226 weeks

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  • Horatio Caine
    luv Horatio Caine

    Guess who is verified :P

    Jul 12
  • Horatio Caine
    luv Horatio Caine

    you decide honey.It's ladies choice.

    Jul 5
  • Amanda St.Dennis-Messer
    Amanda St.Dennis-Messer

    "that is not a problem, he texted me. Just let me grab my stuff." Frank says

    Jul 4
  • Amanda St.Dennis-Messer
    Amanda St.Dennis-Messer

    I smile and take them from her along with my bag " thank you" I say before slowly wheeling to go chanfe.

    'hey calleigh" frank says having gotten a text from eric

    Jun 30
  • Horatio Caine
    luv Horatio Caine

    * Horatio gets up from the chair and walked over to you and kissed you on the lips and hugged you* where would you like to go?

    Jun 28
  • Amanda St.Dennis-Messer
    Amanda St.Dennis-Messer

    Calling comes in "unfortunately I can't stay long." She says
    I wheel out having heard calleigh's voice and reminding myself that it is safe

    Jun 28
  • Amanda St.Dennis-Messer
    Amanda St.Dennis-Messer

    Calleigh is at the door "morning h, here to drop off Amanda's dress blues and pick up frank to drop him off at his place, Eric s running a bit late but will pick him up still." Calleigh says with a small smile

    I nod my head as Frank comes in

    Jun 27
  • Horatio Caine
    luv Horatio Caine

    * Horatio smiles at you and walks in your house and walked over to the living room and sat down on the chair* Do you want to go on a date Yelina?

    Jun 27
  • Amanda St.Dennis-Messer
    Amanda St.Dennis-Messer

    " morning. Cofee is ready was up early this morning. I know calleigh will be by soon and frank just stumbled out a few minutes ago." I say

    Jun 25 via Mobile
  • Amanda St.Dennis-Messer
    Amanda St.Dennis-Messer

    I notice you come down and smile softly

    Jun 25 via Mobile
  • Amanda St.Dennis-Messer
    Amanda St.Dennis-Messer

    ((I would think they would be in their dress blues but ok.)) I collapse back into my chair

    Jun 24 via Mobile
  • Tegan Caine.
    Tegan Caine.

    “Look at your face” Tegan said to Keira with a smile, she’d finished her ice cream and had it all over her face. She got the tissues out of her bag and wiped Keira’s face while she listened to Yelina, “I loved the swings when I was a kid as well”

    Jun 24
  • Horatio Caine
    luv Horatio Caine

    * Horatio looked at you and smiled* can I come in?

    Jun 24
  • Amanda St.Dennis-Messer
    Amanda St.Dennis-Messer

    I smile softly hearing others get up and I transfer off the couch and go make cofee, standing to reach although sure

    Jun 23 via Mobile
  • Dr Peyton Driscoll
    Dr Peyton Driscoll

    I know your right

    *Peyton said softly before getting out the car*

    Let's do this

    Jun 22
  • Horatio Caine
    luv Horatio Caine

    * Horatio stood there waiting for you to open the door*

    Jun 20
  • Amanda St.Dennis-Messer
    Amanda St.Dennis-Messer

    Horatio smiles and changes into relaxed clothing he will showers after

    Jun 19
  • Horatio Caine
    luv Horatio Caine

    * Horatio gets in his hummer and buckles up and put his sunglasses on and then starts it up and drives to work once there he parks in his parking spot and unbuckles his seat belt and turns off the hummer and opens the door and gets out and closed it behind him and locks it and walks to the building and goes in and walks to his office and sits at his desk and looked at some files and then he waits for the day to end and then goes home and rests awhile and then leaves home and drives to Yelina and then walks to her door and knocks and waits for an answer*

    Jun 19
  • Amanda St.Dennis-Messer
    Amanda St.Dennis-Messer

    "yeah I know. Me too. But I believe calleigh said she'd be by at 5:30 to give Amanda enough time to get ready and Eric is picking Frank up. We should at least be dressed and awake."

    I transfer back into the chair and go into the kitchen and stand up to start the coffee machine

    Jun 16
  • Amanda St.Dennis-Messer
    Amanda St.Dennis-Messer

    I am slowly sketching relaxing.
    I hear your alarm go off upstairs but don't react

    Jun 16