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Lydia Face


9/22/08 | me too! | Reply

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No One Wants to Play Sega With Harisson Ford
Me, Myself, and I
hi, I'm lydia.
I follow nothing and no one.
Except Benrik, naturally.
I'm quite short. I'm quite friendly, and moderately awkward. I'm like a ray of sunshine that gets in your eyes a bit. Sometimes I strut. I aspire to be a cross between Scarlet Johansson and Socrates. I'm paranoid, very paranoid. I dabble in the musical fields of piano, guitar, violin and triangle playing. You may have come across one of my many eggs in a basket. That's kind of how I live. Dabbling. That sounds a bit sexual.
I guess that sums up me, then!=]

Ah yes, and a shout out to me friendies.
I enjoy you guys thoroughly, my life would be much less without you.
Yes you.
Check it.
To Leanne. A dedication.
To Gretzky:
A sexual encounter which unfolds as follows:
A man and woman are engaging in intercourse. At the opportune moment, the man screams, "Gretzky!" In response to their cue, several of the man's friends (who have been hiding in the closet) emerge, wearing hockey jerseys (preferably Gretzky jerseys), and wielding hockey sticks, which they proceed to swat the woman with.

"My friend tried to pull a Gretzky the other day, but the girl found out beforehand and threatened to call the police."
Betty it's so hard to relate to the whole human race.
@Alice's face. I love that picture. It was taken by accident. By herself.

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Are you Izzy, Emily or Lydia?

My result is: Lydia

You're really hyper and a bit ditsy. But everyone loves you for it. Your such a different person and so kind and considerate. You always put your friends first. You love having a good time and having a giggle with your girlies! :)
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Are you Jesus?

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What's a March Madness?

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  • QUOTES FROM IRISH COLLEGE! (Stolen from Karen. I just loved 'em so much. xD)

    "Would'ya like a cup o' tae, would'ya?"

    "Space shuttle, where are you? Space shuttle? Hallo?"

    "Well, she was on the plane on the ferry going to America..."

    Blonde puts on glasses: "Do I like look clever in these?"
    *long pause as she stares out the window"
    "My god! I have the same pants as her!"
    *wanders off*

    "Ireland? Isn't that Andy Reid's surname?"

    Sitting on a pier in Dingle: "Cheesecake? Do you want some cheesecake?" to passersby.

    Lumpy Face. Lumpy Face. Melty Face. BITCH!

    Lu-lu-lu-lu-lu-lu-lumpy face.

    Phóg mé cailín, is maith liom é,
    blas den a cherry chapstick,
    Phóg mé cailín chun bhain trial as,
    Le adh, ní bheidh mo stór feargach.

    "Well. I hate the Deftones."


    "She's gonna get beans in the face!!"

    "Anyone for some easisingles?"

    "If some came to my door with banoffi pie, I'd effing rape them. Stop it Kiera Knightly, stop lieing to yourself, you have great taste in pie."

    "No, Paul Galvin...can you pass the milk... is not shite!"

    "Oh, Colin Firth, look at his smouldering face. Have I missed ther bit when they're coming outta the lake?"


    "Tigh Kitty. Meow."

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Perez Hilton - "The Clap"

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  • Sorcha Pengu Rainbow
    Sorcha Pengu Rainbow

    Lydia......will you touch me?!! ...thanks... <3

  • Sorcha Pengu Rainbow
    luv Sorcha Pengu Rainbow

    Whats up collieflower?! o_O

  • Sorcha Pengu Rainbow
    luv Sorcha Pengu Rainbow

    it waaaas Lydia!! in the kitchen!!!...:O

  • Sorcha Pengu Rainbow
    luv Sorcha Pengu Rainbow

    You duuurhty shmell o.O i love it1!!

  • Isabelle Rose
    luv Isabelle Rose

    isn't it class? =D

  • luv Mella-Ella Ella-Eh EhEh

    Lydia. How goes the chlamydia? Just cause I could... Google the UCSC Occupation and the 9/24/09 protest. I'm there right now. Love yooooou Xo

  • Sorcha Pengu Rainbow
    luv Sorcha Pengu Rainbow

    Good luck to our Gooch.

  • luv Lauren


  • Hannah Kemp
    Hannah Kemp

    i love your "me myself and I" =)

  • Katelyn
    luv Katelyn

    Was too!

  • Seamus Kid
    Seamus Kid

    .. did you just fart:P ?...

  • luv Mella-Ella Ella-Eh EhEh

    Yeah, I freaked out and hid in Kenmare until a few days before departure. I'm a bitch. All I can say is, you're gonna LOVE Santa Cruz so much. You need to be HERE, it's so so amazing :] Berkeley blows... Worked out for the best I spose xD Anywho, internet's not gonna be reliable for another month... I suggest a cup of tea and a slice of toast. Xo

  • luv Mella-Ella Ella-Eh EhEh

    Hello assface :] What's the craic? xD Sorry, haven't been able to say that for a good while... Love you lots. California's unreal... Someone gave me prada shoes Xo

  • Hayley Fleming
    Hayley Fleming

    yaaa u dope y didn u stay :( i dnt ave u mobi num giv it 2 me!! amm wednesday?? x x x x x x

  • Ðidi O' D

    That songs "The Clap" is effing class!!! :D any wildness since you last beboed?? I know I take eons to reply, but I'm internet-less lots of the time!! :( I've got a hole in the crotch!

  • Alice OC
    Alice OC

    So,what time you coming over t'marra?? After midday though.....:o:o