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Rachel Willz- Thepirategirl

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson!!, Hi, u can add me if u want too!!! lol :D

7/9/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 24, Luv 101
  • from Ebbw Vale
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About Me

The Pirates of The Caribbean, Die Alive!! BLOODRAYNE
Me, Myself, and I
To My Life!!!

My Name is Rachel Williams,
I was Born On 9th October 1988,
Im from WALES!!!!


-o----JOHNNY DEPP----o

I like Playboy and Betty Boop,

Since My Uncle died i'm into Betty Boop so that i remember him for the rest of my life !!!!!

Life Goes On No Matter What happen!!!

I like music, I love my pets at all times,
I like movies,

Listen to music most of the time........
My Favorite movie is all The Pirates Of The Caribbean films,

----$$$-$$$----Put This
---$$$---$$$---On Your
---$$$---$$$---Bebo If
---$$$---$$$---You Know
-----$$$$$-----Who Died
------$$$$-----Of or is
----$$$--$$$---with cancer

My Favorite bands is Roxette, Nightwish, Within Temptation and more
The Other Half Of Me


My Best Friend Ever!!!!!

Roxette, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Tarja Turunen, Cher, Tatu, Avril lavigne, Linkin Park, Nelly Furtado, Enrique Iglesias, Nickelback, Sonique, Pink, Shania Twain, Backstreet Boys, Rammstein, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Cascada, Scooter, Melanie C, Kylie Minogue, Kelly Clarkson, Savage Garden, Maroon 5, Shakira, Bananarama, Jojo, Simply Red, Tina Turner, AFI, Aerosmith, Anastacia, Bonnie Tyler, Gwen Stefani, Enya, Evanescence, Madonna, Kim Wilde, Lindsay Lohan, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Timbaland, Blondie, Deborah Harry, Chamillionaire, Billy Talent, Rihanna, Lacuna Coil, 80's music, 90's music, The Rasmus, Leaves Eyes, Good Charlotte, H.I.M, Panic! At The disco, and much more!!!
I like Pirates Of The Carribean, V for Vendetta, Blood Rayne2, Sernity and Sleepy Hallow, Big Momma's House 2, Twilight, From Hell, Kingdom Of Heaven, Terminator 1&2&3, Underworld, Yours Mine and ours, The Saint, Tremors, Are We There Yet?, Titanic, Ghost Ship, The Prince and Me, MeanGirls, Freaky Friday, The Predator 1&2, Cheaper By The Dozen 1&2, Rush Hour 1&2, Alien Vs Predator, U Me and Dupree, Die Hard 1&2&3&4, World Trade Center, Mortal Kombat, The Mummy 1&2, Carry On's, Police Academy All 7 Films, Mast Of Zorro, The Legend Of Zorro, KinderGarden Cop, True Lies, GhostRider, National Treasure, Double Jeopardy, The Client, The Princess Diaries 1&2, Bad Boys 1&2, Pide & Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Robin Hood, Ace Ventura 1&2, Walking Tall 1&2, Blazes Of Glory, Me myself and Irene, Moulin rouge, Legue of extraordinary gentlemen, Xena Worrior Princess, Flicka, Happy Potter all 5 movies and so much more!!!
Tennis, Volley ball, Basketball, Rounders, cricket and more i am not a football fan because i found a little borin !!! lol
Scared Of
>>Spiders because they creepy<<<
Happiest When:
Talking to my friends, listen to my music, stayin up late and sleeping, Watchin DVDS, When I draw Singers and Actors, I like play with my Pets etc !!!!

____(_, d888888888b, d888888888b)
___, _Y88P_(_(_(________)_)_)_d88Y
____Y88b, __(o__)______(o__)_d8888P
____, d/O\_________c_________/O\b,
______\_/'., ______w______, .'\_/
________/___, _d88b__d88b____\
_______`\_`.__\d8888888b, _/\\/
________, _d88p""q88888p""q888b,
My Favorite Actor Is:
Johnny Depp, Lucy Lawless, Alan Rickman, Nathan Fillion, Avril Lavigne, Kate Winslate, Kate Beckinsale, Orlanda Bloom, Keira Knightley, John Wayne, Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Tommy Lee Jones, Joe Pantoliano, Freddie Prinze Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar, Matthew Lillard, Linda Cardellini, Rowan Atkinson, Matthew Macfadyen, Emma Thompson, Greg Wise, Hugh Grant, Wesley Snipes And So Much More!!!!!!!
The Countries I Like To:
New Zealand, Italy, Finland, Spain, Canada, Australia, Germany, France and mostly around the world much more!!!!!!

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Xena: ?Are you finished with my sword??
Gabrielle: ?Don?t do that!?
Xena: ?This is not a plaything.?
Gabrielle: ?I said I?d get some wood. I didn?t say how I was going to get it.?
Xena: ?You?re lucky the tree was unarmed. You could?ve been hurt.?
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  • Sleeping Sun (2005 Version)

    Sleeping Sun (2005 Version)

    The sun is sleeping quietly
    Once upon a century
    Wistful oceans calm and red
    Ardent caresses laid to rest

    For my dreams I hold my life
    For wishes I behold my nights
    A truth at the end of time
    Losing faith makes a crime

    I wish for this night-time to last for a life-time
    The darkness around me - Shores of a solar sea
    Oh how I wish to go down with the sun
    With you

    Sorrow has a human heart
    From my God it will depart
    I'd sail before a thousand moons
    Never finding where to go

    Two hundred twenty-two days of light
    Will be desired by a night
    A moment for the poet's play
    Until there's nothing left to say

    With you

    Nightwish - Sleeping Sun 2005

    0 Comments 310 weeks

  • Nemo


    This is me for forever
    One of the lost ones
    The one without a name
    Without an honest heart as compass

    This is me for forever
    One without a name
    These lines the last endeavor
    To find the missing lifeline

    Oh how I wish
    For soothing rain
    All I wish is to dream again
    My loving heart
    Lost in the dark
    For hope I`d give my everything
    Oh how I wish
    For soothing rain
    Oh how I wish to dream again
    Once and for all
    And all for once
    Nemo my name forevermore

    My flower, withered between
    The pages 2 and 3
    The once and forever bloom gone with my sins

    Walk the dark path
    Sleep with angels
    Call the past for help
    Touch me with your love
    And reveal to me my true name

    Oh, how I wish...

    Nemo sailing home
    Nemo letting go

    Oh, how I wish...

    Nightwish - Nemo

    0 Comments 310 weeks

  • An Entrapment

    My love, I have tried with all my being
    to grasp a form comparable to thine own,
    but nothing seems worthy;

    I know now why Shakespeare could not
    compare his love to a summer’s day.
    It would be a crime to denounce the beauty
    of such a creature as thee,
    to simply cast away the precision
    God had placed in forging you.

    Each facet of your being
    whether it physical or spiritual
    is an ensnarement
    from which there is no release.
    But I do not wish release.
    I wish to stay entrapped forever.
    With you for all eternity.
    Our hearts, always as one.

    1 Comment 313 weeks

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  • Lillie Vaid

    You have to check this out http://is.gd/DvFBQM

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • luv Christianna

    nope not heared anything about avril lavigne since girl friend think he musics gone down the drain lol really liked her rock till she changed her type of music lol ok lol

  • luv Christianna

    hi good :) yeh its a right pain lol good :) yeh watched film called the road was good and funny people but wasn't that good lol you?

  • luv Christianna

    hi , i'm ok thx you? yeh long time lol not atm lol you? thx :) their all good thx yours? we had a german shepherd cross greyhound pup and shes a little bugger lol

  • luv Christianna

    hi good :) went good thx

  • Christianna

    Hi "Merry Christmas" and a "Happy New Year" how did your Christmas go?

  • luv Christianna

    hi how are u? been upto much? happy birthday for 9th :) have a nice/great day :)

  • luv Christianna

    hi :) i'm ok thx how are u? yeh it went good thanks :) yours?

  • Desmodus Vampyre
    Desmodus Vampyre

    And she is the best Opera singer

  • Desmodus Vampyre
    Desmodus Vampyre

    Hi Can you add me please??? I like mostly everything you like :D

  • luv Christianna

    hi how are u?

  • Garethss Bitcchh X
    luv Garethss Bitcchh X

    Hey Rachh , Hope ur Okayy , wb wen u cann :D Ly x x

  • Hayley Ginge
    luv Hayley Ginge

    hey rach, yea im thanks hun yourself?? feeling a bit under the weather lately, im on fertility treatment to have a baby tho so that might be doing it like. you been upto much? we all planning a night out soon, same crowd as before but jus tha young ones like, blackwood on tha friday, cardiff on tha saturday an merthyr on tha sunday to koolers night club, be in 3 or 4 weeks. let me know if ya wana cum ok, your more en welcome x

  • Garethss Bitcchh X
    luv Garethss Bitcchh X

    Heya Rachh :D Howa Yuhh ? Wa Yuh Been Up 2 ?? R,B Love Yuh :D x

  • Mal B
    Mal B

    im good how r u p.s i love xena i bought the box set

  • luv Christianna

    lol nice :) i love dogs as pets lol lol cool :) their all ok thx :) we got a saberien huskie but he's being abit of a pain 2and half yrs old we bought him cause we wanted a huskie and that but we put him in free ads because he's humping our small male alot and he's abit protective of his food we think if we left him with our 2other dogs he prob kill them by time we get back and we don't want that

  • luv Christianna

    lol :) nothing atm u? its being ok thx urs?

  • luv Christianna

    hi i'mok thx how are u? nothing atm nah i'm not in work atm yeh :) lol

  • Mal B
    Mal B

    thankx for the add

  • Christianna

    Hi how are u?