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Mathew Tatner

Schumacher is the stig!!!!

6/21/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 24, Luv 55
  • from Kilbarchan
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Well i finally gave into this pish so leave lots of comments or ill be away again sittin on my arse as per usual. About me then, i go to Strathclyde uni studin chem eng and enjoyin it all the way. Just turned 18 so ill be out around glasgow gettin wrecked (legally now :) ) so if u see me give us a shout and u can see me try and string two words together. When not out my face or in uni u'll find me sliding down slopes on one or two pieces of wood. Snowboadin and skiing are the best sports on the planet and most of my cash goes on these.
Well u cant do any of this by yourself so ive always got the Team at my back ready to go out whenever and wherever somethings on. Gettin bored typin now so leave us a comment and ill prop never reply but ill give it a try if its a decent comment. Enjoy the site.
The best of old skool rock eg zeppelin, leppard etc. Think most of the new stuff out now is rubbish but there are of course sum expections to the rule such as muse and barenaked ladies.
The shawshank redemption has to be the best film of all time and if u dont believe me then just watch it.
As ive said nothin beats skiing and snowboardin, wud live on ski's if i had the chance. Ill have a go at pretty much any sport but id probally suck at it but if it was fun id do it again (if i survived the first attempt )
Scared Of
The only things that scare me seriously are old age and illness, cant stand not being able to do wat i want when i want.
Happiest When
It wud have to be when im out with my mates just messin around and havin a laugh :)

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  • Ice Queen
    Ice Queen

    I snagged $471 in two days doing almost nothing! I got it from - http://x.co/KTE7 Keep this a secret!

  • Melissa McGirr

    Hey, having a party for my 21st on Friday the 12th Feb in Johnstone. Let me know if you can make it and i'll give you details! Lovee xxx

  • Tim Dunsmuir
    luv Tim Dunsmuir

    yo boyo! can't get a hold of your no so happy bday! heard ur not doin anything till after the exams but keep me informed and i shall be joining!

  • Chris Moffat
    Chris Moffat

    hey matt hows things bud listen its my 19th coming up and im having a night out on friday the 17th, if you want your more than welcome to come along, so aye if your up for give me a wee shout mate and i will give ya the details

  • LaLa

    Hes not the Stig :P He did that last lap with the fast car, thats it :P The BBC couldnt afford it if he really was the Stig :P

  • Daniel Graham
    Daniel Graham

    where u workin these days?

  • Lyndsey Gray
    Lyndsey Gray

    really well actually....got a 2:1 so majorly chuffed. =) but now i have nooooooooooooooooooooooo life plan. bugger. except to take a year out and actually figure out what to do. haha. or at least choose which masters i want to do. hows things with you? exams go well? xx

  • Lauren. X
    Lauren. X

    i am taking all ur shifts since u ar upping and leaving us again!! where u off to this time? 30 hrs a week im in for a shock! :L gd weekend? xxxxx

  • Daniel Graham
    Daniel Graham

    yo yo sup dude? wats been happenin with u?

  • Tim Dunsmuir
    Tim Dunsmuir

    yo bro party at mine on saterday. rubix cube theme. bring who you want. already invited johnny. drop me an email an i'll give you directions (although i think you already know where i live) apart from that hows it goin mate?

  • Lyndsey Gray
    Lyndsey Gray

    alright MASH! ha. im good thanks, getting my degree results in 2 hours though. Fuck! Hahaha. How you doing? Awch, plans totally fell through like, reality kicked in :( actually have noooooo idea what i'm doing now. could be anything. going back to the fiddich for the summer again (thats how bad it is) ha. x

  • luv Mijnheer

    Sup Gfresh, do you know the time Its funktasticgroovalisticheadbangin Fuckin rock n roll time. Nah man but seriously, it me bday on the 30th. Going to the GAYrage, trying to get the vip area. U up for it? wb x a, giving it up for you

  • Stu D
    Stu D

    U at the flat....am missin my kicks

  • Melissa McGirr

    Hey. Just a wee reminder about stephs party tomorrow night, check ur 'List Emails' for details :D x

  • Lyndsey Gray
    Lyndsey Gray

    MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH. haven't spoken to you in AGES. hows things? i hope jonni is keeping up the good work of getting the mash name going. heh heh. think i'm moving to glasgow after summer...so you may want to move hahaha. x

  • Captains of the Underground
    Captains of the Underground

    Yarr join the band

  • Gary Mathieson
    luv Gary Mathieson

    you realise that you aint updated this in like 2 years dude.....you're not 18 anymore :P

  • Dave Cartman

    im a software engineer now at glasgow city council woohoo, how you gettin on? your placement go well@?