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Celtic fc

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Craig Rafferty ;D
Raffy :)

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Celtic Fc ;)

Kay (L) Love her more than anything x(yn)

To The Hubby <3
Hello Gawjuz, Right where do i start wie you babe =). Your jst such an amazin guy, You kno i love you for who you r nd i neva wnt you 2 change anyhing, you know that you mean the world 2 me babe, I reali do hate it when im away from you gawjuz it jst makes me feel so down :( nd i miss gettin hugs off you when im cold aswell, But as soon as i see you i jst feel so much happier :D . Nofin feel the same when im no wie you some how, Reali hop i neva lose you eva babe jst wnt 2 be wie you a.a.f. We jst get on so well nd always hav goood laughs when we r together, I Love Everything about you nd neva wnt anything 2 change between us x. a.a.f ~ Kay <3 Craig ~ n.m.w, I Love You So Much Gawjuz Always <3 x x x x
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Kay Atkins

Kay Atkins

<3 The Wife <3 Love Her So Much x.29/7/08.x

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  • Camy Tait
    Camy Tait

    hello dear I see youve past your test lolz, wee grey mazda with blacked out taillights aye? lolz, keep your eye out for a wee dirty grey 06 corsa covered in stickers and, might have a roof rack sometimes not lolz, I always park in the vue car park opposite marks and spencer lolz hope all is good oin the hood for ya :P

  • Jondominator

    awryt buddy john says ur no aloud ti cum doon n get tyres lol n am mibi gettin a 1988 2 litre celica gt 80k genuine miles <3 insurance is only a grand jus needty c if ma dad will pay it n al pay him every month so mite be on the road soonish <3333 x

  • Scott R
    Scott R

    nothing much eh, jus looking for a new job n playing call of duty haha where you working these days??

  • Jondominator

    awryt buddy nah no yit buddy next monday it is :D u oan the road yit? xx

  • Scott R
    Scott R

    congratulations, you excited?? yeh im not too bad eh wot you been doin wiv yourself??

  • Camy Tait
    luv Camy Tait

    when it is mate, be careful there is alot of looneys on the road out to get cha, av got a backbox on ma car and everyone thinks a want to race, a dunno if you knew but a had an old rover 25 for a while, a wrote it off coz sum cunt passed me on the hard shoulder cut me off and braked, which made me skid and flip my rover over a barrier and down an embankment, and its coming off ma insurance, coz the police cant find the twat that dun it to me, just be careful mate, thats all am saying, look out for a grey 06 corsa with a backbox hanging off it, haha see ya laterz mate

  • Jondominator
    luv Jondominator

    awrytttt sonnnn :D a shud be on the road next friday :D but if no then it will be like the next agen week or suhin :D :D x

  • Charlene C
    luv Charlene C

    Hey im gd nt bn up 2 much wat bout urself hows kay doing no sn use 4 ages gt ur asses threw 2 see me lol x

    6/17/10 via Mobile
  • Jondominator

    aye al absolute smoke yi !! x

  • Jondominator

    al smokeeee ur car ;) xx

  • Charlene C
    Charlene C

    Im gd hows u u sn sean lately x

    5/28/10 via Mobile
  • Kay Atkins
    luv Kay Atkins

    I LOVE YOU xxxx

  • Kay Atkins
    luv Kay Atkins

    Thanks for everything babe :)) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kay Atkins
    luv Kay Atkins

    More love xxxxxxx

  • Kay Atkins
    luv Kay Atkins

    Love for my babe :) xxxxx

  • luv Danielle Morrison

    Aww thats gr8 :D yeah i've been good to?. what you been doin with yourself?. XxX

  • Shizzle

    lols and ii dain not to bad mate cheers :) hows scotland dain fur yi ? x

  • Shizzle

    Lol u wernt oan msn so cudni let yi Ken m8 x

    4/11/10 via Mobile
  • Danielle Morrison

    Hey stranger :( how you been? miss you's all !. X x

  • Gavin Hastie
    Gavin Hastie

    nut roseburn hw