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Xx Gemz- Baybeexx

Sound as fk

2/27/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • from xXMY b3d haha xX
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[♥]ℓσа∂iиg...Th3 on3 & only mizz Gemz nic3 G σ я g ε σ u s * S ε x у *mwaHZX:)
Me, Myself, and I
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A Cindεrεlla Story..
Sσ Tнεяεѕ Tнiѕ Gυяl Callεd
The on3 & onLy MiZz Gemz.....xox
& Sнε Bєcaмε A Pяiη¢εѕѕ Oи Tнa
23rd of march.xo
Maкiиg Hεя A aries..x
Sнεѕ Liνiи Iт Uρ Iи the rhondda..xo
Sнε Flυттεяѕ Hεя Laѕнεѕ Oνa bewtiful hazel Eуεѕ..xo
Wнilє Sнε Tωiddlεѕ Hεя black long Haiя...xox
Sнε Lσσкѕ Dσωи Fяσм Tнa Icкℓε Hεigнт Of 5 Fт 7 i think lol<3
ღ♥ღmy age is 19 ღ♥ღ xox
if you would like 2 chat 2 me ur welcome to i dont mind please send me some love xox
ღ♥ღ вσяи ιи...church village
ღ♥ღ ѕтαтυs TAKEN 4

* Chow for naw fuckerS
[♥] [♥] [♥]hate
Bullys, 2 Face Ppz, People Who Thinks There Are Hard, Bein Tired, Bein Short, Tramps, The Rain, I Hate Argueing With People Who I Cared Bout, People Who Bitch Behind Other Peoples Back.ღஐღTrue m88s!ღஐღ
Believed so many lies, i now trust no one but myself, Can count my True Friends on one hand.. What goes around comes around.. - GET IT?          - GOT IT?  - GOOOD!
[♥] [♥] [♥]
My Girls, Money, Cosey Nights In , Fridays, Layins, Makeup, Straightners, Bright Colours, Food! Food! Food!, Puppies, Monkeys, Mm And Salad Cream, Hot Curry... The List Goes On..
i like watching the rugby when wales play tennis swimming etc !!lolღஐღM3!!ღஐღ
<3 I'm N0t a Pµrfεct Giirl <3 I'm Nσt a Pεrfεct Giirl // Mч Haiir Dσεsn't Alwaчs Staγ In Placε // I Spiill Alσt Of Thiings & I'm Prεttγ Klυmsγ // Bυt Whεn [ii] Thiink Abσυt It & Takε a Stερ Back // [ii] Rεmεmbεr Hσw Amaziinglч Liifε Trυεlч Is && That Maγbε // [ii] Liiκε Bεiing *Imρεrfεct* <33
[♥] [♥] [♥]
rnb dance trance 5o cent eminem tracey chapman tina tunner bon jovi mariah carey anything as long as it gt a good beat 2 it init lol :)
[♥] [♥] [♥]
i like reading and writing and u probaly think im boring but i aint im just me like they say take me as i am or dont take me at all im a loving careing person and im also bubbly and kind harted lol
[♥] [♥] [♥]
i like chick flicks dramas etc wha ever ps i love my soaps hehe cant miss 1 eposode of eastenders hehe all gwd ini :)
[♥] [♥] [♥]
[♥] [♥] [♥]2 all u computer freaks ur all a bunch of muppets!! so0o u can call me on 0121- fucking do 1 look 2 who ever dont like me get th3 facts right!! newS flash hunniES i donT Live 2 pleaSe You fuCKerS i lovE my liFe & VEry happy anD NO onE will comE betwwen tha so0o FuCK oF u biatchEs byE
     ИOTHiИ' i CAИ DO!

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    giirlz can never understand guyz..`
    `If you dress nicely, he says you're a snob.. `If you dress sexy, he says you're a slut.. `If you argue with him, he says you're stubborn.. `If you're quiet, he says you're stupid.. `If you call him, he says you're needy and clingy.. `If he calls you, he says you should be grateful.. `If you don't love him, he'll try to win you.. `If you love him, he'll leave you.. `If you don't fuck him, he'll say you don't love him.. `If you do, he'll say you're easy.. `If you tell him your problems, he'll say you're irritating.. `If you lecture him, he'll say you're bitchy.. `If he lectures you, it's because he 'cares'.. `If you break a promise, you can't be trusted.. `If he breaks it, he had to.. `If you cheat, u expect it to be over.. `If he cheats, he expects to be given another chance.. `Either way, You never win..

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  • XxCutESt THing evER xX

    Yσσн Hανє A Cυтє ______.

    Yσσн Mαкє Mє ______.

    Yσσн Sнσυℓ∂ ______.

    Sσмє∂αч I Wιℓℓ ______.

    Yσσн + Mє = ______.

    Yσσн Dєѕєяνє ______.

    If I Sαω Yσσн Nαкє∂ Rιgнт Nσω I'∂ ______.

    I Nєνєя Wαииα Sєє Yσσн ______.

    I Wσυℓ∂ Bυιℓ∂ A ______ Jυѕт Fσя Yσσн.

    I Wσυℓ∂ ______ Jυѕт Tσ Mαкє Yσσн Hαρρч.

    Wнєи Yσυя Oℓ∂єя Yσσн Wιℓℓ ______.

    I Wσυℓ∂ Gєт Yσυя Nαмє Tαттσσє∂ Oи Mч ______.

    If I Cσυℓ∂ Sιиg Yσσн Aич Sσиg Iт Wσυℓ∂ Bє ______.

    If Tнєяє Wαѕ Aичтнιи I Cσυℓ∂ Cнαиgє Aвσυт Yσσн
    Iт Wσυℓ∂ Bє ______.

    Wє Cσυℓ∂ _________ Uи∂єя Tнє Sтαяѕ.


    P.S. ______.

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  • ...?SeXy?.?SeXy?




    ......?SeXy? xx...

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  • Xx Gemz- Baybeexx
    Xx Gemz- Baybeexx

    cant waite for hallaween and xnas xox

  • Danny Drysdale

    I just netted $919 in 5 days in my spare time! I love this site - http://goo.gl/6Lw0e Your going to be so happy!

  • David Hamer
    David Hamer

    gem what you playing at en? if we sit down and talk like adults maybe we will get somewhere im fed up of all this shit so its up too you

  • David Hamer
    luv David Hamer

    allright gem hope cadie is ok! hope the clothes were ok will have to get some more for her hope to c u soon dave x

  • David Hamer
    luv David Hamer

    allright gem hope the baby is ok! cant get over how much you got to me today lol! anyways takecare both davex

  • Natasha Davies
    luv Natasha Davies

    Looove for you hunny xxx

  • David Hamer
    luv David Hamer

    hope you have enjoyed yourself today babe i know i have!! you takecare ok and look after cadie for me until tomoz hun here some luv 4 all of u dave xx

  • David Hamer
    David Hamer

    ok gem its allright for you to enjoy yourself !!! when your on its ok to fuck mr off well never mind aye if thats what you think you carry on cos i wont put up wid it anymore ive had a gutts full of arguements to last me a life time ok so if this iz what u want carry on because this is doing my head arrrrrhhhh!!! why like????? had a great week so why now cant i have a catch up with mates? fuck the love may aswell give it to someone else cos thats how much you ve hurt me gem!!!

  • David Hamer
    luv David Hamer

    ta gem for another amazing day realy made me feel welcome thanks look after little one for me she so lush im so glad and happy at the mo takecare and ile c u in the morning here some luv for the two of you x

  • David Hamer
    luv David Hamer

    gem thanks for today was super dooper! was great fun cant wait to watch her grow up its gona be so nice! anyways take care all and ile c u tomoz ok here some love dave xx p.s hope your jeans come clean lol she had you well and good lol x

  • David Hamer
    luv David Hamer

    gem thanks for tonite was so lovely to see my daughter im well happy hope you are 2 looking forward to the future now thanks for making me so welcome all of you thanks dave xx here some love x

  • David Hamer
    luv David Hamer

    allright gem i am sorry for the things ive said ok! cant take anymore bullshit!!

  • David Hamer
    luv David Hamer

    ta for the add here some love for the baby!!

  • Xx Gemz- Baybeexx
    Xx Gemz- Baybeexx

    omg how pathetic is some ppl tash hee haha that what i say chicken !! i knw ill be a great mum :D :D new begins and a new bf i think chick hehe:L :L :L :L love yew tash xxxxx

  • David Hamer
    David Hamer

    by the way people i aint the one thats immature i was forced to leave thats the truth about this sorry like you need to sort this out! you got what you wanted so face it dont come crying to me when it all goes tits up!! so i think people need to get their facts straight first before judging others!!

  • Natasha Davies
    luv Natasha Davies

    Aww Gem dont take any notice of that thing below!! Ha he says your immature, what he has done by leaving you that comment shows how immature he is. Never mind hunny at least we all know his true colours now. Your not a sad pathetic bitch as he says, your gonna be a great mother with all the support and help you need of me, friends and family. Cant wait. Look to the future now babe, Speak soon hunny love you xxxx

  • Natasha Davies
    luv Natasha Davies

    Woooo got your Dinternet back on now havent you :) Lurshhhhness like. Wats ur msn addy babes? ;XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Keeley Babe'SS
    luv Keeley Babe'SS

    Loveee :P x

  • Keeley Babe'SS
    Keeley Babe'SS

    Hoooow are yooou Ox

  • Natasha Davies
    luv Natasha Davies

    Some Love babee Girl.. Hope Your both Ok.. Love you Gawjus xxxxxxxxxxxx