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Buy A Landy, Buy The Best, Buy A Rope, And Tow The Rest :P

1/7/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 20, Luv 17
  • from england
  • I am Single
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
10 reasons to date a motocrosser

1: They have strong fingers
2: They always know when to slow down and speed up
3: They have tremendous stamina and endurance
4: They always wear proper protection
5: They have the fastest 'lap' times
6: They know how to work their tools
7: They Love getting dirty
8: The harder and faster they go the better.
9: They know how to work around tight areas with ease
10:They're always practicing so they can become better

Our Beer
Which art in barrels
Hallowed be thy drink
Thy will be drunk
I will be drunk
At home as it is in the local
Forgive this day our daily spillage
As we forgive those that spillage against us
And lead us not into the poncey practise of wine tasting
And deliver us from alco-pops
For mine is the bitter
The ale and the lager
For ever and ever
Our Beer

quite contrairy
how does your garden grow
with double jumps and breaking bumps
and trophys all in a row.
The Other Half Of Me
Liam Poll
1. excuse me will u twist my throttle!? 2. Hey baby, would you like to borrow my extended swingin arm!? 3. Let me use my big bore piston on your big barrel! 4. Would you like to hit my powerband!? 5. I'd like to tap that off the limiter. 6. Baby, my bike won't be the only thing screamin tonight! 7. Baby, you make me wanna blow my top end! 8. Hey baby..nice set of hubs!! 9. Would you like to test out my Pro Circuit Pipe!? 10. Can I fill your petrol tank!?
scared of.
enduro, motocross, and paragliding
happiest when
at enduro, motocross, or flyin
ENDURO One goal, one vision, one dream to become pro and do what it takes to beat one person, i am going to do it to prove everyone wrong, i will do it, people say i dont have the guts, drive and determination to do it, if you want to be the best and be able to look back at the rest, then you need to belive in yourself, and have no pain barrier to come up against on ur journey, which you will put sweat and blood into, if you are lucky then there will be no injuries to stop you, its partly the bike, but if your truthful to yourself you know its down to you... just remember its four things only... LIVING, RIDING, RACING, WINNING >>> ENDURO AND MOTO-CROSS FOR LIFE

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    6. would u fuk me?
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    18.R u gona put this on ur blog and c wat i say bout u?
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  • plz do x.

    wat do u think of me?
    D0 Y0U...
    [_] Love me?
    [_] think im fit?
    [_] want to kiss me?
    [_] want to cuddle with me?
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    HAVE Y0U EVER...
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    ARE Y0U...
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    [_] thinking bout me?
    [_] going to copy this so that i will return the favor

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  • motocross

    Motocross is not a thing that we do to be popular, make money, or get the girls/guys, but it is something that we do for the love of being on a dirt bike and in the air. Those who have never woke up at six in the morning to go get ready for practice just dont understand. The countless hours all of us put in to this sport is not because we want to be famous, but because we love it. You will never have a bigger addrenaline rush than lining up at the gate with 40 riders next to you, all wanting the same thing, to win, and not only that, motocross is also rated as the worlds most physically demanding sport and takes its toll on the riders heavelly . We all know the risks we are about to take when we ride, but that's what makes the sport so great. If there wern't any risks involved, anyone could be a pro. All of us know that we probably will never ever be as good as BUBBA or MILSAPS but we try any way. It is not just catching a football or hitting a ball with a bat, it is way beyond that. Every time we go down to the TARCKS it is like a family. Motocross is not just a sport, ITS A WAY OF LIFE. Live to ride, ride to live tomorrow... and that is just how it is. if you love motocross just as much as i do! put it on your bebo!!

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  • Platze

    coz i came 2nd in the trail class so i had to move up tis a bit gay coz i aint that good of a rider lol x

  • X Kirsty X
    X Kirsty X

    Heyy uu okk? wubu2? xoxox

  • Platze

    hay m8 yh there gd thanx m8 and yh im moving up for the next 1 move to da trail wbu x

  • Pricey

    i actually got mine through , my mum gave me them just a second ago lol so i got loads of sim cards dossin around now lol i only got the T-mobile ones to come through now. how have you been then m8 ? had a good holiday so far ?

  • Pricey
    luv Pricey

    i got my orange ones on monday lol , but i aint got my o2 sims yet lol. (fat yanky bitch'll ge down , mwahaha) lmao

  • Pricey
    luv Pricey

    ello buddy hows you m8 ? doin much at home lol wb x

  • Scorceayze

    alryt yh i live in xmuff now so havent been up honiton latly.. nath

  • Platze

    wikid dat sounds quite fast :L umm dono m8 i think from exeter not to sure x

  • Platze

    yh i spose so same wid minemines got a v forse kit init and my pips just been blown outso more horse power for me wooop wooop i klike fast dad dont though lmao he just like to plod round :L x

  • Platze

    hahah yep u movedup now yh im moving up after kings hill dono what bike ile get :S best still be a 2 stroke i love em but liek 4 strokes haha 3 hours fuk dat i need more practis lol x

  • DickEd

    oh ryt lol :) Erm im good Thankyou :) Erm sorry this sounds stupid but how do i know you cause Dnt reconise out of your pictures. x

    1/6/09 via Mobile
  • DickEd

    Haha lol. which 1's? Hehe :) so yeah how is you then? x

    1/6/09 via Mobile