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Danyele P

i feel awsome today

10/21/09 | me too! | Reply

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i dont use this much any more if you leave a meassage or a coment i well get bck to you as soon as
Me, Myself, and I
Feel free to add me: I well add you bck

Im Danyele
nice to meet you all
how are you ?

<<<i well be updateing this site soon >>>

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Horrors, NCIS, SCI, Lord of the Rings, Green Mile, Pirates of the Caribbean Dead man"s Chest
scuba dive, swimming
Like Doing
enjoy going to concerts / gigs / clubs with friends especially at Camden Town. could spend my whole life in the big blue, diving, snorkling and watching the world pass by. hopefully it'll cease whilst I'm swimming past the coral. cinema - oooh I like gore, blood, innards and pyschological games - like most enjoy the net, shooting digital, chilling out to sound

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  • Horro Story

    -Four Views From A Murder-

    View One:The Hunted.

    My killer was coming. I knew that there was nothing that I could do to stop it.
    I had no guns or other weapons to defend myself. A call to the police would be
    useless. They would never believe what I had to tell them. So I took the only
    precautions that made sense. I locked my windows and door and recharged the
    batteries for my cell phone. As I understood what I had been told, if I were
    alive at dawn, the killer would pass me by. All during the day I kept to a
    simple ritual. Twice an hour I rose from my chair and walked to the far side
    of the living room. Carefully moving the shade a bit from the window, I peered
    out. All day I did this. Not wanted to draw any attention, I looked only briefly.
    Carefully I studied the world outside of my ground level apartment. My actions
    helped to prove my sanity. A madman would not have the strength to look out
    only twice an hour. A paranoid mind would constantly be at the window. Any man
    with a demented brain could never, ever have the willpower to look out the window
    only twenty times in a ten hour period. Never was I so precise in my spying as
    to give away my true intentions. My ability to control every aspect of myself
    was the type of fortitude that all men either cherish or crave. Both heroes and
    cowards knew what I meant. After many hours the darkness came as it did soon
    after every sunset. I wondered if this darkness was dissimilar from all the others
    that I have seen since my days of a young boy. Had the sun for me finally vanished?
    I ate very little. Breakfast consisted of cereal. Lunch was some crackers, sliced
    pepperoni and cheese. Dinner was a cheese sandwich and a bowl of beef soup. Anyone
    that knew me understood that this was not my normal eating habit. I did not wish
    to be lethargic from too full a belly when my killer finally arrived. Being
    completely about my wits was possibly my only chance of survival. Even tougher
    than avoiding too much food, I abstained from alcohol. Tobacco was another issue.
    My pipe was lit throughout the day. My greatest fear was the night. Not that I was
    afraid of the dark. I had proven that I could curb my appetite for food and drink.
    Sleep was another issue. Men could live for days, weeks, or even months without
    food. Many even went an entire lifetime without a drop of liquor. Even going a few
    days without sleep would not kill me. I knew that a lack of sleep could alter my
    capability to form lucid decisions. That would more then likely be my demise.
    Throughout the night I fought my inborn need for sleep. When would my killer finally
    How far away was he?
    I wished that I had been given an exact time. Was the person who sent these mental
    messages to me wrong?
    I did not think so. The visions that I had been sent were much too strong and made
    too much sense. The night wore on. Had it passed?
    Was the prophecy inaccurate?
    After what seemed like my hundredth hasty check of the outside, I sat in my chair
    and stretched. My eyes closed briefly . . .

    View Two:The Searcher.

    I knew the killer that I had been tracking had been in that apartment. His mark
    was everywhere. Blood was splattered high on the walls and even hit the ceiling.
    A series of "X's" was carved into the corpse. He had started doing this perverse
    form of body art about two years ago. I was never sure of the reason for that.
    His knives or razors or whatever he used were extremely sharpened for this kill.
    I had never met him, but knew he prided himself in his murderous work. Over the
    years he had changed tactics to try and throw me off his trail. When I had initially
    started tracking him, he used guns. Then he switched to drowning. That did not
    last too long. I could only confirm that two of his kills were in the water. I
    supposed that the thrill o

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    - Shadows In The Rain -

    It was was very late, shadow cast and misty as the rain was coming down in a light steady drizzle. It was the type of drizzle which makes the city relinquish the steamy warmth so overly humid. The rain comes down and pools on top of the valleys of sweat. All from the drizzle and the hue cast humidity that relinquishes ones soul. The first realization that I was not alone was the stench of a smell. It came from far away. Enough so, that it could have been said to be steadily creeping up on me between the rain drops. It finally caught up to me and encircled itself around so that I had to notice the stench it imposed. At once it was a friend and a mystery. It was everything forbidden in abiding and everything I ever seemed to want. Quickly, I turned at a glance to find where it had come. He was leaning against the old rusty gates that was part of a building. From which the rain splatting against the rim of his faded dark cap and sliding down his black leather trench coat. I shivered for several minutes. He never looked up at me. Not then, anyway. Time seamed to stop, as it turned suddenly from a slight drizzle to a hellish downpour. Without looking at me, he motioned with his hand. A shiver went up my spine as if doom was staring at me, as if time stood still. As I slowly walked, with ever slow foot steps toward him, I tried to get a slight look of his face, his hollow eyes. Both were slightly hidden. The warning signal went off deep inside the fear I felt. I should have run as the shivers ran up my spine. I didn't want to go toward him. As the fate I felt was unending. When I closed in on him he lifted his hand, gloved in tattered leather, he brushed the icy cold finger tips over my eyes. Like a web of illusions, I closed my eyes. His fingers slid down to my chin, then to my shoulder then my elbow. He led me into a realm of a geometric world. I don't remember all the twists and turns of the first trip in time, had no meaning here. I don't remember how long it took, or how short the stride. I don't recall anything except the sound of the pouring rain hitting the ground, the feel of him cupping my elbow and that forbidden stench. I do remember that he broke it suddenly, as quick as it started. Not a word he spoke. It was not a word anybody spoke. Instead, it came from beyond the realm of death. In the darkness. I opened my eyes, looked quickly around and saw nothing. I was alone, standing in a small circle of light that captured my fearful soul. He was gone. I did not understand how I could hear commands not spoken. I turned three times, then half dizzy, mindless, stopped. I wanted to sit down, my legs were wobbly from the world from which I came. He emerged from the darkness, minus stench. I was entranced by his being. He held a package out to me until I took it. Mere seconds of an over turned hourglass. I looked at the strange package of which I held. It had my name on it. I looked up to ask him how he knew. He was gone. The command of a voiceless realm came. Again, I was disappointed. I wanted to ask "To whom?". But I couldn't find the courage to do so. Instead I nodded and closed my eyes for just a minute, as time seemed to stand still. The sound of pouring rain was louder then ever before, more intrenched. I opened my eyes to find myself holding a package outside the old iron gates of the building. The man was gone. I was confused. I wanted to see his face, his hollow eyes. I slowly opened the package beholding to me. He was gone. The contents of the package was a scroll. A sign post to my destiny. The future. A lifes ending tale for a mystery in a night of timeless end.

    by Danyele P

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  • Rock ''n'' roll

    _+88____ _________________________
    _++ 88____________________________
    __++8888__+++8880++88____+++ 88___
    ___++88++8888++8888888+ +888______
    ____++++++++000888 888888888______
    _______++++++ +088888888888_______
    ________ +++++++0088888888________
    ___ _____###############________

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