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The Stargate Men

We are here to celebrate the wonderfully talented men of the Stargate Franchise :D

10/23/07 | me too! | Reply

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Don S. Davis; 1942-2008
Me, Myself, and I
this is a group where people can come and talk about the men of Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis and the upcoming Stargate Universe series.


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  • ‘Nick Ballard’ actor Jan Rubes dead at 89

    Actor, broadcaster and opera singer Jan Rubes, who brought to life one of the most memorable guest characters in the early years of Stargate SG-1, has passed away. Rubes played Nicholas Ballard, Daniel Jackson’s grandfather, in the third season episode “Crystal Skull.”

    The family of the Czech-born actor announced his death at age 89 on Tuesday. No cause of death was released.

    Rubes appeared in more than 40 feature films, after getting his big break when he was cast opposite Harrison Ford in the 1985 film Witness.

    In 2000’s “Crystal Skull,” he played an archaeologist who had been committed to a mental institution after he claimed that an ancient artifact discovered in South America had transported him to a place where he met “giant aliens.” His story turned out to be true, and Daniel was reconciled with his grandfather — who had chosen not to raise him after Daniel’s parents had been killed.

    The episode left the character as one of Stargate’s most talked-about loose ends, as Nick is left on the alien planet as Earth’s ambassador to a race of incorporeal beings who consider themselves fellow enemies of the Goa’uld.

    Jan Rubes is survived by his wife, actress Susan Douglas, sons Jonathan and Tony and three grandsons. Read more about his distinguished career at CBC News.

    source: www.gateworld.net

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  • Annual MSOL auctions now underway

    The annual auction of Stargate and other science fiction memorabilia hosted by Michael Shanks Online has begun!

    Proceeds from the series of auctions from the actor’s official Web site go to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Society Canada, the preferred charity of Shanks (SG-1’s Daniel Jackson) and his wife, Lexa Doig (“Carolyn Lam”).

    Some 200 collectables will be auctioned off this year, with new items added every day. Items have been donated and/or signed specifically for this auction by Michael Shanks, Lexa Doig, Kurt Russell (the original Jack O’Neill), Beau Bridges (“Hank Landry”), Claudia Black (“Vala Mal Doran”), Amanda Tapping (“Samantha Carter”), Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice), David Hewlett (“Rodney McKay”), Christopher Judge (“Teal’c”), Scott Bakula (Enterprise), and others.

    Highlights from this year’s auction include:

    •Shanks’s signed, personal SG-1 scripts (with hand-written notations), plus scripts and call sheets from his appearances on the USA Network series Burn Notice and the Fox Network series 24

    •Stargate DVDs signed by the original movie’s stars, Kurt Russell, Mili Avatal, Erick Avari and Alexis Cruz

    •Photos, posters, DVDs and action figures signed by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles (Supernatural), Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice), Jamie Bamber and Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica), Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett and Paul McGillion (Stargate Atlantis), Sean Astin (Lord of The Rings) and Gareth David Lloyd (Torchwood).

    •SG-1 team and individual photos, DVDs, and more, signed by Michael Shanks, Claudia Black, Amanda Tapping, Beau Bridges, Ben Browder and Christopher Judge, among others.
    Items available for bidding right now include:

    •Shanks’s own shooting scripts for the Season Three two-parter, “Jolinar’s Memories” and “The Devil You Know,” and Season Eight episode “Endgame”

    •An 8×10 color, autographed photo of David Hewlett and Michael Shanks

    •An autographed photo of Joe Flanigan (“John Sheppard”)

    •Tons of autographed photos, magazines, action figures, comic books, DVDs and more
    This is the fifth annual auction hosted by the site, with the last four auctions raising more than $81,000 for the charity.

    New items are being added every day for the next week, so keep your eyes on MSOL and ebay for the latest. Visit Michael Shanks Online to learn more, and start bidding today!

    source: www.gateworld.net

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  • Michael Shanks to guest star on Sanctuary

    Former Stargate SG-1 co-stars Michael Shanks and Amanda Tapping are planning a bit of a reunion. As GateWorld originally reported today on Twitter and SciFi Wire later confirmed with his management, Shanks has been cast in an upcoming episode of the SCI FI Channel’s Sanctuary.

    The actor — who (need we even tell you?) played Daniel Jackson on SG-1 — will appear in the ninth episode of the upcoming second season, titled “Penance.” He’ll play a character named Jimmy.

    All indications say that Sanctuary will air on Friday nights starting in October, alongside Stargate Universe.

    The episode is written by Alan McCullough, a former Stargate scribe who has joined the Sanctuary team full-time this year.

    Episode 9 will probably air in early December. Stick with GateWorld and our sister site, SciFi Stream, for more details on this episode when they become available.

    source: www.gateworld.net

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  • Everyone's favourite boy episode:

    Jess K Gatershanks by Jess K Gatershanks
    okay guys, i want you to say what your fave eps are for each of the stargate men's characters:

    daniel jackson: lifeboat, legacy
    teal'c: the changeling
    jack: abyss, the lost city, window of opportunity
    cameron: ripple effect, avalon, uninvited
    jonas: prophecy

    john: epiphany, the defiant one
    rodney: mckay and mrs miller, grace under pressure, the game, tao of rodney
    ronan: sateda, runner
    aiden: the lost boys/ the hive, rising

    3 Replies 294 weeks

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Stargate Universe Character Profile: Brian J Smith as Lt Matthew Scott

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  • Pisscunt
    luv Pisscunt

    haha soz mang. my boganly nature calls for such words

  • luv ZeroGS

    omgomgomg i saw joe / john at armageddon =DDD didnt get his auto graph =(

  • Pisscunt

    FOR FUCKS SAKE HIS NAME IS RONON NOT RONAN. fucking hell learn about stargate before you make a fucking page about it.

  • Stargate Alph command
    Stargate Alph command

    HI stargate fans, we are a new stargate based RPG. Please feel to join us and become a member of the team. The plan is to create a network of stargate based RPG's allowing players to travel from one to another on missions. thanks

  • Jamie 9/19/09
  • Debby Papworth.Smith
    luv Debby Papworth.Smith

    dude where is every1...well im gona just say i love atlantis m digging it better than sg1 atm JOE FLANIGAN is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT RIGHT NOW omg im so in2 him. yup i need help i know but stargate is so blinking AWESOME

  • Debby Papworth.Smith
    luv Debby Papworth.Smith

    mr shanks wife has a twitter page lol shes got a dirty lil mouth 2 not sure if its her but owell. she sed michael dont have a twitter. i found a ben browder but not sure if its him amanda dont have 1 iva n i ddnt find any 1 else iva. lol mrs shanks is a potty mouth funny.

  • Sarah-Jane Halliwell-Wyatt
    Sarah-Jane Halliwell-Wyatt

    OMG haha :L That skin is awesome :D xx

  • A Yes Guy
    A Yes Guy

    cant wait for sgu

  • luv Jess K Gatershanks

    gah!!! not only has jason momoa and paul mcgillion been confirmed for the NZ auckland armageddon but so has MICHAEL WELCH who plays the young jack o'neill from fragile balance and is also in twilight!!! (if u are into that movie/ my personal guilty pleasure :)) I AM SO EXCITED :D :D :D :D :D

  • Debby Papworth.Smith
    luv Debby Papworth.Smith

    ben is a hotty hot hottty

  • Debby Papworth.Smith
    Debby Papworth.Smith

    lol i found all of stargate dvds evry 1 atlantis as well now all i need iss 7hundy buks:P how evry1 doing anyways...n i hope the men of universe are just as awesum as the rest...lol n hot:D big hugs

  • Sexy-Celebrity-Men

    JOIN THIS PLZ THE LADS R ON HERE <<<<<<<<&l  t;<<

  • Special Agent Natalie Saunders
    luv Special Agent Natalie Saunders

    Jack O'Neill (aka) Richard Dean Anderson is amazely handsome one of my faves ;)

  • Jess Angell-Flack
    Jess Angell-Flack

    Stargate deff has the best lookin cast :D

  • Debby Papworth.Smith
    luv Debby Papworth.Smith

    hey all...man i cant find stargate sg1 dvd box sets anywhere n i only saw ark of truth yday n sky 4 the first time.i did however get the atlantis season 4 box set that was a random find so i was happy bout that. anyways big hugs n have a good 1:D

  • luv Jess K Gatershanks

    wow i did not know that, thanks so much for that awesome update :D :D :D :D :D

  • Debby Papworth.Smith
    luv Debby Papworth.Smith

    i also found out that jason momoa is coming too aw man i so gota save up to get to auckland.