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hey i recommend watchin da vid its pretty funny

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  • Rock, paper, scizzors=Frog, snake, slug!?

    The world wide game "scissors, paper, stone" originated from China during the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220), invented by the warlords of that period. Except instead of paper, they used the open palm symbol to repersent cloth, so it's "Scissors, Stone, Cloth". The game reached Japan in the early 1640s and one variation of the game was the "Slug, Snake, Frog" variation.

    In this variation, the Frog is afriad of the Snake, the Snake is afriad of the Slug and the Slug is afriad of the Frog. This is influenced by the Sansukumi way of thinking where it keeps the 3 objects in a deadlock. The fact that the Sannins use these 3 animals as summons may be the author hinting that there is no stronger one among them, and that their strength are more or less equal.

    Just a bit of light on the creatures the 3 sennin summon^^

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  • Jiraiya-A Bit of a Perverts life

    Name: Jiraiya
    Age: 50
    Birthday: 11 November
    Zodiac: Scorpio
    Rank: One of the Legendary Sannin
    From: Leaf
    Teacher: Sarutobi - Sandaime Hokage
    Teammates: Tsunade, Orochimaru
    Students: Yondaime, Naruto
    Summons: Frogs
    Excuse for peeping: Data Gathering!

    Background: Our favourite one from the Legendary Sannin, a big pervert and author of "Come Come Paradise" (finally made into a full length movie coming to theatres near you!). Calls himself Frog Hermit, but Naruto prefers to call him 'perverted hermit'

    The Deal with him: How our favourite pervert managed to pry his lusty eyes away from the babes around him to pay enough attention to his ninjutsu training and become one of the Legendary Sannin is still a mystery. Jiraiya is often seen playing a fool, peeping at females and drooling at hot chicks. But this ero-sennin knows when to play and when to be serious. Jiraiya was the student of the 3rd Hokage; the teacher of the 4th Hokage; and the teammate of the 5th Hokage, after rejecting the latter title himself.

    The 1st time we see Jiraiya was when Ebisu was training Naruto for the Chuunin exams and the closet pervert tried to stop Jiraiya from peeping at the baths. Jiraiya slammed Ebisu unconscious and Naruto chased the pervert all over town to get him to train him, which he succeeded. They continue to bond and at times, Jiraiya was like the father Naruto never had.

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  • Some info on the other sennins

    Name: Orochimaru
    1st Appearance: Chapter 45
    Age: n/a
    Clan: n/a
    Village: Hidden Sound Village
    Rank: Sennin, Missing-nin, S-Ranked Criminal
    Voice Actor: n/a
    Techniques: Cursed Seal Skill (Orochimaru) (Juin Jutsu (Orochimaru)), Body freeze skill (Kanashibari no jutsu), Double Snake Assassination (Souja sousai no jutsu), Five Element Seal (Goguoufuuin), Hidden Snake Hands (Senai Jashuu), Immortality Skill (Furou Fushi no Jutsu), Impure World Resurrection (Kyuchiyose Edo Tensei), Shadow clones (Kage bunshin no jutsu), Summoning Technique (Kyuichose No Jutsu), Rashoumon (Rashoumon)

    Orochimaru one of the Legendary Sennins of the Leaf Village, until his thirst for the knowledge of Forbidden Techniques exiled him from the village. Since then, he has moved on from body to body in a technique that transfers his soul into another one in a bid for immortality. His next victim, or prodigy, as he states, is Uchiha Sasuke.
    After his initial meeting with Sasuke in the Death Forest, Orochimaru gives him a curse seal as tantalizing bait; using Sasuke's ambition against himself, so that Sasuke would one day follow him and Orochimaru would claim his greatest power. The Sharingan.

    He also was once part of the Akatsuki, the same organization that Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame are currently in, but left because he feared Itachi to a great magnitude.
    Orochimaru has terrifying offensive techniques, and the exact opposite of Jiraiya. His ability to make Kakashi freeze dead in his tracks by just showing off his killing intent should be indicator of how strong he is.

    And we cant forget Tsunade!

    Name: Tsunade
    1st Appearance: Chapter 148
    Age: n/a
    Clan: n/a
    Village: Hidden Leaf Village
    Rank: Sennin, 5th Hokage
    Voice Actor: n/a
    Techniques: Genesis of Rebirth (Ninpo Sozo Saise), Summoning Technique (Kyuichose No Jutsu)

    Tsunade is the third and last part of the three Legendary Leaf Sennins, with Jiraiya and Orochimaru. Tsunade was also the first medical ninja to be put on the field.

    At a young age, Tsunade had a dramatic death that made her to push for a medical unit to be implemented in the Konoha military; the death of her younger brother Nawaki, the day after she gave him the necklace which belonged to the 2nd Hokage. After the meeting which she laid out her idea, which was initially rejected, another Jounin pushed his support for the idea. Tsunade and the Jounin named Dan became very close, until Dan was killed by enemy ninjas. Since then, Tsunade has had a paralyzing fear of blood.
    Tsunade's fighting techniques are few, as she is a medical specialist. But she has an obscene amount of strength, even at a young age, and "one good hit" will kill anyone, as Kabuto puts it.
    As a side note, her summon, Katsuyu, doesn't seem to talk much. She seems to be rather shy.

    ORochimaru, Jiraiya and sasuke, naruto

    Jiraiya has quite the unusual story, the young perverted sannin was trained under Sarutobi Sandaime Hokage with his two other sannin fellows Tsunade and Orochimaru. Jiraiya was like Uzumaki Naruto in the beginning, criticized a lot by his sensei for not progressing like he wanted to and only inventing bizarre or perverted techniques (such as Naruto's Sexy no Jutsu), and was always being told to take Orochimaru as a rolemodel for he was both powerful and obdeient. The situation remained the same for awhile, but eventually Jiraiya would become an excellent ninja, he even became the teacher of the Yellow Flash, the future Fourth Hokage. Little by little Orochimaru's lust for power became more and more unstabe, he began to secretly kidnap ninjas to experiment on them to discover more techniques. It became even worse when Sandaime chose the Yellow Flash as the new Hokage because Orochimaru's behaviour was too unstable and before Sarutobi had a chance to stop him (or, before he found the inner strength to kill one of his favorite students) Orochimaru escaped the village of Kono

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