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Jamie Barry


4/8/10 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Birthday:--JUNE 9TH
Eye Colour : <BLUE>
Height : 2 TALL
School : <ST MICKS>
Season : <SUMMER>
Number:<086 YE NO URSELF HAHA>

hey peoples in 6th year wata laugh lyk :P :P biology best laugh ever !!!! cant waiit for the leavin to b over lyk hate seein the boys off and me at school :( :( i wanna go to UL next year its actually unreal :P ricky and walsh will show me the ropes up there lol . playin alot of gaa this year must start athletics id say again :P anyways comment me !!!
wel to be honest i lyk everything ha bt i love the fuckin ra music republican al the way . cant bate it lyk me and rick jumpin round lyk retards on a stage hahaha.....
i listen to everytin tho im lyk paulo nutini and sum hard house wata mix lol
greenstreet. football factory. snatch. dazz. rise of the foot soilders. life .o brother where art thou.SUPERBAD. there 2 fuckin many to be honest lyk......
playin alot of football lately with emmets seniors gettin a few games :)
playin soccer with celtic a team gud owl laugh !!!!
Scared Of
pissy flops aiden haha
not much realy do !!
Happiest When
playing soccer football or training . love bein roun my freinds nutin better lyk. there a deadly bunch ! dunno where id be without all the boys sum freinds wed do anytin for eachother.
saint micks
wat can i say this must be the best school ever lyk. u get away with murder and the teachers are sound lyk wel most of um . u dnt go to class half the time cause ure out tryin to win a trophy for the school bt there hasnt been tat much since wev been there lyk .

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  • national anthem

    The Irish National Anthem
    Amhrán na bhFiann - Irish
    CURFA (refrain, chorus) :
    Sinne Fianna Fáil
    Atá fé gheall ag Éirinn,
    buion dár slua
    Thar toinn do ráinig chugainn,
    Fé mhóid bheith saor.
    Sean tír ár sinsear feasta
    Ní fhágfar fé'n tiorán ná fé'n tráill
    Anocht a théam sa bhearna bhaoil,
    Le gean ar Ghaeil chun báis nó saoil
    Le gunni scréach fé lámhach na bpiléar
    Seo libh canaídh Amhrán na bhFiann.


    Soldier's Song - English Translation:
    (Should never be sang in English)
    Soldiers are we
    Whose lives are pledged to Ireland;
    Some have come
    From a land beyond the wave.
    Sworn to be free,
    No more our ancient sire land
    Shall shelter the despot or the slave.
    Tonight we man the "varna-bwail" (gap of danger)
    In Erin's cause, come woe or weal
    'Mid cannons' roar and rifles' peal,
    We'll sing a soldier's song.


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  • all bout me....

    Ten Random Facts About Myself:
    1. Im tall
    2. I love sports
    3. I love to laugh
    4. I make people laugh
    5.love america cant wait to move
    6. I love going to athletics
    7. i love all me frinds sum ledges
    8. lyk to chill with rick and eva talk shit.....
    9. love saint micheals worst school ever bt best laugh ever poor isiah teacher haha
    10.lyk all all the ra music and johny cash shit lyk tat

    Nine Things I Love The Most:
    1. My Family
    2. My Friends
    3. sports
    4. Music
    5. Summertime
    6. a deadly laugh with da boys..
    7. My mom
    8. training
    9. tv

    Eight Things I Wanna Do Before I Die:
    1. move to America i loves it
    2. go to asia
    3. be famous
    4.be famous for a sport
    5. b rich
    6. get married
    7. go to the world cup
    8. go on hols with all da boys......

    Seven Ways To Annoy Me:
    1. talk bout me
    2.mock me
    3. talk bout my family
    4. being a snake
    5.actin da dick around people
    6. fightin with me on da pitch wen wer on da same team.
    7. dnt annoy me wen im eatin ha

    Six Things I Say The Most:
    1. like
    2. hey there little feller hahaha (eva)
    3. u dwag
    4. ate it
    5. u handicap
    6. hwo are u me owl flower

    Five Ways To Win My Heart
    1.lyk sports
    2. be sound
    3. easy to talk to
    4. gud lukin
    5. not a snob

    Four Favorite Items Of My Room:
    1. Bed o ya til half 3
    2. sterio
    3. weights bench
    4. wardrobe

    Three Things I Do Everyday:
    [Apart From The Obvious.. Shower, Eat, Tlk Etc]
    1. sports
    2. text
    3. computer

    Two Things I Want Right Now:
    1. a girlfreind
    2. snackbox

    One Confession:
    1. i cudnt live without my freinds and sports i wud b lost without them........

    1 Comment 264 weeks

  • all about me...

    View All

    1.FULL NAM3: jamie christopher patrick micheal barry...
    2.NiCKNAM3S: jameo/barry
    3.BiRTHDAY: 9th june
    4.PLAC3 0V BiRTH: cork city
    5.Z0DiAC SiGN: jemini
    6.BOii OR GYAL: boii
    7.Y3AR: 5th
    8.SCH00L: st micks
    9.0CCUPATi0N: STUD3NT*
    10.R3SiD3NS3: hash grove
    11.my space SCR33N NAM3: dnt hav one...

    12.HAiR COLOUR: kinda blonde
    13.HAiR L3NGTH: shrt for nw...
    14.3Y3 C0L0UR: blue
    15.CL0TH3S S3NS3: tracksuits and jeans shit lyk tat
    16.H3iGHT: over 6 ft
    17.BRAC3S?: nope
    18.GLASS3S?: N0*
    19.P3iRCiNGS: 2 ears
    20.TAT00S: none yet
    21.RiGHTY 0R L3FTY: lefty

    FiRST TiM3:
    22.FiRST B3ST M8: kev o carrol in ballygolouge
    23.FiRST AWARD: football
    24.FiRST SP0RT: football
    25.FiRST P3T: D0G
    26.FiRST R3AL VACATi0N: new york
    27.FiRST CONC3RT: some shitty one on denny street in tralee hahaha
    28.FiRST R3AL LOV3: cant b sayin tat...

    29.M0Vi3: theres 2 many to b namin out....
    30.TV PR0GRAMM3: ross kemp . simpsons. lost
    31.C0L0UR: BLU3 black white
    32.RAPP3R: 2 pac
    33.BAND: g unit
    34.S0NG RiGHT N0W: heartbrokin
    35. the boys: murph ricky paudie henry craig henchy costello....
    36.SWeets: strips the red ones...
    37.SP0RT: ATHL3TiCS football hurlin soccer
    38.R3ST3RAUNT: jumbos hahaa
    39.FAV0UriT3 BRAND: nike addias
    40.ST0R3: lifestyle jack jones
    41.SCH00L SUBJ3CT: history
    42.ANiMAL: dog
    43.B00K: i dnt do books
    44.MAGAZIN3: the same
    45.SH03S: nike shox air max's

    46.F33LiNG: tired
    47.SiNGL3 OR TAK3N?: single
    48.HAV3 A CRUSH: Y3H*
    49.3ATiNG: choclate
    50.DRiNKiNG: tea
    51.TYPiNG: this
    52.0NliN3?: OBViOUSLY L0L*
    53.LiST3NING TO: akala
    54.ThiNKiNG ABOUT: SUM1 sexy yum yum....
    55.WANTiNG T0 D0: get up n sum 1....
    56.WATCHiNG: porn
    57.W3ARiNG: fuck all

    58.WANT KIDS?: YUP*
    59.WANT T0 B3 MARRi3D?: Y3H*
    60.CAR33RS IN MiND: sport carrier
    61.WH3R3 D0 Y0U WANT TO LIV3 duno?? new york and i will move there for definate
    62.CAR: a blue one haha

    63.HAiR C0L0UR : ANY*
    64.HAiR L3NGTH: dnt mind
    65.3Y3 COLOUR: ANY*
    66.M3ASURM3NTS: smaller than me...
    67.CUT3 0R S3XII: sexy all the way...
    68.LiPS 0R 3Y3S: B0TH
    70.SH0RT 0R TALL: short
    71.3ASYG0ING 0R S3Ri0US: 3ASYG0ING BU S3RiOUS W3N I N33D 3M T3 B3*
    74.S3NSITIV3 0R L0UD: L0UD L0L*
    75.H00K-UP 0R R3LATi0NSHiP: both
    76.SW33T 0R CARiNG: B0TH*

    HAV3 YOO:
    78.KiSS3D A STRANG3R: ya
    79.HAD ALC0H0L: Ya
    80.SM0K3D: no cudnt b botherd
    81.RAN AWAY FR0M HOM3: no
    82.BROK3N A B0N3:: my knee cap
    83.G0T AN X-RAY: about 20 uf um
    84.B33N iN A R3LATi0NSHiP: nt a long one lyk
    86.BR0K3 UP WI SUM1: Y3H*
    87.Cri3D W3N SUM1 Di3D: ya
    88.Cri3D AT SCH00L: ya

    B3L3iV3S iN:
    89.G0D: no
    90.MiRiCL3Z: >>>>>..*
    91.L0V3 AT 1ST SiGHT: depends
    92.GH0STS: no
    93.Ali3NS: NO
    94.S0UL MAT3S: no
    95.H3AV3N: ????*
    96.H3LL: >>>>*
    97.ANG3LS: ~~~~~~~ *
    98.KiSSiNG 0N THA 1ST DAT3; O YA...
    99.H0R0SC0P3S: there shit...

    100. playin sport 24/7 being with my freinds and with girls i lyk xxxxxxx

    0 Comments 299 weeks

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  • Heather O Rourke
    luv Heather O Rourke

    3days to th big 18 Jamie :DD :DD :DD xxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv April Ox

    do :D :D xxxxxxxxxxxx

    5/16/10 via Mobile
  • luv April Ox

    i cant even remember :P haha how r u anyway? Haven talked t u properly in sooo long :O xxxxxxxxxxx

    5/14/10 via Mobile
  • luv April Ox

    read the old status on facebook i'd say well too long t write out ;) haha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    5/9/10 via Mobile
  • luv April Ox

    Dont worry bout it :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    5/7/10 via Mobile
  • X.Yvonne.X.Maher.X
    luv X.Yvonne.X.Maher.X

    yea my brother was playing! it was defo you like! i was going to shout at ya but i didnt want ya to be thinking i was weird or anything :L :L i was talking to paudraig after.. kerry are fair good :O xxx

  • luv April Ox

    gud now yourself? :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    5/5/10 via Mobile
  • luv April Ox

    ucc haha... Awh thanks hun dat was last nyt :P xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    4/25/10 via Mobile
  • luv April Ox

    Food fights and what not :L :L xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxx

  • luv April Ox

    sorry for not txtn back while ago the day got pretty hectic :( xxxxxxxxxxxx

    4/23/10 via Mobile
  • luv April Ox

    thanks luv :) xxxxxxxxxxxx

    4/21/10 via Mobile
  • luv Amy Griffin

    Ha yea i know what u mean.! i was with my sister.!

    4/17/10 via Mobile
  • Amy Griffin

    Hah yeah it was :)

    4/17/10 via Mobile
  • X.Yvonne.X.Maher.X
    luv X.Yvonne.X.Maher.X

    i defo saw your head bopping around tralee wed night??:L x

  • luv April Ox

    im antartica :D xxxxxxxxxxx

    4/15/10 via Mobile
  • luv April Ox

    the next morning :P freaked! :P jamie u know im cool :L :L :L :L xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    4/13/10 via Mobile
  • luv April Ox

    hey der :) nothin much now urself? Sorry i didn txt back d other nyt full on fell asleep den i woke up at lik half 4 n i was lik too late t txt him back now :L den i watched tarzan haha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    4/12/10 via Mobile
  • luv Stephen Foran

    u playin 2mor jamie??:))

  • luv April Ox

    just went for a walk wit sam :( ... U? Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    4/8/10 via Mobile
  • -Tinaa.
    luv -Tinaa.

    ah bad buzz we don't Have It till wednesday. or thursday i Dunno. Yeah i am friday and saturday Nyt x X

    4/8/10 via Mobile