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Anna Proctor

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5/16/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 33, Luv 30
  • from belfast
  • I am Married
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Hey all thought i better up date my profile as its been ages, my wee son Ben is now 14mths old cant believe how time flys. Emma my beautiful daughter is now 4, she really enjoyed Christmas Santa was very good to her, she must had been a good girl lol. Not much new with me had a lovely Christmas cant believe that's it over for another year. My sister in-law Catherine is getting married in May this year and i am doing bridesmaid so ill have to cut down big style after making a pig off myself over Christmas lol . Also going to have to sweet talk disco Dave into taking me away for a wee holiday. Well if you know me leave me a wee message if you don't and want to go ahead talk soon love me xoxoxox
The Other Half Of Me
David Proctor

David Proctor

Long time love !!!!!!

sugarbabes, girls aloud, james morrison, mariah carey, anythin thats easy listen
all the american pies - i luv them, sweetest thing, beaches ( a real tear jerker) bridget jones diary, pretty woman, all disney films, most musicials and a good scary film ie: what lies beneath loved that.
r u havin a fuckin laugh
Scared Of
maxin my credit card - i luv shoppin
Happiest When
bein a mum, goin out with my friends and on my hols and spending quality time with just me and david
Things I hate
Bad Breath, Fake Tan that goes wrong, Fuzzy Hair, Toe nails, Hairy backs and chests, Waiting for the bus in the rain, Hangovers, Bad manners, Nose Pickers, Being late or being let Down, Dirty Nappies, Steak and Kidney Pie, Untidy House , Public Toilets, Flight delays, Rainey Cold Days and cheating bastards.
Things I Love
Hot Summers, Long Lie In's, Bubble Baths, Cosy PJ'S in the winter, Kisses and Hugs from my babys, Long girlie chats with my bessie mate (Ange) Girlie Films, Good Food. Galaxy Chocolate, colour Blue, Good Nites Out with plenty off dancing, Vodka and Orange (has to be Pure) Shopping for New clothes and shoes , Davids Brown eyes, BBQ 's in the Summer, Lazy days.

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  • Special Friends

    * Special friends are hard to find but in u iv found mine and i wouldn't change a single thing ur perfect by design.
    Ur always very thoughtful, a friend i'm glad to call my own. i simply have to tell u ur the nicest friend iv known. u listen with on open mind and rarely criticize, but ur also always truthful and iv learnt to realize that ur honesty is something on which i can depend on, so if im seeking gud advice, i turn to u my friend. Our special bond, im certain that last always and forever and im really certain that we'll grow old together and so upon this day it's nice to say anew, your a truely wonderful special friend and i think the world of u.


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  • Angela Bingham
    luv Angela Bingham

    Hey chum, I was that busy running after Tinkerbell that I forgot to update your profile :L so get it sorted or else :) . Was good seeing you last night and having a chin wag although half the time I hadnt got a clue what I was even talking about :) . How was David when he got in last night? Alan got in just before 12.30pm I didnt expect to see him to well after 2am or something. Well thanks again for Gracies present I know what it is and she will love it, cant wait to ee her face God spares. I will be in touch before Christmas all being well to let you know how I get on. Nite nite Love and lots of it Me & Gracie xoxo

  • Angela Bingham
    Angela Bingham

    Right Mrs when I am down on Friday night God spares I am going to make you get your laptop out and update your profile!!!! :L

  • Angela Bingham
    luv Angela Bingham

    Hey chum, Hope you got my wee text today about the Winter Wonderland, it's a definate thumbs up so definatley take the kids up Emma and Ben will love all the lights not to mention the Pavlova for you mmmm!!!!! :L xoxo

  • Vicky
    luv Vicky

    hiya anna hows u chum?? what about wee Ben, is he out of plaster?? God love him! Hope u and the family r keeping well!! have some love... xox

  • Angela Bingham
    luv Angela Bingham

    Hey my wee chummers, You've got mail. Love ya loads me & Gracie xoxo

  • Angela Bingham
    luv Angela Bingham

    Hey chum! Get your profile updated :O get with the times would yee :L . Was lovely to see you all on Wednesday. Your house is lovely well after 9mths of living with your granny you would like to think so :) . Gracie fell asleep as soon as I left your house I knew she was getting tired thats why I left too. I thought it was so funny Ben and Gracie taking the bobbles of your tree, Ben bowed his head as he knew he shouldnt have done it and Gracie just held her bobble up proudly and smiled like look what I have mummy :L wee rascal. Well still havng a nightmare with my car it's a long story..... going to have to leave it upto Peug in Boucher and see if they can find the problem as I only drove from Ballygowan yesterday to Sandown Road and the gaskett was flooded again! so as it stands if I dont get the car fixed it's as good as scrap! I could cry :( Anyhow Mrs hope you have a good weekend, take care and hpefully see you soon. love and Lots of it me & Gracie xoxo

  • Angela Bingham
    luv Angela Bingham

    Hurry up and get back on this Bebo thing Chummers :) xoxo

  • Sharon Reaney
    luv Sharon Reaney

    Hi anna, Just thought i'd drop in to say hello as its been a while.....How are is everyone? Kathy was telling me that she bumped into Natasha from school and Denise is going to be teaching your little girl?!! god ow weird that must be.....ha ha ha. Well Nicole is 11 weeks on friday cant believe it felt like it was only yesterday!!! Hope to hear back from you.....Take Care Sharon xx

  • Henry McTasney
    Henry McTasney

    Alrite chum!!!! How you keeping? Im doing ok, finding it hard to look after Bernie & the kids but am hanging in there? You missing me on Thursday & Friday? Im sure that place is a craic a minute without me. Sure leave me a wee comment.

  • Angela Bingham
    Angela Bingham

    Hey Tart! :P Imagine you being Samantha from Sex and the City!! seems right though :L I am a respectful Charlotte I would love to have seen your answers especially the sex one :L . Had Gracie at Baby clinic today they said to take her off the carobel now and to give her the milk only, that Aptamil seems to be great Gracie is screaming like she was anymore seems very settled just the really dirty nappies still but Carobel can do that so I have to stop it to next Wednesday God spares and if no improvement they will look to a lactose free milk! She is 9lbs 6oz and having to give her 6oz in her bottle now she loves her grub! Gracie has to get her first injections next Wednesday so not looking forward to it at all, think mum is coming with me as I dont know of I could watch her as you should have heard the wee babies crying down there today I dont know who will cry more me or Gracie! Anyway see you on Sunday chum, love and lots of it to you, em and ben, Gracie and Me xoxo

  • Angela Bingham
    Angela Bingham

    Hey chum, Go to my profile and read the comment I was meant to post on your bebo instead somehow I posted it in my own dickhead :L . xoxox

  • Angela Bingham
    luv Angela Bingham

    Hey Chum, Everyone had a ball at my grannies birthday she loved it her eyes all filled up when the cake came out and we sang Happy Birthday to her, although it was mothers day and my grannies birthday Gracie stole the show she was center of attention even strangers were over at her :L . She was so cute in her wee dress she was gorge! I got her wee white shoes from Gabys in town size zero and they kept falling off so had to put them in my handbag she will get a wear out of them another day! Well went to the docs today they are referring me to the hospital again! Been there before with all this shit so I know what they will say and had to get my bloods done to test for other things but I was more concerned about asking about Gracie again, the doctor siad to bring her to the baby clinic on Wednesday again and speak to Jackie she is the one who is clued up down there I am going to pull my hair out worrying chum! 2pm is great will say to stace. Love and lots of it me! xo

  • Angela Bingham
    luv Angela Bingham

    Hey chum, Hows you? how was the show the other night with your mum? did you have a good time? How was your weekend? Alan, Gracie and I just went into town today I drove in to get Mothers Day presents and went for our lunch met up with Michael and Sharon for a while was a nice wee day. Alan was teasing me tonight trying to get me to open my mothers day present from Gracie but I want to wait until tomorrow to open it after all it is my first Mothers Day YEAH!!!! Well about getting a wee day this week I have to go to the doctors on Monday for my post natal checkup, Tuesday Mum and I are going upto my aunt sharons new house for lunch and Wed I have Gracie at the baby clinic God Spares so looks like I will only get to see you on Sunday with Stacey chum :( Anyway hope you have a lovley Mothers Day tomorrow and I'll talk to you soon take care Mrs. Love as always xoxoxoxo

  • Nicola Mckane
    Nicola Mckane

    I know I sent Angela a wee message, the wee woman is gorge!!! Ill have to get her a wee pressie! She has prob got so much already. We will defo have to get a nite sorted out as soon as angie feels up 2 it. Would be great to get a wee gossip!!!! Sure u can say 2 Angela and see when she fancies goin :D Take care chick Nic xo