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Rosie Eyre

if ye want a chat add me: buddy93@hotmail.co.uk XxXxX

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  • Female, Luv 45
  • from bradwell
  • I am In a Relationship
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Xραяєитѕ иαмє∂ нєя яσѕιє X
X єνєяу1 ¢αℓℓѕ нєя- вυ∂∂у X
X ѕιѕтєя тσ- נαѕмιиє X
X fєℓℓ fяσм нєανєи- 8тн נυℓу X
X ѕтαя ѕιgи- ¢αи¢єя X
X вєѕт м8- ѕнαяиιє X
X ѕєєѕ συт σf- вℓυє єуєѕ X
X вяυѕнєѕ- вℓσи∂є нαιя X
X ℓινєѕ- вяα∂∂α X
X ѕтαтυѕ- Taken X
X ву ωнσ- Matthew stafford X

ρℓєαѕє ℓєανє мє α ¢σммєит ℓυν уα αℓℓ мωαн XxXxXxXxX

яσѕιє ιѕ :
◊♥◊ ѕωєєт αѕ нєανєи ◊♥◊
◊♥◊ Hot as hell ◊♥◊
◊♥◊ Da baddest bitchz ◊♥◊
◊♥◊ As u cn tell ◊♥◊
◊♥◊ Wanted by sum ◊♥◊
◊♥◊ Hated by many ◊♥◊
◊♥◊ Invited by most ◊♥◊
◊♥◊ Envied by plenty ◊♥◊
◊♥◊ Dimonds r nice ◊♥◊
◊♥◊ N so r pearlz ◊♥◊
◊♥◊ Bt their aint ◊♥◊
◊♥◊ Nuttin like us ◊♥◊
◊♥◊ derbyshire girlz! ◊♥◊
x- fυк унσσ - x
The Other Half Of Me
Life And Glory.M Stafford

Life And Glory.M Stafford

my lil baby XxXxXxX love you XxXxXxX

Music 'n' films
i listen to Niche, R&B n dance - My favorite films are, Green street, In her shoes, Pretty Woman, Mean girls, 8 mile, n stuff lyk that reli !
fuk u bitchz!
***** *●●●●● ●●●●●● ***** [♥]¢αℓℓ Мє α ѕℓυТ[♥] [♥]¢αℓℓ Мє α ωнσяє[♥] [♥]¢αℓℓ Мє α вιТ¢н[♥] [♥]ινє нєαя∂ ιт в4[♥] [♥]ѕαу ∂αТ ιМ fαкє[♥] [♥]ѕαу ∂αТ ι ℓιє[♥] [♥]ѕαу ∂αТ ιМ нαТє∂[♥] [♥]ѕαу ωнαТ υ ωαиТ[♥] [♥]υ ωиТ ¢ Мє ¢яу[♥] [♥]¢σz ι киω иσиє σf ιтѕ Тяυє[♥] [♥]¢σz ¢αℓℓιи Мє αℓℓ Тнιѕ ѕнιТ[♥] [♥]ωнαТ ∂α fυ¢к ∂σєѕ ∂αТ Мαкє уσυ[♥]

Dσи"т Pυт Wяdѕ Iи Mу Mσυтн I"νє Gσт Plєиту Tσ Sαу Dσи"т Tєll Mє Hσω Tσ Lινє Mу Lιfє I Dσ Tнιиgѕ Mу Wαу. Wєи A Pєяѕσи Tєllz U *Yσυ"яє Nσт Gd Eиσυgн* Tнтѕ Wєи U Kиσω Tнт Uя Bєтα. Alωуz Bє Yσυяѕєlf Bcσz Tнє Pєσρlє Wнσ Mιиd Dσит Mαтα Aиd Tнє Pєσρlє Wнσ Mαтα Dσит Mιи∂ Lєαяи Fям Uя Pαѕт, Mσνє σи Gяσω Sтяσиgєя Pєσρlє я Fαкє, Aиd Uя Tяυѕт Lαѕтs Lσиgєя Dσ Wнαт U Hαν Tσ Dσ, Bυт Alωуz Sтαу Alωуz Sтαу Tяυє, αи∂ иєνєя ℓєт αиу get тнє вття σf υ!χ
I luv dancing thats the only sport i lyk lol
Scared Of
spiders i h8 em
Happiest When
Im wiv ma gorgeous bf matthew stafford luff u XXXX It snows, no school, n wiv ma m8s XXXX
XxXxX Matt XxXxX
Well where do i start??? U lil prick lol! weve only bin 2 gether 4 bout 2 months now, n it seems lyk 4 eva! We have sum ryt gud lafs 2 gether ( appart from wen u get a lil bit mardy ) haha! ur always here 4 me, fanx 4 evryfin darlin! i hope we will b 2 gether 4 ever, u meen the world 2 me my lil profiterole haha love you loadz baby XxxxXxxxX
ThE bEsT pPl In ThE wOrLd
well well well where do i start.... Gin Gin jess is a m8 ne 1 cud wish 4, shes jst bludy amazing lol we r both goin thru the same probs at the mo ( i fink she knows wot im on about lol ) coz we r both cheesy bell snifs hehe! the wkends we hav r borin but gd lol never 4 get the memorys lol luv ya 2 bits! n then we av got sweathog loz where the fuk do i start wiv u????? wel iv nown her 14 years so far n she has been ma best m8 4 about 12 of those years lol i wil never 4 get the tyms we have had thats all i hav 2 say lol luv ya lots! then we av got the big wallrus sharnie hu is jst an arse hole lol. we av had our tyms gd n bad haha, them wkends sat on the park r never 2 b 4goten lol luv ya ! wel Gina G boom boom gr8 m8 always there 4 me, ur tyms sat on the park in the hut lyk sad ppl lol luv ya!

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x..big brovaz..x x..babyboy..x

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  • About Me!!!!

    Name: Rosie
    Nickname: budd /buddy/ fat slag/ sweat hog
    Single or taken: single
    Zodiac Sign: cancer
    Male or Female: female
    Primary School: Bradwell
    iPod: nope
    How many buddies on your instant messenger list: duno
    Screenname: sexybuddy
    Hair Color: blonde
    Hair Long or Short: long
    Height: duno
    Do you have a crush on someone: no
    Braces?: no
    Think your awesome?: oh yes
    Piercings: ears
    Tattoo: no
    Righty or Lefty: righty

    *Your 'Firsts'*
    piercing: ears 6yrs old
    best friend: lauren
    Award: swimming
    Sport You Joined: swimming
    pet: fish
    hol: spain
    Concert: steps

    Movie: crossroads/mean girls
    Favorite tv show: big brother
    Color: PINK
    Music: niche
    Drink: a brew
    Sport To Play: dancing
    Favorite piece of clothing: hoodies
    What do you sleep with: cover
    Favorite School: none
    Favorite Magazine: closer/ reveal
    Past tym: duno

    *Which is better with the Opposite sex*
    Lips or Eyes: eyes
    Hugs or Kisses: both
    Shorter or Taller: taller
    Romantic or Spontaneous: both
    Sensitive or Loud: both
    Hook-up or Relationship: relationship
    Sweet or Caring: both
    Trouble Maker or Hesitant: both lol

    *Have you ever*
    Watched peter kay: no
    Drank bubbles: ye
    Lost glasses/contacts: no
    Ran Away From Home: ye
    Broken a bone: no
    Got an X-ray: no
    Broken Someone's Heart: yep yesterday
    Turned Someone Down: yep
    Cried When Someone Died: ye

    lurve me for who i am not sum1 else!!

    1 Comment 320 weeks

  • do this, its amazin!!!

    Ur Name...................
    U and me are..................
    I fink ur.........................
    Out of 10 i rank u.....................
    I like the way u.......................
    I love u for your........................
    U make me laugh wen......................
    You look best in your...............
    Your sexist feature is.................
    best time iv spent wif u is wen...............
    worst time i've spent with u is wen.............
    I dnt like it wen u....................
    I met u when.........................
    I wud change....................

    8 Comments 325 weeks

  • Dya Fink am......

    <A Friend
    <A Psycho

    6 Comments 331 weeks

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  • Jaz

    My god I am so fantastic!!!

  • Jaz


  • Jay

    hey rosiiii x

  • Life And Glory.M Stafford
    luv Life And Glory.M Stafford

    goood holiday ye?lol love you loads xxxxxxxxx

  • Life And Glory.M Stafford
    luv Life And Glory.M Stafford

    im bored!!! about a week left now till we go :D :D hope ur mum finds a place! sledgin ye? anyway cya tnyt lv ye xxxxx

  • Mitch Warrington
    Mitch Warrington

    TURD!!!!! x

  • Life And Glory.M Stafford
    luv Life And Glory.M Stafford


  • Adam Carnall
    Adam Carnall

    no, i havent seen him yet with ur sis, i didnt know i was supposed to! lol eerm well im failing maths and physics but doing well in sport so if i fail 2 subjects i will just leave and do something else :( erm swimming is.....OK, not amazing but getin better, i dunno how long it will b before i decide i proper cat b arsed any more and just stop, im fed up with it most of the time. Hw long u bin wiv matt now then? x.x.x.x

  • Life And Glory.M Stafford
    luv Life And Glory.M Stafford

    :D may aswell give u my love even more lol xxxxxx lv ye xxxx

  • Adam Carnall
    Adam Carnall

    U WOT!!!!!! nope im not !!! who told you?? eerm yeah i do at least a cople of hundred miles a week. And yeah im just about still at tapton! i'll probably get kicked out at the end of this year!! x.x.x.x.x

  • Adam Carnall
    Adam Carnall

    Heyy, yeah drivings ok i suppose, just expensive and sometimes boring! Yeah im good fanx, just bit fed up with school. Whats happening in ur life?? wb x.x.x.x

  • Life And Glory.M Stafford
    luv Life And Glory.M Stafford

    lol hurry up an get up am bord :( lol lv u loads baby xxx

  • Adam Carnall
    luv Adam Carnall

    hello darlin!!!! not spoken to you for aaagess!!! how u doing these days?? wb luvs u x.x.x.x.x

  • Guido

    hey i saw u today at bumford garage in a right bangin car lol could nt tell it woz u much coz u had those sunglasses on

  • Swainy
    luv Swainy

    Happy Valentines day !xxxxxx lol

  • Life And Glory.M Stafford
    luv Life And Glory.M Stafford

    lv ye loads xxx