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Check out JonCore TV on Utube at http://www.youtube.com/user/joncoreleone It has been awarded for being #15 most viewed Channel Ireland.

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JonCore Entertainment Major Label
Derry, Belfast. Ireland
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About Me

U'll either make a hit or get hit fuckin with JonCore Entertainment.
Me, Myself, and I


JonCore Entertainment is an independent record label with aspirations of extending its influence in not only music but also in audio visual manipulation.
JCE was founded in 1999 originally as a dance label, but over time it started to incorporate various styles of music including Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Funk, Electro and Turntableism. JonCoreleone is the labels producer, mixer and engineer, he also showcase's an incredible ability at remixing, DJing and sampling. JC has his own unique style and sound, an example of this talent is shown when he combines hardcore gangster rap beats over traditional irish music with accapellas and movie samples which blends his songs beautifully together. JonCore Entertainment also specialize’s in making underground mixtapes and cult movie music videos.

Check out JonCore TV in the flashbox, or click on the link below 2 access JonCoreleone's You Tube.

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JonCore. 10 Min Electro Mix.

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  • JonCore. Fister. 2008. Download
  • Sneak peak at the new JonCore MixTape called Electrolites. Download
  • JonCore. Amaranth. 2008. Download
  • JonCore. Magnolia. 2008. Download
  • JonCore. Drifter. 2008. Download
  • JonCore Mixin' and Scratchin' Accapellas. 2008. Download
  • Nature'z Law. JonCore RMX. 07 Download
  • JonCore. Mondax. 2007. Download
  • Rush Rush(yayo) Scarface. JonCore RMX.08. Download
  • JonCore. Bang Tha Drums. 2008. Download
  • JONCORE. Bow down 2 joncore. 2007. Download
  • JONCORE. Can't Refuse. 1999. Download
  • JONCORE. Every dog has it'z day. Instramental. 2006 Download
  • JONCORE. Ft Makaveli. Every Dog has its day. 2006 Download
  • JONCORE. Ft WC. Westside. 2006 Download
  • Baby dont cry, 2pac. JonCore RMX. 07. Download
  • Back Home In Derry. JonCore RMX. 07. Download
  • How we do. JONCORE RMX 2006 Download
  • JONCORE. Fuck ya Lookin' at. 1999. Download
  • JONCORE. Kick Back. 2006 Download
  • JONCORE. Need Sum Help. 1999. Download
  • JONCORE. Sunshine. 2007 Download
  • JONCORE. Westside Instramental. 2006 Download
  • JonCore'z Groove. 2006 Download
  • JONCORE. Gangsta Party Ft Makaveli, The Game. 06. Download
  • JONCORE. Gangsta Party. Instramental. Download
  • JONCORE. Every dog has it'z day. Download

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    luv -Project-D- (official)

    Its about time u updated this page!! :D :L

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    Aiight G Sapnin, Am A HIpHop/Rap Artist, an I need Some Good Beats! Big Ones, Findin it hard to find anyone good enough, but when ma album finished it be on shelves in HMV so would be getting your work out! Av a Listen to my Tracks "Heard 'Em Say-they hate me" is quite good, download it on the new media playa under the my friends list on ma bebo! safe man! get back to me let me know if you think your beats would suit me! safe! JD appreciated

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    John Anderson

    Yooo man whats up?? Things going well i see.

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    Check Ths Hot Lookin Babe

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    alright lad, you doin much recordin these, i'll let you record my #1 album for free unless i'm too fat for you!!

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    Michelle McCann

    Fankiies Fr Da Add. :D ---x O x O x O x O x---

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    Away and shite..:) Is It possible to invest shares in the John Core coporation? :)

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    Nicola Duxbury

    ta for the add :D , u ok x

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    hi thankz 4 been a m8 so u been partyin hard ova xmas

  • Nicola Duxbury
    Nicola Duxbury

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    Joe Bloomdog

    >>>>>>>>&g  t;>>>>>>>>  >>>>>>>>&g  t;>>>>>>>> LAUNCH PARTY 2NITE @ 9...:P www.bebo.com/smartwkndcom & +ADD AS FRIEND... u should lik, tel me wat u think;) [clover] cheers, now!:D WOULD REALLY LIK UR OPINION, HELP ME SPREAD THE WORD, PUT THIS MESS IN UR LISTS...PLZZZZZZZ the best site on any networkin site in the world (probably):D >>>>>>>>&g  t;>>>>>>>>  >>>>>>>>&g  t;>>>>>>>>  :L ;;) njoy.

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