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Xx Stacey XX

Always Remember....He`s In The Past For A Reason!!!...Don't Ever Forget That!! <<< To All Me Girlies!! L-y-l xoxoxox

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  • Female, 21, Luv 93
  • from wrexham
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 8,448
  • Member since: February 2006
  • Last active: 11/15/10
  • www.bebo.com/Westie2kn7
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Y s g o l B r y n A l y n 2 0 0 3 - 2 0 0 8 - Best Years Of My Life :P :D
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Loving Life When...
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Getting Steamin . .
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When Me Make Up Looks Ok . .
Im On The Internet . .
Listenin To Decent Tunes . .
On Me Driving Lesson . .
I Get A Lie In . .
When Ive Got Money . .
Meeting Decent New People . .
Not Being Lied To . .
Listenin to RADIO LIVE LOUNGE!! Whoop Whoop!!. . .
Hateing Life When...
Lads F**k Ya Around . .
Ya Best M8 Turns Into The Biggest Backstabbing Slag Going!! . .
Im Skint And The Bank Ses "Haha You Must Be Joking!" . .
Theres No Credit On Me Phone . .
When Im Sober And Every1 That Im With R Recked . .
I Have To Wake Up Early . .
You Come Across A Two-Faced Dick Head . .
You Like Some1 So Much But You No Nothings Goin To Happen . .
☆ Amy Louise Kelly ☆
This girl is my Bubbaaa....End Of ! ! ! :L
We've defenetly had our ^ ^ Ups ^ ^ and v v Downs v v but i wouldnt be where i am now if it wasnt for her ! !
We stick together thru everything...
Boys...Money Problems...Girlie Chats...Arguments With Other People...Piss Up Chats...You name it...we've 100% been thru it :P ( "Ching-chong???...Lou-Lou???" ) < Personal Joke :P
We have a larf together n dont care wot other ppl say...thts probz y ya mum is just as mad as us...been wif us for too long :P (Love You Lynnie :D )
I love ya lots n lots....but neva as much as those vodka shots...or jelly tots...or alcho pops :D :D Init Bubbaaaaa!!! Lurv You Hunny.... ♡ B - M - F - L ♡
☆ Emily Rees ☆
Well....i think its safe to say that we have DEFO had our bad tyms....but lukin bak on our best bits... u finally realise wot awsum best m8s we were!!! ALWAYS larfin....SUMTYMS arguin.... 2geva 24 bluddy 7 lol.
Glad we hav sorted fings out now bbz...Missd ya Lots... xoxoxox
I Have Msn...See...
Add me if ya fancy a chat :D :D xxx
The Other Half Of Me
Amy Ox

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  • [[*How Boys can hurt us =(*]]

    [[*There’s a Girl...*]]
    [[*She’s sitting at home crying her heart owt*]]
    [[*I hope your happi cause youuhh did this toohh her*]]
    [[*She believed youuhh wen youuhh told her youuhh loved her*]]
    [[*And she fell for youuhh*]]
    [[*She was toohh much in love to see what everyone else could*]]
    [[*She loved youuhh toohh much toohh realise she was being taken for a fool*]]
    [[*She dint notice youuhh were never around*]]
    [[*She dint care about the people whispering*]]
    [[*She dint question the little things tht dint add up*]]
    [[*She dint even care tht youuhh had a reputation*]]
    [[*She thought tht youuhh had changed...she was WRONG*]]
    [[*Youuhh had it all she really loved youuhh*]]
    [[*Did tht mean anything toohh youuhh?*]]
    [[*It meant everything toohh her...did youuhh ever care?*]]
    [[*And naww she sits all alone with an empty box of tissues*]]
    [[*All shee can think about is youuhh*]]
    [[*Her hearts shattered into a million pieces*]]
    [[*But she still loves youuhh wit every single piece*]]
    [[*She’s hurting now more than she ever thought she could*]]
    [[*She’s crying because...*]]
    [[*She loves youuhh...and she wants toohh have youuhh bac*]]
    [[*But youuhh dont wont her...youuhh sed youuhh stopped loving her*]]
    [[*she doesn’t believe youuhh ever loving her...how could youuhh fall owt of love so easily?*]]
    [[*She noes youuhh used her, and thts wat hurts her the most*]]
    [[*now she’s asking herself ‘What’s rong wit meehh?’*]]
    [[*Andd...why arnt i good enuff for him?*]]
    [[*But weehh all no shes too good for youuhh*]]
    [[*She misses youuhh...but she’s glad your happi naw*]]
    [[*Because toohh see youuhh sad would not make her life living*]]
    [[*She needs yoohh no why youuhh keep doin this toohh her*]]
    [[*Because she needs toohh know if she shud wait for youuhh or not?*]]
    [[*But if youuhh dte tell her...she will jus keep waiting anyway*]]
    [[*Just incase youuhh decide toohh cum bac toohh her...**]]

    0 Comments 265 weeks

  • 100 fings about me !!

    1. Full Name: Stacey Westhead
    2. Nicknames: stacey, smokus, stodge (<<sam), stace, steaky(<<tara).. n e fink lol
    3. Birthday: 7-10-1991
    4. Place of Birth: WREXHAM- WALES (welsh n proud :D )
    5. Star Sign: libra
    6. Male or Female: Female
    7. Year: 2007 lol
    8. Old School: primary: St marys brymbo n ysgol tanyfron, high skewl: bryn alyn
    9. Occupation: skewl kid
    10. Residence: wrexham- tanyfron (Mum) brymbo (dad)

    -Your Appearance-
    12. Hair Color: Brown wid blonde slice in ma fringe
    13. Hair Length: Longish
    14. Eye color: Blue
    15. Weight: ??
    16. Height: 5ft 5ish... I think!
    17. Braces?: Nope
    18. Glasses?: Supposed 2 wear um 4 readin but i cba
    19. Piercings: 1st n seconds on ma ears n me tung :D :D
    20. Tattoos: nope, i want 1 on me foot tho!!

    -Your 'Firsts'-
    22. First best friend: Tara povey n sam pritchard lol
    23. First Award: netball i fink
    24. First Sport: swimmin or rounders
    25. First pet: a cocker spaniel dog called Benji (R.I.P!)
    26. First Real Vacation: Salou in Spain
    27. First Concert: Justin timberlake in manchester
    28. First sports event went to: Queensway

    29. Movie: wen i woz little is woz Labrynth lmao its awsum! i no it word 4 wrd but now its mostly horror films,, cant fink uv a favourite atm
    30. TV programme: Supernatural n Big Bruva!
    31. Color: PINK!!!
    32. Rapper: eminem n 50 cent
    33. Bands: Fall Out Boy, destinys child n lds more
    34. Songs Right Now: Neyo- Do You! n Sean Kingston- beautiful girls, n Fergie- Big Girls Dont Cry
    35. Friends: emzi steph Taz amy.b amy.h tibor mousey ellis trev milzy etc
    36. Sweet: strawberry millionz
    37. Sport: Swimming
    38. Restuarant: macky d`s, frankie n benies
    39. Favorite brand: mckenzie
    40. Store: JD
    41. School Subject: Geog or childcare
    42. Animal: orangatangs lol n dogs n cats
    43. Book: dno.. jaqueline wilson is okay lol
    44. Magazine: sugar
    45. Shoes: flip-flops or me trainers

    46. Feeling: okay..
    47. Single or Taken?: Single and h8in it!
    48. Have a crush: yer
    49. Eating: nuttin
    50. Drinking: volvic strawberry water
    51. Typing: This n talkin on msn
    52. Online?: OBVIOSLY lol
    53. Listening To: vannesa carlton - 1000 miles lmao (music on ma mp3 lol)
    54. Thinking About: wot clothes im gunna buy 4 me holidayz n a certain lad lol
    55. Wanting To: get steamin wif ma m8s
    56. Watching: this screen
    57. Wearing: me PJ`S lol

    -Your Future-
    58. Want Kids?: Yer
    59. Want to be Married?:yer
    60. Careers in Mind: primary skewl teacher lol
    61. Where do you want to live: ere/london or sumwher abroud (depends on me career)
    62. Car: blak punto bodied up!

    -What I like/look for in the opposite sex-
    63. Hair color: brown or blondish
    64. Hair length: Short/or longISH
    65. Eye color: Not fussy
    66. Measurments: dnt mind just as long as they r nt TOO fin or TOO fat
    67. Cute or Sexy: Both
    68. Lips or Eyes: Both
    69. Hugs or Kisses: Both
    70. Short or Tall: Tall
    71. Easy going or serious: Easy going then Serious
    72. Romantic or Spontaneous: Romantic
    73. Fatty or Skinny: inbetween (dnt mind)
    74. Sensitive or Loud: Not to Sensitive and not to Loud
    75. Hook-up or Relationship: depends on who the lad is
    76. Sweet or Caring: Both
    77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: both lol

    -Have you ever-
    78. Kissed a Stranger: no lol
    79. Had Alcohol: YER!!
    80. Smoked: Yer
    81. Ran Away From Homee: i nearly did,, i left a note in da kitchen sayin "im nt cumin bak" walked outa me house wid nuttin but da clothes tht i woz wearin, walked 2 da side uv me house, stood ther 4 like 3 mins n then decided nt 2 lmao
    82. Broken a bone: no but i fractured me skull wen i fell off an arm off a sofa wen i woz likle
    83. Got an X-ray: yer probz wen i woz litle
    84. Been out wit someone: Yeah, but only 4 a few dayz on each lol
    85. Broken Someones Heart: Not that I know of
    86. Cried When Someone Died: Yeah.
    87. Cried At School: yer wen i woz in tanyfron skewl in p.e n i fell off a bench n hit me knee... it recked.. n in bryn alyn

    0 Comments 327 weeks

  • this is sooo true! lol

    When you get to high school lots of thing start to change...

    Your Bestfriends... become Bitches
    Lollipops... become Cigarettes
    Chicken Pox... become S.T.I's
    Chocolate... becomes Drugs
    Lemonade... becomes Alcohol
    Love... becomes Heartbreak
    Cuddles... becomes Sex
    Barbie... becomes Your Reflection in the mirror

    2 Comments 328 weeks

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    Dale Edwards

    I scored $387 in my spare time doing simple tasks! I went to - http://goo.gl/dPN2n Dont say I never help anyone!

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    hiya hun u ok wot u up too hav sum love wb xxx

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    Andy Gallo

    Mail me ya number then stacey xxxx

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    Terry Wales

    lol x yh am wd er n yh she is .. gr8 grl :)

  • Terry Wales
    Terry Wales

    hii yh am fyn laaa yh wus mmm freaky lol nm jus wv morgan :) n naa nt followin yaa :L

  • Harris

    orite stacey u mad cunt lol x ?? up 2 much nxt week???

  • Andy Gallo
    Andy Gallo

    So u goin 2 mail it me agen huni xxx

    6/1/09 via Mobile
  • Andy Gallo
    luv Andy Gallo

    Yea hardly go on it tho lol wb xxxxxx

    5/20/09 via Mobile
  • Andy Gallo
    Andy Gallo

    Just work goin out on da piss fuckin about lol shit in it ya will have 2 mail me ya number cuz i lost it we can go out 4 a drink sum tym init up 2 u xxxxxx

    5/19/09 via Mobile
  • Andy Gallo
    Andy Gallo

    Ite fitty how are ya aint spoke 2 ya in ages lol how ya been u been up 2 much wb stunner xxxxxxx

    5/19/09 via Mobile
  • Martin

    Sum girl chattin shit 2 me ex tellin her all i do on facebook is chat up girls and fuckin windin me up!

    4/16/09 via Mobile
  • Martin

    Stressed! Lol x

    4/16/09 via Mobile
  • J'Ashleigh

    Gurdd :) Ahaa... most Probs Danny, Lerch && Sophie Mah Matess :D Did Yuu See Us At The Rink Or By Asda ?? In Fact... I Myta Seen Yah =/ I Think I Did Naw?! In Tha Rink Were It? By The Entrancee or was it in the actual rink ? Wbs xXx X

  • J'Ashleigh
    luv J'Ashleigh

    Heyaaa Hunn .. Am greaat tym . Yuu ? Just Bin Skatinn Mostlyy, Practicinnn Mahh Figure Skatin :) Ahaa.... Well, Most Probs Yuu Did !!! :L Whaa Day Wah Thiss ? Wbs Xx

  • Lil Lesta
    Lil Lesta

    im gooooood ya cheeky so and so u knw that xxxxxxxxxx xxxx