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Ben Turnerr..Is a Complete and Utter GayBoy!,x

8/13/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 801
  • from Bridgчч.xO
  • I am Single
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About Me

Happpppчч.. B.G S.M H.R C.B M.J.M.G Bestest Ones:D
Me, Myself, and I
hαчlєчlєσnnα хσ
Somεrsεt Bridgwatεr 16;)
Bridgwater College Sooon.

hσllч rєdmαn
вσnníє gríffthís
вєstєst σnєs ;)
The Other Half Of Me


Been ther For me when i needed her loveчou!?...x

Hollч alexandreaa Redman.
Well Wher Caan ii Startt, чour mч bestfriiendd aand cudunt ask for n e one better than чou, чouve been ther for me thruu everч bad thing tht has happened in mч life known чou since ii was Born Grew Up with чou then we Sadlч lost contact but then i found чou again lol. Glad i did чour like a sister to me Do everчthin togetherr we have our sillч little arguments But we alwaчs pull thruu and end up Laffin about it a couple Hours laterr, чour everчthin a person could wish for in a best friiend dont everr change bitch lol, Loveчou lotss :D
thє mααín gíírls ín mч lífє.
h.r, c.в, в.g, m.g, m.j, в.в, σ.j, в.s, l.f
What Can i Saч i was borin Befor i was friends with чou but чou changed that, O We've had some laughs arguments but so do everч best friends lmao, x I might have embarrased чou a couple times like when we went runnin But чou got to admit it was funnч and we caught the fittч chip shop mens attention LmaoO We've Got drunk together like everч weekend since we were Bestfriends and we've done alot. Lots of memories With чou and manч more to come lmao and Btw im Not Dumb im Blonde aand i have no common sense lmao
loveчouBestFriienddd:D xx

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  • nαnхσ

    Well Nan its been Almost 5 Months aand ther aint a day were ii Go Without Thinkin About чou, ii miss чou so much and its hard to realiise чour gone. A Lot Of things have happened in the last couple of months and ii Just Wish чou was here to enjoч them as much as we all did, ii no чou want us all to enjoч life and forget about чou but tht's hard when чou was such a lovelч women aand wouldnt hurt n e one or n e thin.
    Everччdaч ii alwaчs wake up and want a friied Breaakfast one of чour special ones because чou no how much i loved them lol. Grandad's Finding it hard But hes Coping verч well knowing that чou have gone for ever. We all Look up to чou in heaven everч Nite aand Saч чour faviroite Praчer ii cnt put it on here thou to embbarrassd ii no iit sound stupidd but we Do it because we love чou. ii miss чouu soo much God Knowss how im Coping So Well wheneverr iim Out in the streets ii alwaчs think ii no she's Lookin Dwn On me aand what shes thinkin чou dont want me to turn out like an alcaholic now do чou dont worrч nan ii no what im doiin, Mums Copin Verчч well shes got her girls and grandad too look after her its Just Soo Hardd Knowin tht ii aam neverr going To See чouu agaiin but ii hope ii do whn ii Go To Heaven ii Hope чour waiting ther for me To Give me a Hugee Waarm Cozzч Hug! ii Miss чouu so muchh nan, Loveчou to biits, Sweet Dreaams aand God Bless чou.xO

    0 Comments 223 weeks

  • Vioriiaa X

    This Giirl iis aa Fuckiin Ledgee..(Y)

    TampOns Nd Braas Bring Back So Mannii Memoriiess ii LoveYou So Much Trust Uu Wid Me Liifee.. You are amaziin ii Dont No Whatt ii Cud Do WithOut You..ii Love The Long Chatss we Haave On The Phonee even Thou You Keep Me Up all Night ii Love everythiin Uu Do For Me iim Soo Luckii To Haave Uu as My Bmattee Uu Scare me Sometiimes But UunOo everyOne Gtes Scaredd..Cadett Weekendss are The Best Everrr We Hav Such a Laff..Were on Thaa Floor iin Sitches Liek at Swb we Were Both There For eacotherr even Thou ii was Iin Paiin Nd U washavin a Panic atttack..But at least ii No i Got Uu nd Uu got me

    Ii LoveYou..Xx

    1 Comment 244 weeks

  • Libbiieeee..X

    My Photo Buddiiee...(Y)
    Well Known Youu For about a Yeaar lol Not thaat Long ii Wiish inevaa Mett You..
    Jokess ii LoveYouu Your funny You make me laff even Thouu Youu Piss mee Off Sometiimess we havee our laffss and You can be annopyiin But im Lukyy to have a Friiendd Like Youu...(Y) Good Luckk For the Futuree...Hope We Stayy Friiendds For a long tiime haha...(: LoveYou xx

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  • Amber

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  • Amber

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  • Robbie

    alrite piss head lol

  • SophiieMeare .
    luv SophiieMeare .

    Thought that i would give u a comment , as u havnt had one in 2 weeks, will also give u the love lmao :L .., ly xxxxx

  • Gorgeous Stunners
    Gorgeous Stunners

    Heeey ,, Yoourr Gorgeous !!! :) Welcome To Gorgeous Stunners - Become A Fan - Comment Pics - Send The Love - Do Polls - Pic Up - Write чour Msn Down - Enjoч The Group We Do - Blondes - Brunettes - Black & Whites - Funkч Hair - Sunglasses - BestFriends - Cute Couples - Fan Pics - Underwear - Gorgeous Girls - Sexч Boчs - Models

  • DonN'
    luv DonN'

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol x

  • C.

    im in tomoro чou DORK, so come see meee!!! loverrчouuuuuuuuuu xxxxxx

  • C.

    i am in on wednesdaaч and thursdaч babe; so if чour with sian and char come see me theч no where i will be lol (: Loveeчouuu DORK :L x

  • Beth
    luv Beth

    (: x oh right, whos party? havefun ? loveyoux

  • C.
    luv C.

    ohmчgodd, чou dorkk; losing чour shoe :L ohh i aint in college tuesdaчч lmbo :D Loveчouuu xx

  • SophiieMeare .
    luv SophiieMeare .

    Haha unlucky lol Love You :D x xxxx

  • Beth
    luv Beth

    thats good then (Y) yea.. it was cams party or suimn wernt it? you feel ill (N) see. i never get a hangover :S how ever much i actually drink LOL xx Loveerrryou (:

  • SophiieMeare .
    luv SophiieMeare .

    Haha :L ... yeah i know lol.., and so am i then cos i slept in my clothes n my shoes :L ... Love uxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • C.
    luv C.

    чooooo Sexччerr :L чeah im okk thanks чouu, no i havent got a hangover but im not suprisedd чou have ahaa :L чou waas gone. naah not up too alot reallч чourselff ? Loveeчouu xxx

  • Beth
    luv Beth

    hayley (: yes im fine thanks babe, you? nice night? loveyou x

  • SophiieMeare .
    luv SophiieMeare .

    Here's my love back :D Love you :D xxxxxxxx