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Wow.... bebo...... MEH!!!

12/26/09 | me too! | Reply

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Theres a snake in my boots
Me, Myself, and I
Im so happy your so happy cos when we're happy nothings crappy! :D

Woop woop! Almost 21, nearly finished my college finals, got my ballet and jazz exams coming up and planning a weekend in Vegas for my already awesome San Diego July holiday, and of course "the hairy one" finishing college too, all i know is its gonna be an amazing summer!

Eh you know sinead, not many girls are blessed with the ass and the titties like we are! :D "Ass, Titties, ass and titties, ass ass titties titties ass and titties, big booty bitches.........."
Im going to Britney baby!!!! :D Wooooooooooooooooo, just like a circus! :P
Full time now thats college is over, lordy this recession aint hittin the cinema anywho!
Ballarina-ness and Jazz-tastic
Jazz exam on the 16th, the morning of my party! :S And ballet in june baby! Woop
Hells yeah im driving! :) Waiting til after exams for my lil car to arrive before i take the test but that wont stop me driving round for now!!! :D
OH DEAR GOD, im tecnically not a student anymore! :(
Bubbles :) quote of the month
I think she'll have to be a nymph

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  • thank you kate!

    •why to date a dancer•

    1. we know all the positions
    2. we perform to please the crowd
    3. we don't mind getting hot and sweaty
    4. we’re very flexible
    5. we show off our legs
    6. we’re tight...physically fit
    7. we can shake it like no other
    8. we're perfectionists: theyll keep going until they hit it
    9. we do what we’re told
    10.we're used to performing in minimal amounts of clothing :D

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  • Graeme Butler
    luv Graeme Butler

    bebo luv 4 da bebo stunnah xox

    May 11
  • Linz Byrne
    Linz Byrne

    heya missus... bumped in2 bernie! :P she was askin 4 ya! hope ya had a lovely xmas! any xcitin plans 4 new years yet? :D

  • Moansey
    luv Moansey

    yeah venting rocks!! man bashing realy lifts ya spirits dont it!! haha! are you as excited as i am about our roller skating retro adventure?????

  • Moansey
    luv Moansey

    hey ****yhoes!! im good hows you?

  • Patrick O Connell

    Smell Off Gas :L :L

  • Emma Mc Auley

    heya missus,my 21st is next week, would be cool to c ya der-check ur bebo list, bring as many peopple as ya like xxx

  • Sinead Keegan
    Sinead Keegan

    big booty bitches!!!hahha!!xx

  • Ripa

    Ya went ta BARCODE?! me 16 year old cousins go there! :P :L :L :L :L :L :L

  • BabyFace

    yeah i cant wait and was planning a hot air ballon ride for my birhtday which is four days away but cant cause we gotta save money for going up coast might do it on the way back though why you hate me its not my fault im having an good time yeah there better be a job reserved for me when i get back thats all im sayin and red pollo shirts whats the world coming to

  • BabyFace
    luv BabyFace

    yeah it was class so much fun hopefully doin a bungee jump soon enough and shark cage diving what else did i do yeah i worked for a carnaval drank myself stupid got an apartment traveling up the coast in the next couple weeks eh hyad big parties and other shit it is so cool wow new fringe how is life with you over there anyway anything good going on

  • Andy Lea
    Andy Lea

    really\?i can probably make it,im home on sunday or monday,cant wait,is there somethign i hear bout cineworld not hiring back old wrokers?!cos i need a job!!!

  • Cathal Byron

    Jaysus, flaffers, new one on me. As you know I'm a dedicated flaffer. It's where all the action is I'll have you know ;) Cant wait for 12 Rounds to come out, finally the cinema is desparate enough to show a WWE made film. I'm gonna bring my Authentic WWE championship belt to it when it comes out, because I'm cool. I'll probably see it on my birthday. Hopefully I'll see Grainne & I'll hit her with belt :D .

    5/7/09 via Mobile
  • Cathal Byron


    5/7/09 via Mobile
  • luv Cathal Byron

    Yeah, I'll probably be there, wearing my DX "Suck It" t-shirt......:P I'm not as emotionally invested in Lost as I once was as Season 5 just aint as good as the rest, but it's still super awesome.

    5/7/09 via Mobile
  • luv Cathal Byron

    Thats Adam Copeland, aka Edge. & yes, he is a weirdo.

    5/6/09 via Mobile
  • Ripa

    happy padys day hun,u goin 2 robz 2nite yeah?xxx

  • Danny Reilly
    Danny Reilly

    Please vote online for Hardy Bucks at http://www.rte.ie/storyland/finalist... , if you're sick of the shite rte airs, and you'd actually like to see your tv licence money put to good use. The lads really need your help. Thanks a lot. Do it now!!! Possibly a few times, if you're not busy. Cheers.

  • BabyFace

    hello hows kayla enjoying your lack of sun and stuff of the fun nature hows brian tell him i wave franticly hope all is well

  • Andy Lea
    Andy Lea

    which is booooooring,floor u have so many unbexpected things happen,trying to find seats when there arnt any,dealing with heroin addict screenhoppers, stopping knackers from stealing purses and finding new and interesting places to hide!!!and also all the stuff u find,umbrellas and hats and foood!