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James Morrison

"who me?" "yes you!" "couldnt be" .. "then who stole the children from the play center"

3/2/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 80
  • from ngaere .. te pohutakawa
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 2,962
  • Last active: 11/30/12
  • www.bebo.com/musty_morrison
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About Me

nothing smells like a musty
Me, Myself, and I
hi im James Morrison/Musty and i like stuff
yea soooo i love eatin cerial while im watchin cartoons nd if u dont then u r a really silli person !!!

man i am so bourd at the moment lol it kinda figures since im on bebo ae haha .. oo nd if u havnt figured um mi display pic is one ov van morrison's elbim covers nd it rocks lol .. o yea mi cell is
0274068295 / 02102331794

------/\,.-------Put this on
---<@ )--------your bebo if
-----("""""¬¬/\---you know someone
------\____/---who has been attacked
---------||------by chickens

shame sean nd james nd scott nd me .... we all got attacked bi chikens lol

o and my msn adress is

and finaly GO TEAM JAMES
pink floid, meat loaf, the beatles...prity much just all clasic rock but best of all QUEEN. queen are the best ever but another music hero of mine is weird al. werid al does piarities of other artists and is the funnest guy ever.. nd breakfast club bi dj-ztrip is mi fav song haha
i love film .. cept 4 real slow 1s .. unlees they actually make u wanna think
my sport is simpy soccer and alot of people would call me a pussy and i probly am lol and thats y i useto play tennis but that got old so soccer is my thing. o nd i love ta watch netball .. who wouldnt
Scared Of
bees but im probly most scared of big black guys but only if i dont know them.insect repelent and long grass also are scary because i am elergic too them oo and Mr smith he fully a freak man i hate him!!!
Happiest When
watching cartoons
stay drug free
oi i love wine..nearly as much as i like mirrors lol na jokes.. i love wine more

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  • me nd me

    Full name:james francis morrison
    Age: 19
    Mental age: lyk 13 lol but who lyks ta party
    Birthday: 21/8/1990
    Eye colour: blu
    Hair: um its kinda light brown but neva stays the same lenght
    Shoe size: 9
    Brother/sisters: 2 bros
    Who lives with you: um who evas house im in at the time(or mi car)
    -------------HAVE YOU EVER-------------
    Been so drunk you blacked out?: regretfully way too many times
    Missed school because it rained?: i dont go to school any more
    Put a body part on fire for amusement?: yea a few times
    Been hurt emotionally: definatly
    Kept a secret from everyone: um .. not every1
    Had an imaginary friend: stil do .. his name is ronald
    Cried during a movie? every movie cept pussy palace
    Had a crush on a teacher: yea .. ms jordan .. then again so did every1 else lol
    Cut your own hair: yea i do it al tha time
    Been sarcastic: yea i do it al tha time
    Laughed at sumone with mental/physical disabilities: yea man that kid craks me up .. wat an imbreed!!
    Slept with sum1 when they were seein sum1 else: yea honestly i have .. altho she ddnt tell me until tha bf was hunting me down haha (i kikd his ass
    Been sick on yourself: no i love me
    Regretted doing sumthing: regreted not sleeping wif sum1 .. thats about it
    Had a tattoo: yea iv got chinese letters and a family design
    Slept with a relative: u gota b kiddin
    Did you have to think about dat: .. no
    Been caught doing sumthing ud rather keep private: haha na im loud nd proud lol
    Shampoo: whats shampoo?
    Shower gel: u can get showa gel??
    Colour: green
    Day/night: both .. i dont sleep
    Summer/winter: winter
    Advert: um? i hate them all. advertising=brainwashing
    Ice Cream: classic vanilla
    Subject: ECE
    Fave person to talk to online: Eman she is a sexc beautiful woman
    -------------RIGHT NOW------------------
    What are you wearing: nothing
    Hair: um loose lol
    Feeling: sik ov this blog shit
    Eating: every type of food u can think of
    Drinking: wine, wiskey, beer, bourbon, vodka and finally a mix of all of those in a big cup
    Thinking about: this weeknd
    Listening to: 90.8 radio hauraki
    Talking to: no1
    Watching: dragon ball z im up to epasode 135
    -------DO YOU BELIEVE IN-----------------
    Your friends: yeah
    Santa Clause: i stoped bleavin yesterday
    Destiny/fate: no
    Angels: well iv met a few ov dem so yea i gues i do lol
    Ghosts: yeah
    ------------------FRIENDS AND LIFE---------------
    Do you hav a boyfriend/girlfriend: well i sorta have a few but no real definate girlfriends
    Like anyone: Eman .. this hot girl from up north
    Who have you known the longest out of your close friends: sean bro m8s 4eva ae cuz
    Whos the loudest: tim holand / drunk amanda and normal jodie
    Whos the shyest: ji mickiey
    Whos the wierdest: me probly haha
    Who do u miss right now: aint it obvous .. tha weed that i finished a lil wile ago and dont have anymore left
    Who do you go to for advice: um mi mum or tony .. or sean
    Who do you cry with: ne1 lol
    Whats the best feeling in the world?: tripin out on weed, partypills, tripster pills and pain pills (man that was a crazy night)

    0 Comments 318 weeks

  • anotha 1

    1.Wud you hug me?!
    2.Wud you kiss me?!
    3.Wud you fuck me?!
    4.Wud you go out parting wiv me?!
    5.Wud you be my frend?!
    6.Wud you kick my arse?!
    7.Wud you go out wiv me if I askd u?!
    11.Are we frends?!
    12.Are we enermys?!
    13. Are we best frends?!
    14. Am i hot?!
    15. Am I sweet?!
    16. Am I crazy?!
    17. Am I luvable?!
    18. Am I funny?!
    19. Am I annoyin?!
    20. Am I phsyco?!
    21. Am I daring?!
    22. Am I a good person?!
    23. Am I mean to u?!
    24. Am I a fun person to be around?!
    25. Am I a good friend to you?!
    26. Do you luv me?!
    27. Do you hate me?!
    28. Are you goin to put this on to ur blog to see wot i say abwt you?!
    29. Ne thing to say b4 Ya Go?!

    1 Comment 318 weeks

  • do it oi!!!!

    Dear jaMEZ!!!

    You have a cute_________.

    You make me __________.

    You should ___________.

    Someday I will _________.

    You + me =___________.

    If I saw you now I'd _______________.

    I would build a ___________ just for you.

    If I could sing you any song it would be ______________.

    We could ______________ under the stars.

    My love for you is like ______________.

    Love From,

    (P.S. ______________.)

    2 Comments 324 weeks

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