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Your Best Shag

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  • Female, Luv 204
  • from Bromsgrove
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: January 2007
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

Just Another little Limey Girl..;)
Everythingss Just Ixiey :)
Stickss and Stones may break my bones,
But your games will never hurt me :D ..x


>>>> Without them life wouldn't be worth living!

Bromsgrove Prep Senior School
TC <---------------- and don't you forget that ;)

The best image created in the world is your eyes..:D
The Other Half Of Me
Zoe Quinn

Zoe Quinn

Shee&#39;s ary&#39;t laugh :)

Lottie :)
It's been 4 years :D
Your My best friend, Your like a little sister too me!, I love having you around. Your always there for me.
Your Fabulous in every way chickk. Never change!
Fliss &lt;3
I haven't known you very long..but it feels like ive known you years!..
You make my day! and always make me smile!.
I Love you so much :)
You make me laugh :D , Your always singing, dancing and jumping around!
Ever i need anything your there and i will be for you too :D
Party Buddyyy :P
Zoe :D
I Love you so much, we've been through some SHIT.
but through everything you've been amazing!. You listen to me when i CONSTANTLY moan about that special someone and your always There for me when i need you :D x
Poppy ;P
Poppy chickkkk!..Out of all of my beautiful girls, ive possibly known you the longest..living next door to you when i was a baby and starting bromsgrove in year 5 :D ..I know you've been through alot, but i wont talk about all the shit with sascha cause she isn't worth our breath. but im so gladd you've finally seen the light because your beautiful and bubbly and i love you as you :D
Love you poppy! x
WAC&#39;s :)
I think this one goes to..*Lou, Jade, Lucy, Libby, Emma
 , Alex, Matt*
Haven't known you that long! but i love seeing you all!, you've made me feel really welcome at Worc.
especially as im the 'new girl'. Your also bubbly and lovely! and im happy to be part of *JSS* haha :D
Thankkss guyss Love you :D x

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Ben :)
Libby :P
Hob :D

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  • For Emily 'HER original Idea'..:)

    Mags (Megan-Alice Humphreys). ENGLISH:) , tiny bit irish thanks to ancestors. 2 sisters;) .
    Lots of Cousins:D .Bromsgrove school-it's a joke:L . Friends + Eastenders:) . Dark! it's Scary. Alcohol, where would the phone be without it?. Partys, the hight of social fun:L . Boys, Girls erhh to bitchy!!. Bed, how could i possibly live without it!?. Phone Sony Ericsson w910i:D . Emily + Lottie, Without them..well it doesn't even bear thinking about. Shopping, Newlook, Primark, unique, mk-one:) . Chocolate!-a serious weekness. Dorito's and beer;) . Dvd's..Devil wears prada + Wimeldon + Save the last dance. Laptop, on it 24/7. Camera, How you going to remember things without it?. Kissing..im shit at it, but its fun:L . Books, I Love Them!! never used to! but do now:D . Hoodi's Wow! there soo comfy:) . Pyjama's come on!! where you going to find any set of clothing more comfy??. Home, it makes me:) . India! best place in the world [horn raves:L ]. London, pure amazing. New York..i havent been but trust me im going:D . Rollercoasters..there so cool:D . Summer its warm:D . Specsaver adverts:L . Christmas!! It has to snow on one christmas!! i wont die until it does:) . Friends.. The most important things il ever have and the ones il cherish most for the rest of my life:D .

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  • Best Memorie's =]♥

    Sex.On.The.Feild! LOL

    Sex.In.The.Goal!! Hahaaarr

    Asda Portaaa Luuu's!!

    Hannah,Libi,Daisy & Me:
    Sexual Sandwich With Sauce! Wooooh!

    Hannah & Meee:
    They are talking about "Lorrie"
    Waaaah about "Lorrie"
    Dunno Haven't heard Yet!! Hehee!

    Libii & Hannah:
    Megan you know i have never commited any sins in my life.
    "PHOWWWWARRRR" You never commited any sins? My Arse!
    You Can't talk Bum-Chum!! Lmao!

    Did you watch the debate this morning?
    The guy on the right? Did you see his glasses haha?
    And the guys in the middle glasses were Wonky!!

    "I've Never Been So Far Away From Home."
    Petiii Feluuuu!

    "Megan will you marry me??"
    "Oh yeaah Sexaaaay" LMAO

    BBCD [Big Brother Courtneys Desk!]
    Messages On The Desk *Maths*

    C Team Hockey:
    Spiderrrr Piggggg!!

    Robert Finds Us Brushing Our Teeth!
    Robert Finds Us in Bed..*We can explain* Hilarious!!
    We Find Roberts bread down the loo!

    Tractor!! *Pretend to be looking for wild Flowers*

    Awwwwwwww It's Found Love To A Pigeon!!

    Ooooh Hello Beautiful *Mirror*

    Oh i am been perfectly serious sir! I do not think fashion is very important! & i can tell you don't think so either looking at your Tie Sir!! Haha!!

    Ich Shclept Witt Zwei Jungs!
    So Did Your Mom!! Lol!

    Callum,Oscar & Me x

    Me:"You don't have to be so loud Callum haha!"
    Callum: "Don't blame me its your ex's fault!"
    Osca: "Oh shut up that was in yr6"
    Me: Errmm I thought it was in yr7??
    Oscar: no it was in yr6!
    Callum: "Well i personally thought it was yr5 but hey..!"

    Me, Emily and Mr marks!:

    Mr Marks: "Girls Can You Please get on the right side of the feild!!"
    Me: Lmaoo!!!!! x

    Me,Steven & Brett:

    Steven: God I hate Fukkin Shanessa Out of Big Brother!!
    Me: She's a pole dancer,her ambition is to be in playboy!
    Brett:She ent been in No Fukkin Playboy!, the slag!! haha x

    Costumer,Me,Ben & Brett:

    Costumer:Who was that you were talking to about the invoice?
    Ben:My Mom Sue
    Brett: HAHA! x
    Me: omg i cant believe you just said that to the costumer haha!
    Ben:Well she is my mom
    Brett: Yeah but he dont know who ya fukkin mom is does he!.
    Me: [Crackin upp]
    Ben:Well He Does Now!!
    Brett: Yeah He does now!!
    Ben:Well Who's your mom brett?, Yeah, he dont know who your mom is does he!! [starts Poking Brett]
    Me:[In Hysterics!!]

    Brett,Me & Ben

    Brett: Yo ben, stop peaking at my Arse!!
    Ben: Well its that big, you cant miss it!!
    Me: Isnt that a good thing? errrr..maybe not.
    Ben: No Meg, that ent a good thing!!
    Brett: Nahhh Meg, he just likes looking at Mans Big Buts!! thats what he does all day,
    Thats why theres never any work done.
    Me: haha x
    Ben: [pulls his pants down and shows him his but!..Moons him!]Brett: OMG YOU DIRTY BASTAD!! EWWWWW,I FEEL VIOLATED!!
    Me: [yet again in hysterics]

    Me,Brett & Ben Again!

    Brett: Oh Shut up! i cant help it!
    Ben: Buy a belt or something!!
    Brett: Whaaaat? FOR TRACKSUITS??
    Ben: Buy braces then, i dont care, just keep it away!!
    Brett: Well it would be better if you didn't look at my arse!!
    Ben: and it would be even better if you Kept it away!!
    Brett: oh fukk off just don't look.
    Ben: Well i wouldn't have a problem, if you didnt wave it IN MY FACE!!
    Me: LMAO x

    Me & Gav:

    Me: Omg last year of L.S Then Upper School=S Im Scared!
    Gav: Dont worry at least you get a lot more freedom!
    Me: ermm yeah i suppose, 50 weeks left! I counted=S
    Gav: Oh Yeah The Sort Of Thing You Do..x
    Me: It's alright for you!
    Gav: Er Why?
    Me: Your Like Loved!! Im hated up there!!=S
    Gav:loll x
    Me: Your going to be so popular!
    Gav: Yeaah about that, i think im going to have to buy some sun glasses For a descise!=S
    Me: LMAO

    Mr Sutherland,Loui,Fraza and Gav:
    Mr Sutherland: Louis why you not concerntr

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    Yea im gurd thankkii yeh ive ad a cold im back tomoro (Y) ilUu babeyy cakes x

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    (: xx

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    defo. you'd think they'd learn. :P xx

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    Heya. God, you would of thourght those flies would learn seeing their mate killed in the clap but oohh no. :P xxx

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    Meg :D U okayy babe? ilUu x