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Scottish fishing vessels 2007

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
fishing vessels 2007 is about the boats and 2 support the fishing all the way yup !!!!!!

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    If ya like pike fishing or any type of fishing JOIN this group

  • Fishermen's Mission
    Fishermen's Mission

    A team are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in October in aid of the Fisherman's Mission. If you'd like to sponsor us, please select this link http://www.justgiving.com/Jessica-Ki.... Please give what you can, it's for a fantastic cause! Thanks. xx

  • Fishermen's Mission
    Fishermen's Mission

    We have a sponsored Cycle challenge coming up in May to celebrate 150 yrs of fish and chips. Over 3 days we will cycle 150 miles from Stonehaven to Anstruther. We are also in the planning stages to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Sep. Anyone wanting to take part in either 2 please contact me for more details.

  • Jake

    this page rox

  • Cod Crusaders
    Cod Crusaders

    check our page

  • Tracy

    we have had quite a few deaths this year at ardnamurchan, another couple were when they were going a little too fast in the dark and went over the rocks there,

  • Sean T
    Sean T

    scallop dredger sunk out past ardmarachan point last nyt in a force 8 3 killed R.I.P

  • Ross Cerretti
    Ross Cerretti

    arite im looking for a small creel boat has anyone got one or know where to get one.

  • Marcus MacDonald
    luv Marcus MacDonald

    No they wont! Twats that they are! (Unless you pretend to be one of our southern european cousins who can do what the fuck they want amigo)

  • David Ross

    Aye Ruaridh its a joke the now hence why i left the fishing. I did a trip on the Niamh Eoghan in Ireland working 1,500 a day its not easy work. The goverment wont be happy till they have got rid of the UK fishing fleet

  • Ruaridh

    david am we u here. the way these wankers are cutting days at sea no one will be at sea in 10 years time apart fae the pelagics. ive been to the trawl and the creels and 120 stone for your 4 tows youd be laughin. dont qoute me on this but apparently the prawn creelers on the west coast owrk more gear than the viviers the creeler i was on we were haulin 18 fleets of 80. pretty hard goin like.

  • Fishing 4/10/09
  • Ross Cerretti
    Ross Cerretti

    Charlie McBride has been jaied for three months Shocking !!!!!!

  • David Ross

    well if getting 120 stone of prawns for 4 tows aint catching much what is? hardly hard going being at the inshore trawl

  • David Ross

    Its for old men is it?? U ever worked aboard a big vivier crabber? Thought not u lazy piece of shit u wouldn't know what a hard days work was if it came up and slapped u in the face i have been to the trawl 2 but its not exactly hard going spend most the day sleeping. And i aint slagging the sea u tosser so go fuck urself. what boat are u aboard then?

  • David Ross

    i have been to sea since i left school u jock strap get a grip u tool so u ken mare about the sea than i do? like what do u know that i wouldnt

  • David Ross

    What do u know about fishing? U wee fuck wit ur a kid the only swell u see is in ur bath so take a fucking hike u wee brown pipe engineer.

  • Ross Cerretti
    Ross Cerretti

    gurk and the top 2 are fuking wankers bet if gurk got caught in a bit o swell he shit him self he cant call himself a fisherman