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Elphaba Thropp Wicked

Almost Wicked Day in London and Sydney!

10/26/09 | me too! | Reply

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Im the other daughter, Elphaba, I'm Beautifuly Tragic.
Me, Myself, and I
Im Elphaba Thropp from the musical Wicked. One small thing i have Green skin. My best friend is glinda but her name used to be galinda and she helped make me who i am today i missed her so much the 15years i was away. I have a sister called Nessa who i love very much and she is in a wheelchair and i help look after and we went to school together. I love Fiyero he makes me feel special and always looks out for me. I went to Shiz to study and i love reading and sourcery. I dont like animal cruelty and Dr Dillamond is my favourite teacher. I always wanted to be with the Wizard but it didnt turn out the way i planned. They tried to kill Fiyero but i cast a spell to stop him being hurt. And now we are all very happy!

Remember everyone to always defy gravity, and let no one bring you down!
Idina Menzel (Original Broadway/Original London)
Shoshana Bean (Broadway, US National Tour)
Stephanie J. Block (Original US National Tour)
Ana Gasteyer (Original Chicago, Broadway)
Kristy Cates (Chicago)
Julia Murney (X-Broadway)
Stephanie J, Block (X-Broadway)
Victoria Matlock (X National Tour)
Dee Roscioli (X Chicago)
Kerry Ellis (Current London, X Broadway)
Eden Espinosa (Current Los Angeles)
Shona White (X London Standby)
Cassidy Janson (X London Understudy)
Alexia Khadime (X London)
Ashleigh Grey (Current London Standby)
Donna Vivino (Current Tour)
Marcie Dodd (Current Broadway)
I am limiting my photo alburms, and the section is under construction currently, but feel free to ask about pictures if theres a picture you want e.g "Carmen Cusack backstage" or "Eden and Megans Popular proshot"
Ask For Personnal actor websites!
The soundtrack to wicked with idina and kristin on it is out and if you want to listen to it just listen to my playlist! Wicked karaoke is also available! Newly Released CD by Idina Menzel and also Wicked Die Hexen Von Oz, Kerry Ellis has just released Wicked in Rock which can be brought from the Gerswhin Lobby and will be available in the Uk soon!
Spell to make monkeys fly
Thank you so much grace for my gorgeous skin, eden&kerry love! Even Elphies need agony aunts.
The Other Half Of Me
Glinda The Good

Glinda The Good

together we are defying gravity "popular girl!"

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  • Elphaba's Wicked Facts Take #5

    Carol Kane was in an episode of both "Tales from the Darkside" and "Tales from the Crypt". The episode of the latter was directed by future California governor, Arnold Schwartzenegger.

    -Julia Murney can recite the Hunyak's monologue in "Cell Block Tango" from Chicago from memory. She performed it at summer camp and has never forgotten it.
    Julia Murney's warmup pre-show rituals include a quick stretch, a deep breath, and a reminder to forgive herself for any screw ups.

    Some Broadway actors' favorite Broadway love songs:

    Stephanie J. Block..."Unusual Way" from NINE.
    Kristy Cates..."Feel Like Home" from Faust. She actually used it to tell her boyfriend she loved him.
    Jenna Leigh Green..."Last Night of the World" from Miss Saigon.

    Kristy Cates sings the "I hear some rebel animals...." line in Thank Goodness, and "No one cries they won't return" in NOMTW on the OBC.

    Idina Menzel has said she can't cook to save her life.
    One of her favorite costume pieces is the leather pants she wore as Maureen.
    She's an excellent tennis player with a killer backhand.
    She says she's afraid to talk around smart people because she just knows she'll say something stupid.
    She's terrified of rodents and snakes.
    She loves Twizzlers.

    carole shelly had roles in several disney classics. the one i remember is robin hood, she was the fat chicken
    She was also in 'The Aristocats' as one of the geese

    Margaret Hamilton said when she watched the scene in WoO when the wizard was giving everyone what they wanted, she got teary eyed because the actor was just as generous. She was also a huge fan of the books, and her agent told her they were considering her for the part. She called to find out what part, and the producer said, "The witch, who else?" Her contract only required her to work for six weeks, but she ended up taking 23 weeks to film all her scenes.

    Idina Menzel likes to watch videos of teenagers and kids singing Wicked songs in front of a camera. She jokingly said to Gregory Maquire once, "I fell through the trapdoor because you always thought the witch should die."

    Kerry Ellis wears colored contact lenses that make her eyes bright blue (they're naturally a darker blue).

    Ashleigh Gray, Shona White and Sabrina Carter are Scottish (London standbys/understudies for Elphaba).

    Megan Hilty, Jennifer Laura Thompson and Christina Decicco originally auditioned for Elphaba. Caissie Levy, Jenna Leigh Green and Victoria Matlock originally auditioned for Glinda. Courtney Corey and Chelsea Krombach were considered to understudy both Elphaba and Glinda (in their respective productions), but obviously that never happened.

    0 Comments 236 weeks

  • Alexia/Kerry

    Kerry Ellis's last performance in Wicked will no longer be 2nd May
    Instead the cast change is on 9th May (saturday)
    I feel very sorry for anyone has bought tickets for the May 2nd performance thinking it was kerrys last, my thoughts are with you:)

    In other news (may it be good or bad to you) Alexia Khadime has been confirmed to be returning to the role of Elphaba after kerry...

    The award for the most recycled show goes to....WICKED!;)

    2 Comments 239 weeks

  • TV Appearancs (UK)

    Kerry Ellis and Brian May are set to perform Wicked in Rock on this years Royal Variety Show

    On 31st December 8.00 BBC, Its West End Weakest link, cast members from jersey boys, avenue Q and many other shows shall be battling it out...including Londons Own Dianne Plkington, equipped with blue bubble dress!

    Be sure to watch!

    0 Comments 241 weeks

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  • luv Fiona

    Hi, I was in London @ the weekend, went to see Wicked.. 6 times!!! :D X.... love the skin btw :D

  • Rachel Berry
    Rachel Berry

    Intoducing herself Hello Miss Elphaba. It's Rachel. Add me X

  • A Bee

    Elfie, you are a part of who I am! I realised I missed a part of the thingy I wrote... "Elphaba made up a little song on the spot, a song of longing and otherness, of faraways and future days, and strangers closed their eyes to listen... the song faded lke a rainbow after a storm or winds calming down at last."

  • Jennifer Russell
    luv Jennifer Russell

    well i seen it london 3 times in london i am seen it in new york soon

  • A Bee

    "Elphaba made up a little song on the spot, a song of longing and otherness and strangers closed their eyes to listen"

  • Jamie

    Madame Morrbile

  • Jennifer Russell
    luv Jennifer Russell

    I love wicked and love you elphaba lol just kinding my favorite character in wicked

  • Glinda The Good
    Glinda The Good

    Hey Elphie :D

  • Musical-Theatre-4-Life

    Love Musicals?? Join! ...xXx...

  • Hazel
    luv Hazel

    Thank youuuu :)

  • Kirsty McDougall
    Kirsty McDougall

    Annaleigh is naturally very funny, her voice in Legally Blonde is perfect XD, Is it true she is playing Wednesday Adams along with Nathan Lane in the new Broadway musical??XD Yes Julia is so talented!=] Whats the news now?? Wicked still not for a film?! xoxo

  • Jamie

    Hi was jst wonderin did you find the pics of mm and do you have any of sabrina carter elphaba