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MAR Heaven! United States
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
This band is dedicated to the one and only Alviss *Winks*

The cold figure of MÄR, Alviss is the one who brought Ginta into MÄR-Heaven. He joined the Cross Guard in the 1st War Game and grew fondness toward their leader, Danna, with whom he shared the very same goal for which they put their lives at risk, to fight the Chess and protect MÄR-Heaven. This pure courage, however, got Alviss further than he could ever have expected even in his wildest dream: Phantom also chose him as one who would reside in the dreary future of MÄR-Heaven... in the form of a Zombie-tattooed undead. For years Alviss lives under the looming shadow of this most unwanted tomorrow, and recluses from opening his heart for others. However after meeting with Ginta, Alviss starts to change and finally, stands up facing destiny in full height in order to realize his lifelong wish, the banishment of his hated enemy Phantom, riddance of the curse Tattoo, and peace attained for MÄR-Heaven. A Guardian ÄRM user.

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  • ~Alviss' ARM's~

    13 Totem Pole: Alviss's main attacking ÄRM, a Guardian ÄRM. Given to him by Gaira. It has the following forms;

    Rod Mode: The guardian becomes a long staff used as a close range weapon.

    Guardian Mode: Causes one or more giant totem poles to erupt from the ground. They can also separate to fire each section at their opponent.

    Ring Dagger: A ring weapon ÄRM that becomes a dagger. He uses it to activate the Gate Keeper Clown, and is later seen on Alviss' finger, though he does not use it in battle.

    Guardes: A weapon ÄRM that creates a large shield with a cross on it.
    Caged Bird: A Darkness ÄRM that traps someone inside a cage and turns that person into a bird.

    Gate Keeper Clown: The Dimension ÄRM that brought people from other worlds to MÄR Heaven, broke after fulfilling its purpose. It has also been stated during its first appearance it determines the number of people who can come though by the roll of a dice.
    ???: a key, but is in fact an ÄRM with the power to undo the Zombie tattoo curse.

    A Baoa Qu: A guardian ÄRM that brings out a skull with its lower jaw attached to a sharp, arched claw and on where should be its cheeks two 3-piece claws. When the user activates it the 4 parts will separate and reveal a giant malicious eye which, when catches sights of the opponents, will trap them inside a glass ball and detonate from within.

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