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looking at my profile... yeaaaaah buddy!!

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  • from fleet
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About Me

the phrase is Lloydy an Gary ;)
Me, Myself, and I

i play footbal 4 hart, M8s no hoo they are

Come and get hey coz no i got bitch ;)
OMG wt a lad! How many memories have we had 2getha buddy? Loads neva 2 many lol but the 1 that sticks out theeee most wud probs have 2 b wen. . . Icame 2 urs wit scott jordi and u You no wt happend that night lol!
Ahhhhhhhh well wt can i say?! Shes like a breath of fresh air:D Lol i love this kid! She makes me smile ALWAYS even wen ur not in the mood and ur absolutly pissed bout sum1 or something no matter she will come and cheer you up! Shes my science n maths pal and if she wasnt in eitha of them lessons them boring! We have had memories like wen that beer went into my face and ervy1 laughed besides you:D I think . . . hmmm lol x Caring, love ya loads katie:D Bes pals 4 eva eva?!
Brooke Tiller! ya lil legde i have had many memories the 1 that sticks out is proooobs wen i had 2 look after you 4 a WHOLE night! what a gr8 bloke i am;) lol nah i do lyk lookin after you:D specially wen ur drunk lol name anything bout brooke i no wt it is :P we are ment 2 be best buds LOVE YOU BROOKE!!
Mr cott cott
I LOVE YOU I WANT YOU. . . lol cottee we have had a few memories but i think wen we always hung around at charlie i barely new u and we sparked a relationship that cant b put out lol. . SICK!
Jess TW
JESS!!!! Omg THE funniest person i have ever met! Wen your down in the dumps and u need a smile actuali the smile the laugh!! Lol her laugh will make ur face from this. . .:( to this :D Oh memories jess memories I do love you:D :D xxxxx
Uncey Moey!!
Silly lloydy lol that wt u always say moey, u are basically the ogre i neva had and i love you for it jus 1 thing do vulchy lol
Are delicious

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  • Best pals

    Gary: Gazza when we met it was a weird confusing time of my life this is becuz i cud see in ur eyes the sun beaming down like a sign lloydy this is ur best bud. I accepted this and decided i wud make you m9. We are now currently married and it could go further i dno. . . Ican trust u no matter what.

    Jordan (Mr cott cott): Well basically i love him i have said it from the start. We dont have fights we gaze into each others eyes everyday. (he dus 2 me but w.e.) He will not leave me alone 4 5 bloody minutes but i accept this hes young n in love shame bout tottenham 3-1 lol. When i am drunk sad happy outragd no matter my mood jordan Arron cottee is there 2 cheer me up and we can trust each other NOm atter.

    Uncey Moey: You have basically been reborn with the name moe. I dno if u accept it as ur new name but itl b this way 4 us lads 4 ever. I can trust you just i normally get silly lloydy or i dno oh a screech. I dont care tho coz ur basically a brother!

    Scott: To round off our friends we have a german,ugandian,english and a lil jamacan. His name can b sparky it can b german but its alryt coz he knows we are joking:D Scott u make every1 laugh even if u dont meen 2 and thats y u are accepted in life

    0 Comments 286 weeks

  • ☆.★_[ BaSiCs ]_★.☆

    ☆.★_[ BaSiCs ]_★.☆

    1. Full Name: Rob Lloyd
    2. Nicknames: Pirate,barny,lloydey
    3. Birthday: 10th december 1992
    4. Place Of Birth: Reditch
    5. Zodiac Sign: sageterius
    6. Male Or Female: male
    7. Grade: Yr 10
    8. School: Courtmoor School
    9. Occupation: gay
    10. Residence: fairmile (the hood)
    11. MSN Name: roblloydey@hotmail.co.uk

    ☆.★_[ LoOkS ]_★.☆

    12. Hair Color: Dark brown
    13. Hair: depends how long
    14. Eye color: dark brown
    15. clothes: w.e.
    16. Height: 6 ft 1
    17. Braces?: no!
    18. Glasses?: no!
    19. Piercings: no!
    20. Tattoos: no!
    21. Righty or Lefty: Right the best ;)

    ☆.★_[ FiRsT's ]_★.☆

    22. First best friend: G TO tHE A RY! and lew and dave and trundle lol
    23. First Award: lol a kick boxing 1
    24. First Sport: footie
    25. First pet: Fish
    26. First Real Vacation: Disney
    27. First Concert: never been 2 1 :(
    28. First Love: i would say . . . newcastle has sorta taken me. . . Joey Barton

    ☆.★_[ FaVoUrItEs ]_★.☆

    29. Movie: THE WARRIORS
    30. TV programme: rev's run
    31. Colour: black
    32. Rapper: T.I.
    33. Band: P$C
    34. Song Right Now: Be with me-J.holiday
    35. Best Friends: Gary,jordan,moe,Lew,sam
    36. Sweet: dno but i love bueno
    37. Sport to Play: Footie
    38. Restuarant: TGI Friday
    39. Favorite brand: Lacoste
    40. Store: Reebok (usa) now that a shop get new york yankees ;)
    41. School Subject: It was history thn p.e. but ima have 2 say. . . English i guess
    42. Animal: Sheep!
    43. Book: BoOoOoOoring!!
    44. Magazine: FOUR FOUR TWO
    45. Shoes: My Footy boots My new vapours soon!

    ☆.★_[ FaVoUrItEs ]_★.☆

    46. Feeling: annoyed as my new name is binlarden
    47. Single or Taken?: TAKEN BRONNERS XXX
    48. Have a crush: Nope
    49. Eating: Ntin atm
    50. Drinking: milk
    51. Typing: Wat u Think?
    52. Online?: Wat U think?
    53. Listening To: wall to wall- Chris brown
    54. Thinking About: y gary jus sent me a link of a girl shittin in a cup then getin in with anotha girl
    56. Watching: nutin
    57. Wearing: School Clothes

    ☆.★_[ FuTuRe ]_★.☆

    58. Want Kids?: ermm boys yh
    59. Want To Be Married?: yeah
    60. Career's in mind: Dont know yet
    61. Where Do You Want To live: Atlanta!
    62. Car: rolls roice

    ☆.★_[ WhAt I wAnT iN a GiRl ]_★.☆

    63. Hair color: natural
    64. Hair length: w.e.
    65. Eye color: dont mind
    66. Measurments:shorter than me
    67. Cute or Sexy: ermm lol both
    68. Lips or Eyes: Eyes
    69. Hugs or Kisses: kisses
    70. Short or Tall: Shorter than me
    71. Easygoing or serious: both
    72. Romantic or Spontaneous: considering i dont no wt spontanious meens romantic lol
    73. Fatty or Skinny: dm
    74. Sensitive or Loud: ermm dnt really mind
    75. Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship
    76. Sweet or Caring: caring
    77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: Who Cares?

    ☆.★_[ Have I ever... ]_★.☆

    78. Kissed a Stranger: ermm i dno :S
    79. Had Alcohol: Yh
    70. smoked: footie :D
    81. Ran Away From Home: no lol
    82. Broken a bone: yes to many 2 count lol
    83. Got an X-ray: Yh corse
    84. Been with someone: Yh
    85. Broken Someones Heart: i really dno:S
    86. Broke Up With Someone: Yh
    87. Cried When Someone Died: dont no sum1 close hoo has
    88. Cried At School: yh! hoo hasnt?! lol

    ☆.★_[ Do I bElEiVe In... ]_★.☆

    89. God: Yeh
    90. Miracles: yh, i got xbox in the end lol
    92. Ghosts: lol yh i guess
    93. Aliens: No lol
    94. Ogres: Yes I am Friends With One! a green 1!
    95. Heaven: Yh
    96. Hell: Yh
    97. Angels: no
    98. Kissing on The First Date: if they are the sorta person u wona kiss lol
    99. Horoscopes: what that?:S

    0 Comments 289 weeks

  • Memories

    Leave one memory of you and me together as a comment in my blog. It doesn't matter if I know you a little or a lot, anything you remember. Next, repost this bulletin on your own blog and see how many people leave a memory about you

    10 Comments 311 weeks

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    yes lloydy

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    Hannah Lloyd

    I just made $42 in a week just working at home! Check it out at - http://x.co/KT7V You will thank me!

  • Radmann
    luv Radmann

    du know how much i actually love you man x

  • James

    you well fit rob ;p uk m8 got picked up 30 mins l8 from training av gd tym at ur 50 year thing :s ly Mc Lover

  • Cameron
    luv Cameron

    ayy loo swing dat ting my way haha x you playing saturday ? whats your number mate ? x just realised im in your top friends , appreciate it babe ;) x have some love x

  • Katiee

    oi robert!! remember tomoraaok love you xxxx

  • Josh

    e lloydy wubu2 m8 ? w.b sfe brudda

  • Radmann

    ey ey lewy! swing dat ting my way!! :L

  • Rikki Burley
    Rikki Burley

    safe lloydy fort id send u a comment aint bin on ur bebo in ages in a bit m8

  • AshOhhliee 1/7/09
  • Your Sum Next Manz.
    Your Sum Next Manz.

    Robbbbbbbbbbb!x Guess whattttttt... iloveYOUU!! :) x

  • Jessica
    luv Jessica

    Chris brown + rihanna YOUR SO LUCKY ring me asap and tell me all about it! love you loads duck x

  • Charley L
    Charley L

    ring me on the mob mate i fancy doing somethin

  • Nathy Boy
    luv Nathy Boy

    u iyt m8 u would neva guess what happend to me .................. i went up to stamford bridge when chelsea were playin fuhlam away and why they were we got a stadium tour we ound out that the players of chelsea had to come back to pik there cars up when they got of the buss i got a pik of the player kalou,mikel all the balack ones apart from drogba so i saw drogba on his own and he said 'if u point the camera at my face u better run and u had better be fast so i didnt but i got a sneaky 1 lol' and then on the way outta the car park i shook there hands like deco ricardo and BIG PHIL, but as essein came out of the car park he was like dont point that camera at me but i did he stopped and was like why u taking pics of me so i shutup and stopped, then i got chucked out of stamford bridge lol myy life over x mas story

  • Rikki Burley
    Rikki Burley

    merry christmas lloydy

  • Lil Miss Giggles
    luv Lil Miss Giggles

    Tues 30th dec come round mine for a night of stupid games and laughs dont make any plans!! This is yuur invite just incase i dont see yuu befdore i'll ring you on christmass or summink and tlk to yaaa x Ly x

  • Katiee
    luv Katiee

    i love you millions xxxx

  • Katiee
    luv Katiee

    Happy Birthday Robert! :D hope you had a good day sweetie, love you loads xxxx

  • Marcello
    luv Marcello

    HAPPY FUKIN BIRTHDAY MATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur 16 mate, gta tak 16 wanks tonite lolol jks jks! but u are legal to do sumthangs man! lololl hpe u had a gd one today mate! happy birthday again bro!! all the best! ciao !

  • Lil Miss Giggles
    luv Lil Miss Giggles

    Its yuur sixteenth tomorow Robert!! Big squeezes and pressies and hopefully no ramming brooke into white boards lol!! Yuu better like the presents after all the umming and arring on what to get yuu! I FREAKING LOVE YUU CHICKEN BEST FRIENDS TILL THE END (: xx