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A Classiic Kutiie

Dang.....my biirthday iis iin 3 days.! And ii have nuthiin plannd.!....wat da fuck.!

8/13/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

ii am liiviin && lOviin liif3 2 da fullest!!
Me, Myself, and I
ii mean..wat can
ii say...
mii pplz..
well, im nt bout 2 sit here n write a paragraph about everybodii cuz dat take 2 long bt iff ii give u a shoutout u a 1of a kiind friend 2 me: bambii, kiiana, dontiia, sana, ty
 ler, clara, sierra, sierra s, kayauna, naayama, kiiara..

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  • A POEM THAT I WROTE MYSELF.i dont have a title yet but im thinkin about UNSPOKEN.(help me w/a title)

    some days i love u
    some days i dont
    some days i hate u
    some days i wont
    i will always be your friend
    forever until the end
    when people dogged me
    you had my back
    as i sit and think about it
    i have your back
    ten times harder
    then you have mine
    sometimes i think
    that you are legally blind
    blind to see
    that i am always hear
    i will alwayz b near
    your heart
    that's why we will never be apart...............
    you are like my brother
    my bestfriend................
    what else is there to say
    you stand by me everyday...........
    but our friendship,
    is like a golden token.......
    but there is still some words,
    that remain unspoken....................

    12 Comments 288 weeks

  • living life

    man...........life is 2 short 4 da bs!!!!!!!imma live life, do me, learn, and have fun!!!!
    i reallii cant belive that im bout 2 go 2 high skool n a couple of more months...
    time is reallii flying by fast......
    n i realizied that life is 2 short 4 da bs....
    im juz trynna have fun and live life 2 itz fullest..........
    all da drama datz n mii life from this
    point and backwardz, iz left behind!!!!

    i no i got alot of ppl dat i call mii bestfriend/sista
    but these are the ppl that i can trust and dont
    hope not 2 lose n the future.
    these ppl mean alot 2 me.........
    cuz i feel like they r the 1'z who will alwayz
    b by mii sode wenever i need them.......
    the nxt few months i have wit these ppl,
    IM HAVIN FUN.......f*&k da bs...........

    it is wat it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!ya feel me!!!!!!!!!!

    0 Comments 290 weeks

  • mii 8th grade year!!!

    well, i reallii hope i have fun mii 8th grade year. i reallii dnt want no drama cauz i reallii aint trynna go off on nobodi. mii 8th grade year iz alreadii gettin off 2 a gud year n i dnt want nobodi 2 mezz dat up. ppl can tri 2 styll da spot liyte from me but datz ok cuz ppl gon alwaiz try 2 joc mii tsyll but datz all gud. i reallii cud carelezz about otha ppl. az long az i do wut i gotta do 2 make it thru. a lot of ppl mai think im 2 n2 mii self or that i have thiz nonchalant attitude about miiself but thatz not the case. i am a reallii kool, smatr, and intelligent person. so i juz wanna have fun mii 8th grade year!!!

    0 Comments 304 weeks

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    thnx 4 acceptn me bib, very appreciative >.<

    6/14/08 via Mobile
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    dassWUSSUP derek. See yuDERE//Love yu

  • Nii-Kee

    Boi.Boi im so Madd tht iAint get a chance teww Graduate Wiff yall. iLuhh so much Good Luckk in High Skool Boo[Noo Pebbles]

  • A U T U MN
    luv A U T U MN

    Hey siister.!.and iikR. . .lOnG tiime nO txt.!.we gOtta start bacq`. . .but iiMiisS yOu 2 hun.!

    4/27/08 via Mobile
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    3/27/08 via Mobile
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    showin luv

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    Awwwl...Bestii3.. ii FeeL So Special..Thankx For Dat shout Out Babe..Luv Yew Tew... and yea ii Do WiiSH ppl Would STOP Being So Quick 2 Judge Me.. But it Otaii Let Dem Think Wat they Wanna Think... ..====>Mrs.Edge<====.. Luv Yew Bestii3....!!!

  • I'M So.InLovewithhimthat Its
    luv I'M So.InLovewithhimthat Its

    hey bestii-friendy!!! sorri we havent been tawken lately...ive been goen through so much shit with my fam.>>>itz insanity