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Eric Tang


5/17/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Electric Eden
    Electric Eden

    haha i catch bus at your stop your so different :L

  • KKa.

    lol HAHA I was really dizzy so I was walking to sit down near the water place~ you knwo how it's next to the ocean (: and then when I was walking back I heard someone screaming OMG SHE'S GONNA JUMP! save her..and I turned around and gave a look == HAHA that's cause your tall MAN!what are you now 180?!

  • KKa.

    lol yes yes ^^ I went to a friends birthday party and it was at luna park..=] and right now I can still feel my head spinning >< wahh TT ^^ can't believe I'm in year 8 =)

  • KKa.
    luv KKa.

    WOWOWO (: thank you thank you ^^ eric soo nice :D have a love back man ^^ =] how's your holidays man??

  • KKa.
    luv KKa.

    FIRST LOVE AND COMMENT OF 2009~ you should feel SPECIAL :D

  • Fuzz

    ericc hows stufff havnttt tlked HUH? so hows high skool btw wat high skool u go to

  • KKa.
    luv KKa.

    lol ABIT...according to my little undercover spies you grow ALOT.. measure youself man~ :D ^^ lol Oo I see I see haha but tell me when you do :D I wnated to go to your wedding man I can be your maid of honour :D MWAHAHA

  • KKa.
    luv KKa.

    your older then me ^^ keke :D oldie oldie~ :P keke :D ^^ na nah jokes :D I heard you grew taller..how tall are you know? it amazes me.. :) MWAHAH I am very happy about it ^^ when you get a girlfriend or like someon you better tell me :D teehee~ ^^

  • KKa.

    keke :D THANK YOU~ MWAHAHA I have finally entered the world of the TEENS ^^ :D cheese~ and and ^^ I got a call from that guy I like ;) MWAHAH I'm a happy person :D

  • KKa.

    PUAHAHA~ tomorrow is a special day.. and if you dont remember what it is I shall CRUSH your bones into peices~ ^^ (: yes

  • KKa.
    luv KKa.

    cause you please do my blog honey~~ the new one :D christy~ism :) keke ^^ please~ and thank you :) haha have a love~ :)

  • KKa.
    luv KKa.

    HHMMM~ mines good :D keke ^^ I tried making a BIG get together...but everyone was available at different time :( so sadly it didn't work >< haha~ sinlge keke ^^ MEEE :D keke ^^ no I dont have a boyfriend but I like someone :D :D :D but he doesn't like me wahhhhh :( but we're pretty good friends and we go out..but only as friends but I'm still happy :)

  • KKa.

    keke ^^ I feel special~ hoho how's your holidays>>? it's like finished now :( WAHHHH grrr it feels like it just started >< WHO do you like? got a girlfriend ;) when you do tell me :) I need to be your maid of honour when you get married :D keke ^^

  • KKa.
    luv KKa.

    keke~~ 3 loves :D thank you~ :D you love me so much~~ love love love love eric loves christy :D

  • KKa.
    luv KKa.

    ahhhhhhhhh!!!! it's ERIC :P keke ^^ heres a love :D because I'm SOO kind :P keke ^^ HOHO no..I'm just always this kind hoho ^0^