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Anarchy Society.

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Me, Myself, and I
"Anarchy is a functioning society free of government controls. That is individual persons operating together in freely reached agreements concluded between individual members and groups of a society. Anarchy is simply a free society."

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  • Why I don't agree with Anarcho - Primitivism

    Jude F by Jude F
    1. We need SOME Technology to help us with day to day life e.g. Ovens , Fridges , heating , Computers and so on.
    2.We shouldn't get rid of factories and other Technological means of Production because then We would have no clothes , Technology etc.
    3.It should be fair so no one can take everything.
    4.Food is needed for survival and if we just collect Fruit/Veg/Meat ourselves it would be much harder to get food.
    1 Reply 183 weeks
  • Lord Syko's attempt at writing Anarchist literature.

    Lord Syko by Lord Syko
    UPDATE 20/03/10: chapter 6 finished.

    UPDATE 03/02/10, new chapter added, apologies for the long pause, I've had other things to plan and write for my own page which you are more than welcome to read if you're interested in me trolling the past decade and reflecting on people whom I have pwned in the past. You will notice that I have removed a few chapters from the contents, this is because I felt that this "book" needed to be condensed a little bit. I will update soon.

    UPDATE: chapters 3 and 4 written and completed, I will write two more soon.

    First of all, I would like to point out that this is just an attempt, if I actually decided to write and publish a book on Anarchism, this one would only be the basis for it, not the finished product. I haven't been able to think of a title, I thought I might call it "Modernised Anarchism" but it sounds like I'm trying to create a new branch of it which I am not.

    Anyway, just for the sake of authenticity I'll start with the contents page.

    1. The state.
    2. Technology and Anarchism.
    3. The ruling class.
    4. The working class of today.
    5. A critique of Anarcho-Capitalism.
    6. The "pipe dream" argument.
    7. Narcotics and Anarchism.
    8. The chaos and disorder argument.
    9. Economics and Anarchism.
    10. The truths of the media.
    11. Marxism and Anarchism.
    12. Punk rock and anarchy
    13. The means.
    14. The ends.

    Chapter 1: The state.

    If we take a hard look at today, we can see that this is NOT the best condition our society can be in. We have the potential to be masters of our own destiny, today we have a choice of what we can say, do, feel, think, and as great as those rights are, we still face one issue which some try to deny even though they know it in their hearts, we are STILL not free. We are brought into this world, shaped into a mere shell of apathy and self-pity, forced to work as wage slaves, exploited and in some cases cast out and forced to find a job which eventually ends the same way, the cycle continues until we die. And who is the culprit of this? You may ask. Who is responsible for these acts of exploitation and subjugation? The answer is: the state, the government, the bourgeiosie elite, but more specifically the state that WE in Ireland and Britain live under. We are told that there are no dictators in the current system, this is a lie. The boss at work is a dictator, he/she dictates whether or not we have a means of production, and even so it isn't really OUR means of production it is his/hers. Consider Microsoft, a big corporation, massive, who gets the credit for building our computers? Bill Gates, but he doesn't really build our computers, at the most he designs them, the engineers and programmers that nobody seems to care about are the ones responsible for those lovely computers that enhance our lives, why aren't they known? The men and women at Microsoft are perfect examples of wage slaves, they created this very computer I'm using to write this at this very moment, I thank them, not Mr. Gates. Many say that the state is neccessary. Why? What purpose do they really serve outside of their own? What interests are they trying to meet if not their own? Do you think the government care about you? We are insignificant, with Anarchism every person is significant to his/her community, you won't be rich or famous, fame, fortune and glory are all products of Capitalism, none of these things truly make us significant. The state coerces us into believing that we need them, but the truth is we don't. In the hunter-gatherer times, people lived in a society with no centralised government, they produced ONLY for themselves and managed to co-exist in a relative degree of peace, this basic concept CAN be modernised and applied to today.

    Chapter 2: Technology and Anarchism.

    This is where things get interesting. When Anarchism was originally concieved, technology was not quite as advanced as it is today. Today we have the aforementioned computer, we have m
    2 Replies 185 weeks
  • Anarchism/Marxism in fiction.

    Lord Syko by Lord Syko
    Give recommendations of Anarchism and Marxism in literature, films and video games.

    Lord Syko's recommendations:

    Fight Club (the book and movie).
    V for Vendetta (the graphic novel and the movie).

    5 Replies 188 weeks

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  • Kyle O'Neill
    Kyle O'Neill

    Hi everyone my names Kyle and i thought i'd introduce myself to everyone.

    Just joined Bebo and i have been a believer in Anarchy for quite some time.Political rule has been biased and unjust towards society for quite some time.The order and control they profess to contain is just an illusion to cover the fact they manipulate,decieve and hide their agenda from the populace.

    As my all time favourite graphic novel character said "I have found another, Lady Anarchy"

  • Joseph Wallace

    revolution is on its way as sure as the sun rises it will happen , the forces of law and order cannot sustain things they way they are , since a contradition cannot stand unless backed and sustained by force , the contradition of goverment treating people and their possessions as belonging to it and subject to it when instead the goverment and all that they claim dominion over , including the forces of law and order really belongs to the people .they cannot sustain this forever wheras we the people both now and in the future will always strive for what must naturally exist :thus revolution is not just a dreamers wish but an enivitable conclusion to the contrived system under which we now exist even the greatest dam in the world must crumble eventually but a river will always flow to the sea and that will stand true for all time those who oppose the natural order will be called traitors to the human race all memory of them will be justly wiped from the face of history

  • CrashBandicootPerson

    i hate the fucking government, such hypocrites, they r defos up to something to be sure. i mean, look at the wars in iraq and afghanistan-fucking phoney wars that make no sense! I respect our troops, but they r being brainwashed into going to these dangerous places to fight in wars which have been created by lies. These stupid cunts (politicians) spending OUR money on second homes, holidays etc and making propaganda enhanced promises that they dont keep. Its about time people saw them for wot they are and to rise up, protest and rebel, its the only way we can establish a fair and just society.

  • Tesla

    in my opinion anarchy is the only real thing out there there is no god no devil or buda watever religion there is only anarchy followed by a slight chance of chaos and indeed i sound like a bad stereotype for punk wen i'm saying this but so fuck you yeah i am punk this is not my nation the guns against my back

  • PunkCammy

    fuck religion n fuck the government no offence to people who believe in religion n that but a think its bullshit

  • Scouting For Underage Girls

    anarchy would be idyllic bliss. if it wasnt for the humans,who always seem to fuck up everything they touch.

  • Lord Syko
    Lord Syko

    Moreover this group is made simply to provoke discussion, none of us have openly claimed to be revolutionaries or have talked about taking action, we are Anarchist thinkers, not the revolutionary group that will bring about change, we have our place and they have their place, there are Communist groups, Democratic socialist groups, Nazi groups, Capitalist groups, are they so hypocritical that one can condemn their entire idealogy out and out? I think not, you can condemn Communists for being too idealistic and you can condemn Nazis for being bigots, but the hypocrisy not so much, as I have said before you can't be a good man in a bad system, we all have to play ball unfortunately otherwise the Anarchist movement will never amount to shit. Our points still stand. Either present a valid argument or gtfo.

  • Lord Syko
    Lord Syko

    At the end of the day, we will go to jail if we don't pay our taxes and abide by the law and that isn't exactly a good way to get your ideas heard now is it?! The hypcocrisy you speak of is unavoidable and doesn't do anything to hurt the Anarchist cause despite what you might like to think. Get some common sense. And I would like to point out that I don't pay taxes and I'm not exactly a law-abiding citizen, but with that said I wouldn't hold it against any Anarchist if they did pay their taxes and abided by the law. Personal safety and all that.

  • Paddy

    At the end of the day you all pay your taxes and abide by your governments laws, hypocrites.

    6/3/10 via Mobile
  • Katelyn

    'Cause baby, I'm an anarchist, You're a spineless liberal. We marched together for the eight-hour day And held hands in the streets of Seattle, But when it came time to throw bricks Through that Starbucks window, You left me all alone. Anarchy ftw. x

  • Jac Mcelroy
    luv Jac Mcelroy

    the whole idea of a goverment is retarded

  • Lord Syko
    Lord Syko

    Well as governments change so does the flag, Germany from the 40s and afterwards stands as a perfect example. But yes, I agree with Rorshach, hating flags means nothing.

  • Rorschach

    The flag hardly symbolises the government. Does our flag change when the political party in charge of our country does? Of course not. Hating flags is a tryhard ideal, it has nothing to do with anything.

  • Lord Syko
    Lord Syko

    So do you think taking away the flag will take away the state?

  • Anarchy Alien

    But the flag is the thing that symbolizes the goverment.

  • luv AL

    our sun will rise again soon, long live the ugt closest anyone got

  • Lord Syko
    Lord Syko

    The problem isn't the flag it's the government that designed it.

  • Anarchy Alien

    Fuck The Flag And Fuck You... -Anti-Flag ^^

  • Rorschach


  • Pimps Against Slipknot 3

    Make that "Pimps Against Slipknot 3" ...