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1/17/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from basingstoke
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What Do You Mean Fire Hurts ?
Me, Myself, and I
Ok Question time.

What do you get if you have a unicorn, a rainbow, a stapler, a taco, a REALLY big house and a multicoloured giraffe on a magic carpet?

No ideas?

Me niether, but would it be awesome ?

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  • mi bebo buddys !!!

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  • do this, the spork demands it !!!

    tom is____
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    Did someone say chocolate?

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    Yer, I enjoyed it, but thats just me. Did you?

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    Im Awesome. Schools over then. :L i was in on monday.

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    How are you

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    Cough... you alwayssssss make mean comments about me

  • Chelsey

    Maybe you should think about that befor you say mean things to me Tom:( :(

  • Chelsey

    cozzzzzzzzzzzzz u areeee

  • Chelsey

    i dont think you should put them pictures of me on the internet. thankyou:D

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    whats up dawg? seig heil!

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  • Jaiidee

    okay u win andd u only win cos u prooved i suckkk ass at swingball :L :( mr greaterer than mee loolll thanks forr thee loveeee x