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Elisha Réamonn

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  • Female, 29, Luv 18
  • from Dublin
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
And from the time I was only six years old I never forgot what I was told.
It was the best advice that I ever had, it came from my wiley dear old Dad.
He said: "Sit down punk, I wanna talk to you and don't say a word until I'm through. Now there's a time to laugh, a time to cry, a time to live and a time to die, a time to break and a time to chill, to act civilized or act real ill. But whatever ya do in your lifetime, ya never let a MC steal your rhyme"
So from sixty six til this very day, I'll always remember what he had to say. So when the sucker MCs try to chump my style I let them know that I'm versatile. I got style, finesse and a little black book that's filled with rhymes and I know you wanna look.
.....So that's how i try to live my life. I grip it and I rip it.

Willy Wonka?
Johnny Wanker.
The Other Half Of Me
David Walsh

David Walsh

Makes me happy as all my Christmasses come @ once

All types. Really. used to hate country&western and Dance but have since found plenty from these types i like. Queen prob favourite band. & Love Pixies...Stone Roses....Hate tacky rap & hardcore teeniebop rubbish.
Most kinds....Some like it hot....Spirited Away....Zoolander....Anchorma
 n....The producers (old version)....Snatch....Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Both versions)....Withnail & I....Tarantino's films. 'The Mexican' is probably the worst film i have ever seen, though 'A walk to remember' with our Mandy Moore was serious bullcrap. And if xXx wasn't so amazing i'd hate that too.
Scared Of
Getting lost at sea, (Turns out harder you pull the sail faster you go.(It's not a brake.)) & spiders. Though I can't bring myself to do anything meaner to them than bring thm outside with a glass and paper. Part from that i ain't scared of nothin.
Happiest When
Playing in snow, watching lightning, Partying, kissing, laughing, cooking, reading, eating Good Food, when ya share with an old or new friend a joke that tickles ya both just right and ya have a moment where you're brought closer together. Watching Liverpool or Ireland win. Mr Staunton seems to be bringing a nice family vibe to the team, though a bit bloody late for Germany in the summer.
Don't like
Bullying, studying what you're meant to be, getting robbed (cept by scummy little kids ya working with and they steal all but ya bus fare-that's jus adorable-no sarcasm), giving up your seat to old people on the bus who don't say thanks (& yet then trip them up and you're in the wrong?), kids with snotty noses, regular people who don't use manners & people who chuck stuff on the ground. And short fucking people with fucking umbrellas. When you say-'would you like some?' and they say 'oh just leave me the end.' Don't do that.

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  • My father, the hero.

    learning innovation unit
    Adrian Redmond, Oscail
    …he answers promptly and succinctly any and every query, that comes his way. He actually took the time to personally welcome each of his MS1 students to his class this year as they introduced themselves. In Adrian's class, no question is too small or stupid. He has a presence in Moodle such that we really feel as if we have our own personal tutor each, not just someone who drops in to answer the postings. This is a man, even with the advanced level of knowledge of education required to lecture, who can still impart the absolute basics of algebra to a fully-grown man with absolute clarity and sincerity of heart. Every answer is clear and useful, relevant and prompt. In addition, there is one for EVERY question asked. Although not having much exposure to Adrian Redmond’s teaching style and only having contact with him via Moodle, you can tell that this is a man who takes his job truly above and beyond the call of duty.
    …..Most of all I have absolutely no hesitation at all when posting a query in MS001, because Adrian really gives the impression that your question is welcome, and not trivial in any fashion …………if he can turn what is essentially a virtual environment into somewhere where people actually feel welcome and encouraged to ask questions and learn, I can only imagine what the man is capable of in a classroom.
    ……In recent times, he has taken over one of the toughest jobs in teaching i.e. teaching Mathematics in an online environment to distance education students. The students he teaches are highly diverse. Most are in full time employment, many have families and they have widely varying degrees of prior formal education and mathematical competency.
    Mr Redmond adapted to online teaching instantly. He has an intuitive sense of all that is good about teaching: he is friendly but professional; helpful while encouraging thought and discussion. In the modules that Mr Redmond teaches students ask more questions on average; students respond helpfully to other students above the average; and students log into their course more frequently.
    His skilful use of this technology has encouraged collaborative learning that is a unique model within the discipline. Students and teachers collaborate in an asynchronous online environment as if they were using a blackboard in a classroom. Specific Mathematical problems have been discussed line by line in this way. Some commentators have said that Mathematics cannot be taught online - these people have never taken a course with Mr Redmond.

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  • ....

    ... being in Oz on paddys day ?! Your a bloody disgrace! Look at you! (LOOK!)
    Have a good one ya hear, and show those upside down bastards how it's done!


    Daragh Anderson 0 Replies
  • I wrote it so you can read it where you are!
    I wrote it so you can read it where you are!

    Sorry it's a day late! Couldn't get to an internet that allows bebo till now (it's banned in college, what a drag!) Hope you're having an absolute ball down under! Bit of shrimp on the barbie and summer bay all the way! Keep in touch girl!

    Tara Smith 0 Replies
  • Hope this ain't you now!
    Hope this ain't you now!

    I do hope that this here fictional baldy representation of you is not of any likeness to you, after your hair-cuttage, I hope you enjoy the look of your new, shorter hair, but also that it keeps you warm during the winter months.

    Yeah, we must chat a proper at some point. Dave and Orla'll be...

    Seadna Long 0 Replies

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  • Grace Harrison

    hey elisha its grace, just saw ur page there, how are you??? havnt seen you in so long, wat have you been up to?? god since i saw u me and robbie bought a house and in july we had a baby boy, aaron!!! hope to tlk to you soon.

  • Karl Markz
    Karl Markz

    yo idoit how the hell, and where the hell are you

  • Elisha Réamonn
    Elisha Réamonn

    No i spell regail "AMAZE AND IMPRESS" but that's onl;y because i'm wrong. everybody in vietnam is clinically insane.

  • Daragh Anderson
    Daragh Anderson

    "I will come to your house and serve you my assorted platter of revenge and spanish cured meats on a leafy bed of garden salad." Ace of base

  • Daragh Anderson
    Daragh Anderson

    Typical *rolls eyes*

  • Daragh Anderson
    Daragh Anderson

    Dont make a mess. Those asians like it clean. Cleanliness is next to cat-liness. cat-liness is next to the salad cream on the right. Yeah, there in the second press. When do you return?

  • Paddy Mc

    september my friend i shall luck forward to it

  • Paddy Mc

    we did it, myself and b did it on sat 23 pints, brendan got pepper sprayed by a taxi driver and i pissed all over brendans sitting room, it all went exactly to plan! im heading to crete this day nxt week for 3months must arrange an uber session wen im back

  • Paddy Mc

    story bud? long time no chat. how long more u going to b putting shrimps on da barbie?

  • Daragh Anderson
    Daragh Anderson

    rar rar rar

  • Aras Chronain
    Aras Chronain

    Céadaoin - Domhnach (Wed - Sun) Seisiúin Ceol / Music 9.30p.m Ta failte romhat / All are welcome (over 18's) to come and join in, bring your instrument or sit a listen, have the craic Imeachtai - Events Check out - www.myspace.com/ceolbeoacousticroom Let us know what gigs / acts you would like to see in Aras Chronain? Slan Go Foil Elisha

  • Karl Markz
    Karl Markz

    hey don,t know if your back home yet but beers in the village on wednesday me and brian are in